Last Updated: May 7th, 2013

Getting a brand-spanking-new Galaxy S4? Already have one? Or are you sticking with GSIII for a bit longer? Either way, if you need a way to protect your new (or old) Galaxy S device, iSkin has you covered with its exo case for the GS4 or aura and vibes cases for the GSIII. These are some seriously fantastic and unique-looking ways to protect your device without sacrificing style.

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The final results are listed below. If you've won, you will be contacted in the near future. Congratulations!

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  1. Jim Winters
  2. Phillip Jackson
  3. Jayray73
  4. Prince Dela Cruz
  5. David
  6. AdamGoggles Goldberg
  7. Rob Watkins
  8. Michael Tree McGrade Jr.
  9. McLean Riley
  10. Spyro.g
  11. Dana Ramos
  12. Sarah
  13. Kevin
  14. Anthony Gutierrez
  15. Ron Oman
  16. Terrence Best
  17. Rubin Jean
  18. C-art-toon
  19. Jimmy Mazza
  20. James Clark


The exo for the GS4 ($30) not only looks pretty sick with its grooved back, but it also protects the device from essentially all angles, and even features a built-in anti-microbial coating to keep bacteria at bay. If you're still rocking the GSIII, though, the ultra-thin, ultra-light aura case ($40) will wrap its rubber-coated polycarbonate arms around your device, keeping it safe from harm. If you prefer something a little more... flexible, however, the vibes case ($30) may be more your speed. Its "thermoplastic composition" gives the case a soft, scratch-resistant texture, while still allowing it to protect your device from everyday damage.

image image

And now's your chance to score one of the above mentioned cases for free. We have a total of 20 of these badboys to hand out – winners' choice. If you win, it's up to you which one you get. So, how do you enter?

You know the drill – follow the directions in the Rafflcopter widget below. Four methods of entry – each one increases your chance of winning.

This giveaway is for residents of the US and Canada only!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The giveaway begins now and will run for 10 days, ending on May 7th at 12:00AM PT (Midnight). The winners will be chosen at random after that.

Good luck!

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  • cruzin_cruzing

    These cases look great! It'll sure protect the Galaxy S4's flimsy frame. Still a great device though. Black or Blue for me!

  • http://www.facebook.com/captainawesome17 Adam Blair

    Cracked the screen on my Atrix 4G not once but twice and hope to not do the same on my new S4. The blue would be awesome.

  • Evan

    My friend dropped my iPhone the one day I took the case off and scuffed it up. Anyways I'm getting the GS4 so I'll go with the exo.

  • Bryan

    This would look good in my hands.

  • http://twitter.com/jhw549 Jim

    I would love this when I get my new s4

  • Youri

    perfect for my upcoming s4

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1048646488 Mike Chua

    Used to have a GS 2 that broke, entering for a GS3 Aura case, Blue/black please.

  • Andrew Wrobel

    LOVE to replace my current 4g phone with a better one!!!!

  • Sorian

    Wouldn't mind the Aura for my S3

  • Jeffrey K

    Yes I dropped it and the screen cracked. I would like a GS4 Exo Case. Thank you!

  • malibu

    Thank u for doing this giveaway. I really love the cases.

  • Raymond Berger

    I'd love to get the Aura in black and red for the S3!

  • http://www.zazzle.com/tommynoshitsky* TommyNoshitsky

    yeah! s3 case please!

  • Haroon

    Dropped my S3 a few times but thank god nothing happened. With one of these cases i can be much more relaxed.

    Need 1 for my s3 and another for my next one, s4

  • Maxwell Kozlov

    One time I literally impaled my phone on a hard rock when I went cliff walking on Cape Cod. It left quite the mark. From this giveaway, I would definitely have to say the exo case looks great.

  • grannypanties69

    I've dropped my phone a couple times and gotten some nasty scratches because I didn't have a case. If I had to pick a case I'd pick the ultra thin GS3 case!

  • Adam Goldberg

    Exo Please! So, this past summer, my brother was home from school (college) and i had my nice sgsII on sprint! OH how i loved that device. Until I brought him the wrong food when he was sick. he wanted chicken soup. All we had was minestrone! (we don't eat minestrone in my house anymore because it just doesn't seem so smart. this way there wont be a mix up...) he took his glass of water and deliberately threw all of the water onto my phone. Granted he had low blood sugar and was diabetic, he can get like that. If i had a case, i would still have that majestic device. sadly, i'm living off of a nexus one until i get my upgrade...in 2 months!!!

  • Justine

    My girlfriend dropped her GSIII and it cracked the screen. She was devastated. Would love to win one of the Aura cases for her.

  • Jasmin Galicia

    I want the EXO for S4.. Durability wise it is the most perfect case for everyone. My daughter broke my Samsung S2 after that I changed into S3. As of today, my S3 had a lot of scratches.

  • Alexzza Ramos

    Aura for me please!

  • Alexzza R.

    I have an S3 and you have no idea how much I love that phone! I had one of those cheap geI cases you get off amazon for a dollar. You know girl pockets are really small? Well my phone case was already getting lose and dropped out of my pocket as I was getting out of the car. I dropped it once and the screen cracked so bad it needed to be replaced. It was midnight and I was crying outside like a big baby. I was fortunate enough to have a replacement on my phone and I learned my lesson from that experience.

    Aura for me please!

  • Garry Bartle

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

  • MrRageQuit

    I actually dropped my GS3 the day after I got it. Shattered the screen...I was so pissed! Thank god for insurance. I'd love a black Aura case!

  • http://www.facebook.com/aidaselias Aida Sifuentes

    Turquoise Aura case please! :-) I recently bought the s3 and im so loving it! And the Aura Case would be just Awesome :-)

  • Matthias Davis

    Woop woop!

  • Micah Hilton

    I dropped a phone and cracked the screen because I did not
    have a case on it. I would like a case for my New Galaxy S4 and one for a
    Galaxy S3 for my wife

  • David Thom

    I've been looking for a case for my GS3! I've already cracked my screen in two places, so this would definitely add some peace of mind for the future once I get it repaired. I'd like the aura because the extra grip would really be helpful.

  • Raman Kamboj

    Wow Galaxy S4. I never won any contest, let's hope I win a galaxy s4.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Victor-Manuel-Cruz-Reyes/1111884506 Victor Manuel Cruz Reyes

    For my next s4 , nice covers

  • benkoala

    I guess another case wouldn't hurt.

  • http://www.facebook.com/benjammin09 Ben Marchant

    Nope, because as soon as I could afford a nice phone, I protected it. I would like the Aura!

  • Charles Leedham

    Interesting case. TPU style I take it? The GSIII aura would be perfect for me, nice and slim still.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1284685780 Muhammed Kashif-Reynald Panos

    an amazing cover that i want for...hope i win this one...

  • stewartsoda

    Probably the Aura. I've never killed a phone from dropping it, but I've had a few near misses!

  • VP

    i'd love to get the aura

  • N2fw

    Last phone I ruined because of no protection was my Treo700 which was kinda like a tank. I dropped it while running to catch a train in Chicago and it slid across an the intersection, and got run over by a car. Not sure any case would have saved that phone, but it may have kept it from sliding so far across the road. GSIII Aura

  • http://www.facebook.com/awsomdoug Doug Walker


  • sarah

    i would love the exo for my future s4.

  • http://twitter.com/LazyB0nesJ0nes Matthew Jones

    Probably won't be getting the S4, so it would be nice to have a new case for my S3. I am trying to make it last as long as possible and a new case would definitely help.

  • http://twitter.com/zaraki921 zaraki921

    oh this will be the greatest gift ever! hope i win

  • http://www.facebook.com/princesation Prince Dela Cruz

    I dropped my phone once... Result was a beautiful but deadly spiderweb design.

    S3 Vibe black pls

  • White Pawn

    I want this

  • https://www.facebook.com/max.chen2 Max Chen

    I'm trying to get this for my gf. She is getting the S4. I already bought her screen protectors...I'm perfectly happy with my Xperia ZL

  • ArianS

    Too bad it's out of stock

    • ArianS

      And, no, I've never damaged my phone badly.

  • http://www.allankintz.com ack154

    I've been lucky. No phones have perished. I almost always have a screen protector but no case. (the exo for the GS4 would be awesome).

  • Riley

    I've never actually damaged my phone due to lack of a case, but I suppose that's because I try to take good care of my electronics. I know friends who have protective cases and still manage to ruin their phones, somehow.
    I'd love a black exo (S4) case if I win. Thanks for having all of these great contests AP!

  • nimbu

    For my brother's new S4!

  • marsbars2006

    It was the week I got my Tilt2 and my case was being shipped. I pulled it out of my pocket and it slipped out of my hand and I cracked the screen. I like the black one, but I may give this to someone so I'd choose the blue then.

  • ThaSik1

    Dropped my Samsung Showcase (Cspire version of Fascinate) on the gravel driveway at work one day when leaving the work van. Normally she escapes those types of freefalls with ease but not that time. Screen had cracks for days in it with no way of fixing. A case may not have helped but I tell myself it would have lol. And I'd like that Aura Case (Blue/Black) if I am a lucky winner :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/eeatman3 Edward Eatman

    I need a case for my new S4. In case i drop it like i have my phones in the past, it will be well protected. Thank you in advance.

  • http://www.facebook.com/EuanTheTan Euan Tan

    messed up my iphone really bad cuz i dropped it on its back and the glass just got destroyed... want that ultra-thin, ultra-light aura case for GSIII though :))

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.lim.505523 Steve Lim


  • http://www.facebook.com/Kyle.Christopher.J Kyle Christopher Jaglal

    Yes, I dropped my galaxy s2 a few months ago for the very FIRST time EVER in PHONE DROPPING HISTORY and it was destroyed. But out of the 3 I would have to go with the EXO just because it looks to be very sturdy and dependable and looks reasonably nice. Thanks Android Police =)

  • that guy

    Always use a case bc I'm so clumsy. The exo is exactly what i need for my new s4

  • http://www.facebook.com/ravindu.chamara Ravindu Chamara

    It's always good to protect your phone from drops.

  • Syed Taha

    i want this one...

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sam-Monty/708655348 Sam Monty

    I remember the moment when I dropped my precious into the gutters and though it would only get wet. To my surprise the screen was cracked in places I did not know it could crack. SAD. Anyways... The "exo" case seems like rocking hard for me. I would want one of those for sure.

  • ReVAmP rapper

    Back when I had an iPhone I dropped it and the screen completely shattered.... The weird thing was I dropped it on carpet though. Ever since then I knew I needed to have a case. I would love to have the express yourself case. Preferably in black.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ali.caracalla.7 Ali Caracalla

    I never ruined my phone without a case because i always tried to have a case but i would like to have the aura case black and blue for my galaxy s3

  • http://www.facebook.com/OneFast3 Toby Kennedy

    New case for the S3, sure I run the stock battery sometimes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/pakole Piko Alphonso Neal

    I have not broken a phone without case. I have use a cases for all my phones. I would like a black one.

  • monica

    I hope I win

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jeannette-Naylor-Laframboise/100000210107199 Jeannette Naylor Laframboise

    Oh yes, and I have not only done it once, but twice...both times, no case and me the clumsy ox, dropped them. You would think I'd learn...if I am lucky enough to win, perhaps the case will save it. Thanks for the chance to win! ;-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=793475656 Austin Scott

    I would love a awesome case for my Future Galaxy S4!! and that Exo looks perfect! Goodluck Everyone :)

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Winners announced!

  • http://www.tetonmtb.com/ Dana

    o sweet I won!