Last Updated: April 26th, 2013

Hey guys, I know that when you hear "Rezound" and "OTA" in the same sentence your first thought is probably "Jelly Bean!" Hate to be the bearer of bad news here, but that's not the case. It's just an update that enables global roaming and does a lot of other petty stuff.


See? Let's Golf 2 was updated! Skype was made gooder! Visual Voicemail now show the correct amount of notifications! All cynicism aside, I'm sure someone, somewhere can appreciate something in this update, as minor as it may be.

The support docs were just updated today, which usually indicates an OTA is in its final stages of processing and should begin rolling out shortly.

Verizon Wireless

Cameron Summerson
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  • xHabeasCorpusx

    Whenever I see a bunch of useless things being updated, and in the middle "Device Stability" improvements, I call bs. I swear they add it just to make people happy, yet nothing was done to improve stability.

    At least the game got updated! Wow Let's Golf! I remember when I worked for sprint, significant others, and friends of customers who had verizon always asked how uninstall that crap. I told them root it, or don't buy Verizon.

    Hell Verizon was the company that got me into rooting because of all their bloatware.

    • TylerChappell

      Me too! When I walked out of the Verizon store in April 2011 with my first Android device ever, the Thunderbolt, I was furious to discover that I couldn't uninstall that damn game and the Blockbuster app etc when the Verizon rep was just like "Oh yeah, and all you gotta do to uninstall an app is this and this" I rooted my phone 1 week later.

  • Steve Green

    We have one of these in our family. This is a prime example of why HTC and VZW suck. They make a phone with possibly the highest DPI display available, great for the time CPU and they don't bother to keep it updated.

  • TBolt

    Oh wow! I'm so glad the Guided Tour videos have finally been updated! Who needs Jelly Bean now?

    Screw you HTC+Verizon. I would love to dump both of you.

  • Ridge

    Can you post the 4.05.605.14 Ota to flash on rezound

  • manbat

    Any word on when an RUU for this might be available?