After showing up on eBay Daily Deals a week ago and promptly going out of stock, the Galaxy Note II is back in black Anthracite Gray on eBay Daily Deals once again for just $499.99 shipped.


This particular Note II is the international unlocked GSM model, (meaning no LTE) touting quad-band HSPA+ 3G data connectivity. The upshot is that you can take this Note II pretty much anywhere in the world and it'll work - just toss a SIM in and you're good to go. The lowest price we'd seen before this deal popped up last week was $549 back in November last year, and you've got to admit - $500 for a 5.5" display and quad-core processor isn't exactly outrageous. Head to the source link to pick up everyone's favorite super-sized phone now.

eBay Daily Deals

David Ruddock
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  • ProductFRED

    You can get a T-Mobile or AT&T version on Swappa for cheaper or around the same price. Both will work on T-Mobile (you can enable AWS support on the AT&T version without root) as well, and both work on AT&T and T-Mobile LTE.

    • flosserelli

      Aye, but the ebay deal is a new, unused device. I don't check Swappa often, but the times I have, all of the phones were used. Buying a used phone unseen is a crapshoot -- what a seller claims as 9 or 10/10 condition isn't always the same to the buyer.

      The $500 ebay deal is a pretty nice deal, imo. I paid the same amount for my Note 2, but it was used. Pristine condition, but still used.

  • SYO

    If you have connections in the Philippines, the lte and non lte versions of the Note 2 and S3 are everywhere now in deal sites and specialty stores around here for prices like this or better.