It's the first of May, and you all know what that means: free access to the MLB At Bat app for T-Mobile subscribers starts today! Tmo's multi-year contract with Major League Baseball gives its customers free access to the video and audio streaming app. Normally the app and the service are part of the expensive MLB.tv game streaming package, or a separate purchase of $3 a month or $20 a year.

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There are some surprisingly strict terms. Naturally you'll need an active T-Mobile account to qualify, and you have to download the MLB At Bat app between now and June 30th. Do that, and you'll get a year of access to the mobile service. If you've got a WiFi tablet, be sure to download the app on your T-Mobile Android phone first, so you can set up a MLB.com account or log into an existing one and get credit. After that, you'll get access for the full 2013 season on whatever Android (or iOS) device you're using.

As a quick refresher, MLB At Bat includes live video game-style updates for all Major League Baseball games, access to the official radio coverage of all live games, and live video streaming of the MLB Game Of The Week Day (though the dreaded blackouts may apply to your particular market). Free users get a general news section and nationwide scoreboard, and the app doesn't look half bad for all of that.

Have a scone and a large house blend with your baseball: MLB At Bat is compatible with Android devices running 2.2 or later.

Offer terms via TmoNews - Thanks, @WinDroidGuy and @mtlucarell!

Jeremiah Rice
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  • http://twitter.com/lonndoggie Lonnie Brownell

    BTW, that's a free game of the day; each day there is a free game streamed (not per week). However, as stated, blackouts do apply if either team is from your video service area and it's being carried on their local TV provider. Still, it's a sweet deal.

    • Ryan Yakus

      yep. just tried to stream the mets/marlins and it bounces me to a popup telling me to become a premium member. so only one video per day. radio broadcast works though.

  • http://twitter.com/SilverRubicon SilverRubicon

    I believe I was able to activate an account even though I'm on the $30 prepaid account. May need to see how this plays out.

    • Jay W.

      Yep, it works on T-Mo MVNOs too.

      • http://www.facebook.com/raymond.dinh Raymond Dinh

        I am also on the $30 prepaid account, but it didnt work for me :(

  • Jay W.

    I've got it on my phone, but can not get it on my Wifi tablet :(

    • Jimmy Li

      Me either. I saw the details and said that you have to be on the tmo network to officially register and redeem. I did do that, but unsure if it takes time to take into affect for the tablet. I see the prompt saying I successfully redeemed it but the N7 does not seem to recognize the redeemed purchase :(

      • Ryan Yakus

        and it appears the app has already been pulled from the market for tablets? I downloaded it, and it doesn't work, so I went back into the market to uninstall/reinstall and now I get the incompatible message. huh

        • Jay W.

          I just successfully reinstalled it on my Nexus 7... while tethered to my T-Mo Nexus 4. I have not tried to access my account yet though.

          UPDATE: No luck :(

          • Ryan Yakus

            weird. it still shows incompatible on my n10. and it doesn't show up on search. I'm glad I didn't go through with the uninstall

    • bananachunks

      The game is "redeemed" on each device, not just once and then every device you have has the full app available from the Play Store. You'll have to tether your tablet through your [T-Mobile] phone if you want to activate the special on it as well.

      • bananachunks


  • http://www.bamatone.net BAMAToNE

    Literally ONE WEEK after I paid the full $20 for it, argh! I guess there's not really any recourse here...

  • wickets

    Thanks for posting about this....put it on and works fine even with an el cheapo monthly tmobile plan

  • fijisiv

    /Runs to Play Market, knocking over women and small children. Keeps running.

  • RichA

    Thanks, works great on my T-Mo monthly 4G plan.

  • http://profiles.google.com/gregrnel Greg Nelson

    This makes John Axford blowing another game for the Brewers slightly less painful.....thanks!

  • blitz4075

    Location spoof to get past the black out bullshit