If you've never played Bejeweled before, you're probably in the minority of human beings in the developed world. This series of puzzle games is a classic and thoroughly addictive in just about every form it's ever taken. After being available on iOS and Facebook for a while, Bejeweled Blitz has reached Android, and it's free to download (you should know what that means by now).

Bejeweled Blitz is based around the tried-and-true matching gameplay with some additional social elements built in. There is also a time limit, hence the "blitz" part. You can play against Facebook friends, or just spam your news feed with Bejeweled updates. I don't suggest you do this, but you can if you want. The more you play, the more content is unlocked.

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Being an EA game, there are in-app purchases to accelerate your progress. You earn coins from playing, but as a free title, the IAPs are pushed a little more aggressively than in some other games. Don't be fooled by the "Best Deal" banner on the $99.99/1.3 million coin bundle – that is not actually a good deal. Not the best system for the thrifty among us, but people seem to like the game.

Ryan Whitwam
Ryan is a tech/science writer, skeptic, lover of all things electronic, and Android fan. In his spare time he reads golden-age sci-fi and sleeps, but rarely at the same time. His wife tolerates him as few would.

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  • Russell Walker

    ...cyborg kitty? not sure if photoshop, or EA thinks robotic cats make the game more EXTREME.

  • nxtiak

    About time. It's really nice, much better than the old crappy version. I'm having issues FB connecting though.

    • ThePrufessa

      i think this is a crock actually. i mean think about it. for YEARS lots of people have been waiting for an android version to arrive. now, all of a sudden that candy crush is taking over on both iOS and android platforms they finally decide to release an android version. that's bullshit. if it wasn't for candy crush taking over this would have NEVER made it to android. they're trying to play catch up but it's way too late because candy crush is a much better game anyways. i tried playing BB on my android phone a couple of times but it's very boring compared to candy crush. i don't even play on facebook anymore.

  • primalxconvoy

    The game is NOT just north America, as I've just downloaded it from the web shop on my phone in Japan.

  • dahg

    I hate Popcap for letting EA buy them.. I mean, its kind of official now: no update for bejeweled 2, no update for PvZ, no Bejeweled 3 (skipped that apparently), just some fucked up EA-social game, that happens to use Popcap's trademarks and brands.
    I dont even begin with all the games they arent going to develop (bookworm?), zuma?

    I cant wait for Social PvZ 2 incl. Facebook and coin system. So awesome. Im serious, I hate EA so much for this :-(

    • dahw

      I forgot Peggle.. Didnt we even have this once?
      I just checked it.. The bejeweled 2 version is literally 4 years old (got it on my ipod touch) and we're missing several games inlcuding e.g. chuzzle (had that one as well on my touch)

      • RyanWhitwam

        We got Peggle via the Amazon Appstore almost 2 years ago. It appears to be gone now. I think it arrived in Play (Android Market back then) shortly thereafter. Can't find it there either. Sad.

        • Piotr Ingling

          It's there but last updated in Dec 2011 and not compatible with most new devices. Abandonware.

  • http://www.facebook.com/novemson Novemson Samuel

    Is it from EA? No thanks

  • Kevin McCarty

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