Google released the Google Keep note-taking service into the wild barely over a month ago, and now the Chrome app is here to make accessing the service as simple as using it. The app launches Google Keep in its own dedicated window, allowing you to take notes and manage to-do lists without having to search for them in a sea of tabs. There is also offline support, which could come in handy if the power goes out while you're brainstorming your next novel.

GoogleKeepChromeApp1 GoogleKeepChromeApp2 GoogleKeepChromeApp3

The Chrome app's interface is no different than Google Keep's existing web UI, which morphs into a tablet-friendly version whenever the website's window is shrunk down far enough. Nevertheless, the new app makes the service significantly more accessible. Like the majority of Chrome apps, the Google Keep one works across all of the major operating systems, including Chrome OS.


If you already use Google Keep for Android, the Chrome app should feel very familiar. It doesn't yet appear in general search results, but you can head over to the Chrome Web Store to take it out for a spin. Google will probably plaster a giant banner across the top of the Chrome Web Store soon enough.

Source: Google Chrome Blog

Bertel King, Jr.
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  • Steve Green

    Can these be used by two people at once yet?
    Would be great for groceries, but so far I could not find a way to do it.

    • MacMan156

      no they don't have a collaboration feature

      • AGWednesday

        Which is the only reason I'm using the app Catch instead of Google Keep. The two are very similar, but Catch feels like Keep 2.0 (or even 3.0).

    • L.

      Theres also an app called Quip, which I recently used and wouldnt hesitate to recommend

  • JensAstrup

    Is anyone else having issues signing into the app? I keep pressing the "Sign In" button, but nothing happens...

    • http://twitter.com/ElectroGadget ElectroGadget

      Works fine here.

    • http://twitter.com/gnomegineer Justin

      Try signing into chrome itself?

      • JensAstrup

        I am signed in on Chrome :/

        • Iván Estévez

          I didn't have to log in :S

    • Donovan Chan

      Same here. Directed to setting page after pressing Login.

    • Koen Muylaert

      I'm facing the same problem. Any fix yet?

      • JensAstrup

        Nothing yet :/

    • batman

      Its still there any fixes as such?

    • Steve

      I am having this issue with one of my Users on Chrome Mac. I'm signed into Drive and Gmail just fine, click Sign On in the Keep app and it takes me to chrome://settings/.

      • JensAstrup

        I actually just got it working yesterday. When it takes you to settings, disconnect from your Google Account, reconnect, and then open Google Keep again. That seemed to fix it for me.

  • http://twitter.com/ElectroGadget ElectroGadget

    Very nice, but it would be nicer if i could stick it up with the rest of the Chrome extensions (upper right corner).

    • http://twitter.com/redbullcat Phil Oakley

      This is a Chrome packaged app. Not an extension to Chrome. These apps are offline by default and live outside the browser. Learn more about packaged apps here: http://developer.chrome.com/apps/about_apps.html

      Simply put, they're pretty much Chrome OS's future. I'm currently working on a Twitter app for Chrome (outside the browser, offline by default. Means you can read tweets while offline), and I have another few packaged apps planned.

    • Andrei Dumitrescu

      There was an extension that disappeared from the store the day before this launched. It worked wonders too. So I assume something will pop back up soon.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jay.uhdinger Jay Uhdinger

      Had the same problem and found a solution.

      # Open new tab.
      # Right click the Google Keep app
      # Select "Create shortcuts"
      # Create a shortcut in your taskbar

      Fixes the problem for me. Hope this helps :)

  • k0sTi

    What's the Windows theme in the last screenshot?

    • Andrei

      It's not a theme, it's Chrome OS

    • Ygor Vaz

      It's not a windows' theme, it's the Google Chrome OS.

    • JensAstrup

      That's Chrome OS

    • Jeff


  • tylerbrainerd

    Interesting, seems to behave the same as the third party extension released a week or so ago

    • Tom Alday

      Not really, it doesn't create a icon up next to the address bar for easy access like the other extension does.

      • tylerbrainerd

        Yeah I noticed that right after I posted my comment. The official one runs as an 'app' and the other as an extension.

        You can, however, pin it to your taskbar.

        • Wazzifer

          The official one has offline access, third party app doesn't.

          • tylerbrainerd

            That's one of the only major differences I'm seeing. I meant just the interface.

    • Ray

      Can someone provide a link to the 3rd party extension please? I can't seem to locate it.

  • Andrei

    Has any Springpad user switched to Keep? I'm thinking of doing it myself, but I've a lot of stuff to move and don't know if it's worth the trouble.

  • Bianca Arnold

    I love your examples :-) looking forward to the next series.

  • ins0mn1a

    can anyone tell me how to use offline support? i don't see an option to make a local copy of my notes, but i am not all that familiar with keep interface, so it's possible i am missing something.

    • Andrei Dumitrescu

      I think it is automatic.

  • Stephen Sevenyoln

    Na, Evernote is better.

  • Babs Oyed

    This darned app needs more than just hitting the chrome Web store to compete.

    It needs to add a ton of useful features to compete with the likes of Evernote, etc. At the moment it's just one rung on the ladder above a POS!

  • Sam Lee

    Strangely enough I was not able to get the result of Google Keep when searching for it in Chrome Web Store. But clicking on the link given above does bring me to the app.

    • Amer Khaznadar

      From the Google blog post:
      "You can visit the Chrome Web Store to add the app today (use the link, you won’t find it in search)! "

      That basically mean that they consider this in beta and want to "limit" the users base. They do the same for Chrome Beta on Android.

      • Sam Lee

        Oops. Didn't read the blog post. Thanks for highlighting.

  • Matthew Fry

    What an adorable little squirrel