For a photo sharing app, Instagram has long been missing one key feature: in-picture tagging. Fret no more, pic-a-holics (or stalkers) – as of today's update to v3.5, the desire to find out who someone is a given picture is just got a little easier to satisfy thanks to the app's new "Photos of You" feature.

Screenshot_2013-05-02-13-59-49 Screenshot_2013-05-02-14-00-22 Screenshot_2013-05-02-13-59-12

In a nutshell, it's just like Facebook's tagging option: upload a photo, go through the typical filter features and social options, and tag away. You can even start tagging people in your past photos – just open the image and tap on the menu button, select the option to "add people," and that's pretty much it. One cool thing is that you can drag the nametag around the screen anywhere, as to not cover up someone else's face. Good thinking, guys!

Aside from that, the picture quality for uploaded images has been "significantly improved" on ICS devices and above, and a new grid guide has been added to the camera, along with options to scale and crop images.

All in all, dang good update.

[Instagram Blog]

Cameron Summerson
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  • TY

    I want the Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Adam Miah

    Seriously, why don't they make do with the ancient UI?

  • http://twitter.com/kevinslawinski Kevin Slawinski

    So we can expect the v4.0 to be a Holo UI refresh, seeing as that seems to be a standard version number for Holo apps...not that that will happen any time soon.

  • joe

    not sure what the higher res does considering the photos im seeing after the update are still avg around 1.1mb

    • Dylan Andersen

      I think the compression is a bit less heavy. Even though the file sizes are the same, I'm seeing less jagged lines when taking pictures of things that are heavy in horizontal or vertical lines - i.e, power lines, poles, etc.

  • porter86

    They made the UI a bit darker too. Subtle but looks much nicer I think.