HTCdev just finalized a fairly timely release of kernel sources for several carrier-specific and unbranded variants of the HTC One. The list of newly covered models includes:

  • U.S.: Sprint and T-Mobile
  • Asia: Taiwan and Hong Kong (CHT)
  • Europe: unbranded European version, Italy (TIM), France (Bouygues), and Germany (O2).


Of course, the Canadian and Developer Edition had their own releases earlier this month.

Among US carriers, only AT&T and Cincinnati Bell are still unaccounted for, but likely to make their own appearances shortly. You can pick up your copy of the source code at HTC's developer portal.

Source: HTC Dev

Cody Toombs
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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=516846393 Gunny Wallen

    All we need now are us variant ruu's

    • NachoB

      There's one available on XDA for the Sprint variant.

    • jnt

      Hopefully Tmo's will show up soon!

  • Michael McIntosh

    Welcome back to the party HTC

  • Steve Green

    Anyone know if these are the actual shipping sources, or not?
    Vendors have done that before.

  • Andrew

    This is kind of unrelated, but do you AP guys have any idea when the HTC One update that came out last week is going to hit devices? I haven't heard of a single person getting it, even though it sounded like it would bypass carriers. So sick of carriers holding up updates on phones.