Didn't pick up AT&T's version of the Galaxy S4 when it hit shelves this weekend? You're a smart one (not to say that those who did pick one up aren't smart, of course), because Amazon Wireless has already knocked the price down to $168. Sure, that's a pretty random amount ($32 off AT&T's price) considering we're used to seeing prices drop in increments of $50, but hey – a deal is a deal, right?


Naturally, you'll have to sign a two-year contractual agreement with AT&T to get the device for that price, but considering you were probably going to do that anyway, it doesn't really make sense to spend more money. Head below to snag this one.

Amazon Wireless: Black, White

Cameron Summerson
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  • Douglas Hill

    Anyone know if you can buy this on a new contract and then cancel after one month, paying the ETF? If so this would make the phone $518.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      No, you can't. Amazon has its own ETF. So does Wirefly, and everyone else.

  • Mike Colburn

    Frays Electronics has it for $149

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