Last Updated: April 26th, 2013

As Jelly Bean started hitting One Xs across the US, it's as if we could hear the cry of all One S units in unison. Why had they been forgotten? Lost and alone, One Ss across the country felt unloved and worthless. "Ice Cream Sandwich was last year's OS – I just want to be the best I can be" said one unit we had a chance to speak with.

But there's a light at the end of the tunnel for these once highly-regarded handsets. T-Mobile is the unlikely hero in this story, as it has actually started pushing an OTA to the devices, which will bump them up to Android 4.1. "It's not the latest version of Android, but I'm still really happy about the upgrades" one unit told us. "With the addition of Project Butter and Google Now, I'll not only be faster, but more informative than ever before!" another handset exclaimed.


Of course, these upgrades come at a cost – each device must go through a grueling 675MB download before it can even apply the update. This sort of pull requires focus, concentration, and most importantly, access to Wi-Fi, as it's likely just too difficult for the device to pull it over T-Mobile's cellular network.

After all is said and done, though, it's worth the trouble to these little guys – they're just happy to be able to once again provide the functionality and features their owners so desperately crave.

Update: T-Mobile just updated its support page with the official details.

T-Mobile; image via TMoNews

Cameron Summerson
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  • epsiblivion

    how soon before an ruu dump on xda?

  • http://twitter.com/PhaseBurn PhaseBurn

    675 megs?!?!? Cyanogenmod full installs on the device are not even 200! Talk about bloatware... Granted, this OTA probably includes a radio update among other things, but that's still a 475 meg difference... dayum!

    • enoch861

      Not new news. In fact, 675 MB is small.
      Samsungs ROMs top over 1 GB.

    • Marco Davis

      Dude, it installed some lame game called "Teeter"... Thankfully it can be disabled so you don't have to see it exists. But the "Power" app looks to be in the notification bar for good. :

      • Jun Nozaki

        Long press on the notification, App Info, Force close
        Only a temporary fix to have more space in the shade, but i haven't noticed any side effects yet

  • carlisimo

    Interesting that Sense now uses Holo’s shade of blue for certain color highlights and selections, instead of green. The icons are still white/grays and green, though. And why do I have Twitter and Twitter for HTC Sense now?

    But I’m really happy to get the update. I bought the phone knowing not to count on it happening, but it’s a great update to get. 4.2 probably won’t happen and that’s fine – it’s small potatoes compared to 4.0->4.1.

  • http://www.facebook.com/eglobal Attila Steven C

    Downloads fine but can not verify, says is corrupted. Tried to redownload few times but same thing...

    • HTC Anonymous

      Try staying connected to wifi. It needs wifi to verify. Happened to me once.