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The Traveler

If you've got a sightseeing tour in mind, you might want to add The Traveler to your list of pre-departure preparations. It's intended to be a 21st-century trip journal, recording your paths, cataloging photos, and there's a sketchbook function thrown in for good measure (in case you should spot any creatures new to science while your camera is busted). An offline mode can keep you working no matter where you roam. There's nothing in The Traveler that you can't get in other apps, but it's nice to have it all in one place.


At the core, Traveler is a trip journal and digital sketchbook, designed for anyone who travels and wants to capture the experience in one seamless package. The app is available on Android phone and tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich, or above, with additional capabilities included for the Samsung Galaxy Note device line‐up. Traveler features the integration of captured photos, short videos, drawn sketches, recorded audio files, quick location markers, and GPS tracking into a package that allows the user to organize information and media in an efficient and arguably travel‐friendly interface.



Tripomatic City Guides & Maps

Another entry in ther crowded trip planner/guide app space, Tripomatic specializes in both curated attractions and navigation. Its database of restaurants, shows, museums and the like ties directly into Google Maps, allowing you to quickly get where you're going. The app syncs with the Tripomatic web service, letting you see and edit your trip plan when you log in.


Create your own personalised travel guide for more than 40.000 attractions and quickly find nearby sights. Tripomatic is a trip planner with easy-to-use interface for trip planning on the go.

✓ 40.000+ attractions in 300+ destinations worldwide.
✓ With photos, contact details, opening hours and admission fees.
✓ Easily add your own custom places.
✓ Discover new places and plan your trip right from the app.
✓ Flick through top activities and easily add them to your daily plan.
✓ Browse maps with all attractions laid out and see what is nearby.
✓ Instantly see what is around you, including distance and direction.
✓ Full sync with - fine-tune trips from your computer or change plans on the go.
✓ Trip templates for popular destinations to get you started.

BBC iPlayer Radio

Android Police coverage: [New App] BBC iPlayer Radio Now Available On Android, Complete With Live Listening And On-Demand Downloads

UK citizens have had access to BBC television content on Android for quite a while, but now they can get an earful of radio stations and podcasts as well. The iPlayer Radio app is surprisingly well-designed - dig that radial dialer channel selector - and offers both live streams and on-demand downloads. No yankees (or any other nationality, for that matter) need apply.



- Take BBC Radio with you wherever you go
- Listen to live radio from all the BBC’s UK radio stations over Wi-Fi and mobile networks
- Quickly switch between stations with a simple radio tuner dial
- See what’s on-air across all stations via the Full Programme Guide
- Listen to on-demand programmes from the past 7 days


Android Police coverage: ustwo, Creator Of 'Whale Trail', Releases An Interesting Take On Photo Sharing Called 'Rando'

Imagine if Flickr and ChatRoullette had an Internet baby and then shipped it off to the Play Store for day care, and you'd get Rando. Take a photo, and it will be anonymized and set to just one Rando user in a random worldwide location. You'll then get one from a different user. You can keep the photos you receive (in a strange radial format), but there's no sharing or exporting - it's just for you. Weird, and a little hipster, but kinda cool all the same.


Rando is an experimental photo exchange platform for people who like photography. A rando is an image taken and sent by you anonymously to somebody completely random somewhere else in the world. A rando must be sent for one to be received. It's about gifting rather than sharing. You will never know who received the rando, they will never know who sent it. You will know the location of where it landed, the receiver will know where in the world it was taken.


GuardianWitness is UK newspaper The Guardian's version of CNN iReport, allowing citizen journalists to submit stories, photos, and videos, and stave off the death of traditional reporting for a few more years. The overdue Android app can be forgiven its tardiness thanks to an impressive user interface, and the ability to submit text, video, and photos quickly and easily. Sign-in is easy thanks to Facebook and Twitter integration.


GuardianWitness is the home of user-generated content on the Guardian. Contribute to live news stories and help us to report the day's events, take part in exclusive competitions and assignments, and even send in your own ideas for stories and features. GuardianWitness is the best way to be part of the Guardian's award-winning journalism, comment, and reporting.

Automagic * Automation

Automagic is basically Tasker, with a more intuitive user interface. That's not hard to do, but this app makes a good go of it, with an event trigger system based on easy-to-understand flow charts. Familiar triggers like location, Bluetooth and Wifi status, battery level, and time are all present. The app is just shy of four bucks, but you can try a non-Market evaluation copy here.


Automagic Premium allows you, to automate your Android device with flowcharts. Automagic Premium helps to automate many operations, for example:

-change settings depending on location
-send every SMS as a mail to GMail
-automatically reply to an incoming SMS
-turn off Wifi when the battery is almost empty
-turn off Wifi when you leave your home, turn Wifi on when you arrive at home
-turn on the airplane mode in the evening and turn it off in the morning (Android 4.2 requires root)
-make weekly backups of files
-automagically start recording a task in Gleeo Time Tracker when you enter your workplace and stop recording when you leave
and much more...


Man, they are really running out of good URLs. Doo is a document manager that tries to bring all your local and cloud docs together. Log into DropBox, Google Drive, and Gmail, and the search function will access all three for a quick lookup. Even scanned documents and PDFs are fair game, thanks to a little OCR magic. Just try to avoid any puns while you're using it.


doo is a free document reader that puts all your documents, whether stored locally or in the cloud, in your pocket, along with the intellgent tag-based doo search. Search and find any document in seconds with the help of automatically generated intelligent tags, whether you keep them on your desktop devices or in cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox or in your email accounts, eg with Gmail. Selectively download only the documents you really need.


Android Police coverage: Indigo Is A Voice Assistant That Knows How To Carry On A Conversation Like A Normal Person (Or Clever Bot)

Indigo is yet another voice-based search app, but this one's got an interface that's pretty slick (and purple), and a better set of tools than most. Voice actions include setting reminders, starting emails, sending text messages, yadda, yadda. There's also some Siri-inspired natural language fun. You'll need to create an account to use the app, but that's implemented to sync settings and history across devices.


Hello Indigo  Indigo is the newest and cleverest voice-enabled personal assistant available. Indigo is the only personal assistant who can seamlessly carry on a conversation with you from your smartphone to your tablet to your desktop and back again, perfect for users on the move.

Indigo can:
• Update Facebook
• Read, retweet and send Tweets
• Find recommended local restaurants and bars
• Direct you to nearby locations and amenities
• Create and store diary entries
• Save notes and reminders, alerting you at a specific time if needed

StatusAgenda (beta)

Android Police coverage: StatusAgenda Keeps Your Google Calendar Events In Your Notification Shade For Easy Access

Sometimes I just have to feel sorry for those stuck on Ice Cream Sandwich and earlier, because they miss out on cool applications of the expandable notification feature. Take StatusAgenda, for example: it turns those at-a-glance Google Calendar notifications into something more useful, with an ever-present agenda that lives in your notification bar. There are two layouts to choose from, and you won't have to set anything up - it automatically pulls events from multiple Gcal calendars.


Your calendar, always at your fingertips. A new home for your appointments and events, right in your statusbar - available any time. The Status Agenda App uses your Google Calendar so there is nothing to set up. Hint: on Android 4.0 the number of events StatusAgenda can display is fairly limited, starting with Android 4.1 you can "expand" StatusAgenda by swiping over it top to bottom using two fingers.

Visual Calendar for Tablets

Here's a unique take on the calendar app. Instead of a glorified spreadsheet, Visual Calendar plans out your day (your week, your month, or even your year) as a series of linked events, logically progressing from start to finish. Color-coordinated tasks help distinguish what needs to be done quickly. The app is only available for tablets, but it features two-way syncing with Google Calendar.


Visual Calendar will change the way you plan your life. Visually link the things you plan to do, creating logical chains. Think Mind Map for your project turned into actual tasks and dates, or events and appointments from your organizer presented in an intuitive, task-oriented way. You can easily see all your events arranged in time, prioritized with color and categorized with icons, linked together.  Events created in Visual Calendar appear instantly in your Google Calendar. If you already have something planned in Google Calendar, Visual Calendar will import that in on first launch.

Jiffy - Time tracker

If you're as disorganized and scatterbrained as your humble app rounder-upper, something like Jiffy might be sorely needed. The impressive user interface tracks your time and tasks in color-coordinated fashion, keeping track of time spent accomplishing tasks and displaying time-based readouts. The circle view is a great way to quickly see which tasks you have allotted and how long they'll take or have taken.


Jiffy is a time tracking tool conceived, designed and developed by people who need to track time for people who need to track time. Jiffy's beauty is in its simplicity. We have designed every element of the application for use by real people who need to keep track of their time. You don't need an account to use Jiffy so download it now and get a new perspective on time tracking, time management and time recording. Whether you have one customer or many, a formal project, varied tasks or a repeated job, Jiffy is designed for you. Time tracking and summary views by client, project and day or week, Jiffy has all of these things and more.

Skala View

Graphic designers and photographers know the importance of color accuracy. They also know how sodding difficult it is, especially now that everyone's got four screens to calibrate. Skala Preview is a Mac application that aims to make artist collaboration as easy as possible, by sending color-accurate previews to iOS and now Android devices. It can also share files and peek in on your Photoshop work. While Skala Preview is a $5 app, the mobile extension is free.


Skala View is the companion app to Skala Preview for Mac — the fastest way to send pixel perfect, colour perfect design previews from your Mac to your Android device. Previewing your design in situ lets you test tap sizes, text sizes, colour, contrast and ergonomics, all at a time where changes can be easily made — during the design process. It closes the loop, meaning you can iterate faster to a better final design.

SHERPA BETA Personal Assistant

There are more than a few Siri/Google Now clones out there, but Sherpa's heuristic approach is worth noting if only for novelty's sake. It will answer questions Ask Jeeves-style and try to perform basic commands, either through your own apps or with a little web magic. But the most unique aspect of Sherpa is the UI, which features.... tiny little South Park characters catering to your every whim. It takes a little getting used to.


Sherpa is the number one personal assistant for your cell phone and tablet. TELL YOUR CELL PHONE WHAT YOU WANT AND TADAA. IT IS DONE. Ask about anything that you want, music, flights, sending messages, using social networks. ON TOP OF THAT, SHERPA IS ABLE TO PREDICT WHAT YOU NEED. Sherpa learns about what you like, knows in any moment where you are, and even though it seems incredible, Sherpa anticipates your needs.

Sonarflow Visual Music Player

SonarFlow is yet another attempt to visualize the world of music. We've seen this kind of thing before, but this app's musical database is proprietary, and might give you a bit of variety. Unfortunately, some of the quantifiable categories are a bit iffy ("awesome" and "cool" are not genres) and music you don't own can only be sampled.


For phones & tablets. Now with DUAL view. Browse your music by mood or genre. Switch views with one simple fingertip. Sonarflow is a fun, simple and interactive way to discover music on your Android device, tablet or handset. How do you find the music you like? Sonarflow makes it easy to find new bands and artists you'll love with just a few quick taps.


MLB Preplay

If you've ever been to a pro baseball game, you may have heard a nearby sports fan proclaiming loudly, "Watch, this one will be a slider," or "Johnson always pulls to right field." If this cringe-inducing character is you, check out MLB Preplay, a social method for predicting the events in live baseball games. Get it right and you'll score points. Get it wrong, and your fellow fans won't point and laugh at you. Predictions for more general stats, like winners and fastest pitch, can be entered even when there's no game being played.


Download MLB PrePlay and fire it up on your Android device during any live MLB game to make predictions on every upcoming play. Watching in person instead of on TV? Enabling geo-location gives you access to special in-Stadium features when you’re at the ballpark. Make your guesses on anything from an at-bat to a pitching change to an inning gone wrong – MLB PrePlay lets you weigh in with your predictions before, so you can brag about your correct picks after.

Swizzle Drink Recipes

You're not a bartender. It's okay - the noble publican's art takes years to master, and to do so you'll have to bear the constant company of drunk people. For a quick and exhaustive list of cocktails and other mixed drinks, try Swizzle. In addition to the standard instructions, you can enter the contents of your drinks cabinet and see what options you've got available. Bookmarks, a "try it later" function, custom recipes, and social sharing round out the feature set.


The Swizzle Drink Recipes app can help anyone make cocktails and mix drinks like a bartender or mixologist.

Drink app features:
• Store your ingredients inventory in “My Cabinet”
• Clone and modify recipes to your personal taste and save
• Add ingredients to shopping list
• Rate recipes
• Add recipes to your favorites
• Add recipes to the “to try” list
• Share recipes via Facebook, Twitter, text message, email, Instagram, Pinterest and more


If you've got a series of net-enabled cameras for home or business monitoring, and feel like doing a little checking up when you're out and about, Camcloud is for you. Set up your feeds using the standard Axis IP system and you can access them from anywhere. Alerts for movement and recording streams help keep things well in hand.


Camcloud provides a simple, cost-effective cloud video monitoring system for the home and small business. Using any webcam or an Axis IP camera, you can setup mobile surveillance system, complete with motion detection, mobile alerts, and remote video surveillance. Keep an eye on your property, pets or loved ones from anywhere.

PWS Manager

Got one of Sony's shiny new Portable Wireless Servers? This app manages the hardware and accesses all the files stored on the device, including copy and paste features, video playback, and more.


“PWS Manager” is a dedicated application for “Portable Wireless Server” from Sony. Connect “Portable Wireless Server” to your Android device via Wi-Fi and you can browse the content in “Portable Wireless Server” and operate (copy, delete and so on) using this App.

Basemark X 1.0

Android Police coverage: [New App] Rightware's Basemark X Is A Benchmark App Based On The Cross-Platform Unity Game Engine

Benchmark apps have become increasingly popular, and increasingly relevant as Android hardware and the games that use it become ever more complex. The Unity 3D engine isn't the most powerful available, but it runs on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, making it a pretty good choice for developers who want to hit multiple platforms quickly. This third-party benchmark will give you a good idea of how well your hardware can handle Unity.


Basemark® X by Rightware® is professional performance evaluation tool for objective cross platform comparisons of game graphics performance between Android, iOS and Windows Phone 8 devices. The benchmark is designed primarily for ARM-based smartphones and tablets on Android 4.0 or upper OS. Basemark X produces high quality and objective performance measurement score. It is unique product, being the only professionally designed benchmark built on top of a real-world game engine, Unity 4. It contains heavy graphics content and pushes tested devices to the limit.

Cox TV Connect

It's about time, Cox. Just about every other national cable or satellite provider has released a remote control and scheduling app for their TV receivers - we're glad you could join the party. At least you remembered that the people want live streaming, though the usual caveat of limited channel selection is present.


Cox TV Connect allows customers with Cox TV Essential or Advanced TV and Cox Preferred, Premier or Ultimate Internet service to watch a selection of TV channels live on select Android devices anywhere in their home. In addition, TV listings for all channels can be viewed inside and outside the home. Not all channels available on the TV are available to view on your device at this time.

Magellan Link

This app is for users of a Magellan GPS navigator. You know, those things that are like TomToms, but even more sad and outdated. It allows the devices to share a Bluetooth connection with an Android phone (you know, that super-powerful mini computer in your pocket that, incidentally, includes a free GPS mapping service) in order to update its maps and software. Try not to laugh at your friends if you see them using this.


Operates in conjunction with the Magellan SmartGPS app. Magellan Link features in the free download include:

  • Magellan Link provides the user a Bluetooth proxy and is used for connecting your SmartGPS to your android phone for updated content and hands-free capability
  • Magellan Link is required to use the “Send to SmartGPS” capability in the Magellan SmartGPS app
  • Magellan Link runs in the background and auto pairs to your SmartGPS device when in range
  • Magellan Link minimizes the battery drain on your phone yet updating content on your SmartGPS device

Live Wallpapers

Nexus Triangles LWP Free

A live wallpaper that aims to resemble one of the default Android 4.2 Jelly Bean default wallpapers. It is highly configurable with custom color themes, sizes, and other settings. It is dynamically generated every time you turn on your device, just to keep thing fresh, all while still obeying your personal theme settings. This wallpaper also has fun transition animations and background animations, and you can change their speeds. Nexus Triangles is optimized for battery life and performance, so you can use it all day without sacrificing your phone's usability.

WTF App(s) Of The Week

ÍslendingaApp SES(Beta)

So, Iceland has a problem of an... intimate nature. The country's population is tiny (about the size of Cincinnati) and most of the people come from only a few ancestral families. In short, any Icelanders playing the dating game are in real danger of incest. This app helps avoid that knotty problem by tapping into a database of families for the entire country. Put in your and your hopeful swain's deets, and you can see if your branches of the family tree are a little too close.


Loksins er komið almennilegt app fyrir íslendingabók.
Með ÍslendingaAppi SES getur þú auðveldlega skoðað tengsl þín við aðra og fræðst um ætt þína hvar og hvenær sem er.

Í appinu getur þú auðveldlega leitað að einstaklingum og um leið séð hvernig þið eruð skyld. Þú getur skoðað allar helstu upplýsingar um ættmenni þín og einnig séð skemmtilega tölfræði um ættina þína.

txt-book - Turn Texts To Books

Want to make a book out of your text conversations? For the love of God, why?


Finally... txt-book app lets you convert text message conversations into an attractive and personalized book. Two unique PDF export styles: CONVERSATION or STORYBOOK. You can add a title, cover photo, nicknames, and back-cover note.

Save it. Send it. File it. Print it. Keep for your records. Keep as a diary...or make it the perfect gift.

· Download the app for FREE and start creating your first txt-book
· Convert SMS and MMS texts
· Display large crisp photos
· Videos appear as enhanced thumbnails
· Select any date range
· Remove unwanted messages and photos
· Edit nicknames to personalize your txt-book
· Privacy Guaranteed - All books are created locally on your phone
· Your txt-book arrives as a PDF file via your own e-mail
· Purchase one or upgrade to the UNLIMITED package to create, edit and send as many books as you like
· Create a book in as little as 30 seconds

Know A Worthy New App? Let Us Know!

If you have an application in mind for the next issue of the roundup, feel free to send us an email and let us know.

Important: there are 2 requirements in order for the app to be considered, listed below.

  • the app's launch date has to be no longer than 2 weeks ago
  • it has to be original, ground-breaking, well-reviewed, interesting, fun, etc - the cream of the crop

Now, if and only if the above requirements have been satisfied, fire up an email to this address: [email protected].

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