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Welcome to the roundup of the best new Android applications, games, and live wallpapers that went live in the Play Store or were spotted by us in the previous 2 weeks or so.

This is the app roundup. The game roundup from last week can be found here.

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Featured App

PassWallet - Password Manager

Today's roundup is brought to you by PassWallet (formerly Password Wallet) by HandyApps. Passwords are hard, thanks to the thousands of logins required for modern digital living. Sure, you could have the same passcode for every service, if you enjoy throwing your life into chaos when you lose your phone or get your identity stolen. HandyApps' PassWallet puts all your passwords behind a single PIN, with 256-bit encryption, floating windows for easy copying, cloud sync, a stealth mode, and entries for just about any information you could want. With this app, there's no reason to be anything less than safe. The app below is a 30-day trial - the full version is a one-time purchase of $4.99.


PassWallet is a password manager app that safely and securely stores your most sensitive data conveniently in your mobile phone or tablet. We believe PassWallet to be the most stealthy, most secure and most convenient password manager ever developed for the Android smartphones and tablets! PassWallet password manager keeps sensitive data safe by hiding it in a secret hidden vault. In addition to password management, PassWallet is also capable of being hidden. No one will know you have installed the app. The app does not appear in your app drawer. All data stored in PassWallet is encrypted with tough 256bit AES encryption - the same encryption level used by the military.

✓ Stealth access mode that hides app launcher icon
✓ Most popular templates including web logins, credit cards and ID documents.
✓ Unique floating window function for easy data transfer to other apps
✓ Sync between multiple devices via Dropbox or Google Drive.
✓ Secure password generator built-in
✓ Import and export data to .CSV files
✓ PassWallet will not appear in your recent apps list
✓ Quick launch websites with password auto-copied to clipboard

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Android Police coverage: Swype Finally Arrives In The Google Play Store For $0.99, Playing Catch-Up In A Race It Invented [Update: Trial Version]

It took three years, but the folks at Swype finally managed to post an official version of their innovative keyboard to the Play Store. The keyboard is just a buck, for those of you who haven't gotten fed up with Swype's former manufacturer-only distribution model. The latest version includes Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation and a dynamically expanding dictionary. There's also a free trial app.


Swype is all about YOU. Whether you’re a Swype'r, a Typer, a Tapper or a Dictator, get ready for a better, faster keyboard experience that gets smarter the more you use it. Swype pays attention to the way you input text and creates a personal language model that follows you from device to device. Swype – the world’s most powerful keyboard.

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Android Police coverage: [APK Teardown] MyGlass v1.0 - Bluetooth Tethering, Google Voice Support, And Pushing Navigation To Glass

If you're both rich and lucky enough to be wearing the early versions of Google Glass right now, you'll need this little program to make the most of it. MyGlass is the Android control center for Google's next big thing, complete with basic configuration, quick settings, and a remote locator... for when you forget your Glass after a steamy night at the local user group meeting.


MyGlass allows you to configure and manage your Glass device. If you don't have Glass, then downloading this will be a waste of time. Sorry about that. But if you swipe the screenshots to the right you'll see there's a picture of a puppy in pajamas. So not a total waste of time after all.

FL Studio Mobile

Android Police coverage: Robust Music Project / Synth App FL Studio Mobile Finally Lands On Android, Still Costs $20

FL Studio is a noted digital synthesizer program for PCs, now with an impressively ported Android version. It's very pricey at $20, but that's a tiny amount compared to the desktop suite, and it includes all the standard tools that synth jockeys want. It's also wrapped in a familiar interface, although it's definitely designed for tablets rather than smartphones. 33 instruments, a 99 track sequencer, and syncing with the desktop program and Dropbox highlight a list of features longer than your arm.


FL Studio Mobile allows you to create and save complete multi-track music projects on your Android phone or tablet device. You can even load the FL Studio Mobile projects into the 'FL Studio Desktop PC' version* and take them to the next level. If it’s a beat on the step sequencer, a melody on the piano roll or a full song on the playlist, FL Studio Mobile has you covered. Never lose that idea again. Get it down and happening wherever you are.

One Today by Google

Android Police coverage: Google Invites Users To 'Do A Little, Change A Lot' With Charity-Minded One Today App

Google's "Do No Evil" mantra has been called into question many times, but it's hard to argue with stuff like this. One Today is a sort of Woot! for charity, presenting a new, worthy cause to philanthropic users each day, and inviting them to donate a few dollars to each. The service is in limited beta, so you'll need to request an invite before you can use the app.


One Today by Google is a mobile app that brings together people and nonprofits through the simple act of giving $1.The app is currently available through a limited pilot. One Today will present you with a new project every day from a nonprofit that is changing the world. You can donate to the projects that inspire you with just one click. Amplify your impact by sharing your donations with your friends on social media and matching their contributions to your favorite projects.

DJ space

Android Police coverage: DJ Space Gets All Carl Sagan On Us, Lets You Create Music By Arranging Planets And Flying Through Space

I've got to wonder exactly what kind of "enhancements" the developers were on when they made this. The basic idea is that you create a solar system that's also a mixed track, using a virtual distance about 15au across as a gigantic mixing board. It's more of a game than a tool, and more of a head trip than either. DJ space includes more than a thousand samples to play with, but unfortunately, you can't bring your own. Watch the video below for a better look at how all this works.


DJ_space is a music creation game for mobile hand held devices. You will have the ability to create different musical compositions by placing planets on an orbit around a star with the eventual outcome of creating a unique piece of music. DJ_space will provide an entertaining and engaging alternative to previous iterations of music creation games.

NASCAR RaceView Mobile '13

Android Police coverage: [New App] NASCAR RaceView Mobile '13 Shows Off Surprisingly Awesome 3D Virtual Race Coverage

This may be the single coolest thing to happen to NASCAR since SEGA made Daytona USA. The RaceView app is designed as a second screen experience, delivering live coverage of races in a 3D interface, letting you follow along with the digital cars as the real race progresses. There's also live audio from the broadcaster's booth and the car cockpits. Sprint customers get free access, but everyone else will need to pony up five bucks a month for the privilege.


The latest official app from NASCAR is the ultimate race day companion to the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race broadcast for your Android smartphone. NASCAR RaceView Mobile ‘13 is a free-to-download subscription application ($4.99/month or $39.99/season) that allows you to control how you enjoy every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race on your smartphone and now on your Android Tablet. This truly dynamic and fully-interactive 3D application generates all the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series action as it unfolds from the track in real time.

Calculus Course Assistant

Android Police coverage: [New Apps] Wolfram Alpha Releases Calculus And Algebra Course Assistants On Android

Need a little help on your math homework? Wolfram Alpha has been a reliable place to go for the mathematical and analytical stuff that Google Search can't handle, and now it's got handy mobile versions for calculus and algebra cheating self-tutoring. Calculus is four bucks, and algebra is just two - both reasonable prices for the toolsets provided. See the entry below for algebra, and remember to show your work.


Taking calculus? Then you need the Wolfram Calculus Course Assistant. This definitive app for calculus--from the world leader in math software--will help you work through your homework problems, ace your tests, and learn calculus concepts. Forget canned examples. The Wolfram Calculus Course Assistant solves your specific Calculus problems on the fly including step-by-step guidance for derivatives, integrals, and much more.

Algebra Course Assistant

Android Police coverage: [New Apps] Wolfram Alpha Releases Calculus And Algebra Course Assistants On Android

Taking algebra? Then you need the Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant. This definitive app for algebra--from the world leader in math software--will help you quickly solve your homework problems, ace your tests, and learn algebra concepts so you're prepared for your next courses. Forget canned examples. The Wolfram Algebra Course Assistant solves your specific algebra problems on the fly, often showing you how to work through the problem step by step.

Ninja SMS

Android Police coverage: Chat Heads Not Your Thing? Well, Maybe Ninja SMS, The Floating Text Message App, Is More Your Speed

If you're not a fan of Chat Heads in Facebook Messenger, check out Ninja SMS. It takes the convenient approach of a replacement SMS app that goes wherever you go, at least in a digital sense. You no longer have to put down that Cracked article or a Chrono Trigger session to fire back a quick text. There's even a handy transparency setting, in case you can't bear to miss two square inches of whatever it is that you're doing.


Tired of having to switch windows or pause videos just to answer an incoming message? Ninja SMS enables true multitasking by allowing you to read and reply to incoming messages without ever leaving your current screen. Reply like a true Ninja. (composing coming soon)

★ Multiple floating windows at the same time
★ Drag and drop windows anywhere with ease
★ Collapse mode helps minimize popups for easy access anytime
★ Notification animation for new incoming messages in minimized chat windows
★ Maximize mode allows you to switch to full texting mode in an instant
★ Transparency mode to help you view other windows in the background as you read and reply to messages

SendHub: Free Business Phone

Android Police coverage: SendHub Arrives On Android, Provides Cheap Calling And Texting For Businesses In U.S. And Canada

SendHub is a lot like Google Voice, but with a lot more options for the business-minded. You can create one or more phone numbers to use as a professional contact, and manage calls, texts, voicemails, and contacts all within the app. Think of it as a separate office phone that lives on your device. Service costs money after the initial free period, but unlimited calls and texts can be had for a reasonable $25 a month.


Get a free business phone line. Instantly.

✔ Free Business Phone Line in any Area Code
✔ Free Texting & Calling right from the App
✔ Call Transfer, Call Forwarding & Shared Groups
✔ Voicemail Transcription & Group Texting
✔ Works on the Web too.

SendHub is great as your work phone. Get phone lines for all your employees.
✔ Free Business Phone Number - keep your personal number private
✔ Add, delete and manage phone lines from the web
✔ Call Transfer, Call Forwarding & Shared Groups
✔ Group Texting for your team + customers

Burner - Disposable Numbers

Android Police coverage: [New App] Burner Disposable Phone Number App Comes With One Free, More Numbers Via IAP

Rejoice, privacy advocates and/or criminals, your perfect service is here. Burner creates virtual phone numbers that you can substitute for your real phone number, with both outgoing and incoming calls, texts, and voicemail. You'll need to pay for the service on a minute-to-minute basis, but the app includes one free Burner number for a short trial. The interface is surprisingly good, but keep in mind, this isn't a VOIP service: you'll still need a working phone with an active cellular connection.


Burner provides disposable phone numbers at the push of a button. Make calls and send texts from temporary phone numbers. Receive calls, texts and voicemails on your Burner disposable phone numbers. Find a number in any area code.

• SAMPLE BURNER (Available once) - 1 day or 5 voice or 15 text (FREE)
• Mini Burner - 7 days or 20 voice or 60 texts (3 credits)
• Standard Burner - 30 days or 50 voice or 150 texts (5 credits)
• Large Burner - 30 days or 90 voice or 270 texts (8 credits)
• Long Burner - 60 days or 75 voice or 225 texts (8 credits)

Cost of credits:
• 3 Credits = $1.99
• 8 Credits = $4.99
• 15 Credits = $7.99
• 25 Credits = $11.99


Android Police coverage: Sprint MVNO Ting Releases Official Android App - See Your Usage Details, View Your Bill, Call / Text / Data History

Ting is an up-and-coming MVNO cellular provider here in the States. If you're one of its small but growing number of customers, you'll appreciate this official tie-in app, which lets you see your call and text history, data and voice usage, et cetera for any phone on your service. You can even disable features like international calling or MMS without having to deal with the web interface.


The Ting app lets you take control your Ting account on your Android phone or tablet.

- See usage at a glance in near real time.
- View your bills.
- Get a complete call, text and data history for all devices on your account.

Sound Search for DashClock

Our love for DashClock is well known. This little extension app lets you use popular audio song searching apps on the Android 4.2 lockscreen. Choose from Google Sound Search, Shazam, TrackID and MusicXMatch.


Sound Search for DashClock is an extension for DashClock Widget. Quickly search for the song you are currently hearing using this extension for DashClock.

  • Google Sound Search (have to manually select music mode)
  • SoundHound and SoundHound ∞
  • Shazam and Shazam Encore
  • TrackID
  • musiXmatch


The things that people do with Tasker constantly amaze me. This app is designed to make your Bluetooth headset or headphones more useful, routing all audio (including alerts and notifications) and allowing you to use Google Now and other voice functions via the remote microphone. You can also add custom commands for Tasker functions. The base app is limited to four-character commands (a little weird) but the unlock app is cheap at $1.57.


Control your Android device with your voice, now even via your Bluetooth headset! You can even redirect all audio to your Bluetooth headset and also react to your Bluetooth headset button and do whatever action you want with it in Tasker. This version is limited to commands with 4 characters. If you want to unlock complete commands, you can do it in-app or buy the separate unlock key here:

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PODFY - Podcast Player

Now that Google Reader is not long for this world, many of us need a new way to subscribe and listen to podcasts. Podfy is currently on top of my list, with syncing between web and app, import from Google Reader, and easy access via your Google account. The interface is gorgeous, and playlists are synchronized across devices.


One Player. All Devices. You can use PODFY on your mobile phone, tablet and PC. Just signup, and start listening. Start making your playlist on any device and start playing it anywhere with the push of a button. PODFY will keep your currently playing podcasts and will even keep track of the ones you have heard before.

Imgur - official BETA app

Android Police coverage: Official Imgur App Hits Google Play – Available Exclusively In Australia For Now

What online photo hosting service has both a disturbing lack of vowels and the undying love of every Redditor this side of Melbourne? If you guessed Imgur, you're right, and you're in luck, since the service finally has an official Android tie-in app. Users can browse the latest uploads, or contribute their own content straight from a phone or tablet. Too bad that the app is soft launched in beta, and only available in Australia at the time of writing.


All your favorite Imgur features made simple for your mobile device. Imgur (im-ij-er) is the go-to destination for viral images. Backed by a funny and friendly community, Imgur is the best place to spend your free time online and, now with the mobile app, on the go.

  • Browse the most viral images on the Internet
  • Comment and vote on images
  • Upload straight from your phone
  • Manage your account
  • Submit images directly to the Imgur gallery


Android Police coverage: [New App] GoComics Releases Official Android App, Tickles Your Funny Bone

GoComics is the official online repository for most of the United States' newspaper comics, including heavy hitters like Dilbert, Garfield, FoxTrot, and the immortal Calvin and Hobbes. The new Android app gives you access to everything (albeit one day at a time) but leaves a little to be desired in the interface and performance departments. The subscription feature lets you keep track of your go-to funny papers.


Want funny? Love comics? We've got your fix. The GoComics app, from Universal Uclick, is the mobile comics portal for many of the most popular comic strips worldwide. From iconic favorites like Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, Garfield, Doonesbury, Dilbert and Marmaduke to modern favorites like FoxTrot, The Boondocks, Big Nate, Pearls Before Swine and Get Fuzzy, we offer the most diverse set of comic strips and panels in one single app for FREE.


Android Police coverage: It's Time To Swagger: Android Open Kang Project ROM Reaches 1 Million Users, AOKPush App Created To Celebrate

The crazy cats at Team Kang just put the finishing touches on their first 4.2 milestone build of the Android Open Kang Project, and they've released an official updater app to celebrate. AOKPush can pull the latest builds from the servers in nightly, test build, and milestone form, as well as Gapps and fun messages from the team. All proceeds of the app sales go to server and development costs. Don't worry - you can still download builds manually from the website.


Track AOKP builds in the easiest possible way: immediately receive push notifications when a build is complete and ready to download. Also get the available test builds & random fun messages from the team. AOKPush uses the Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) service provided by Google since Jelly Bean. GCM is integrated into the Android framework, eg. the application does not use any extra battery nor wakes up the device periodically to fetch data.

There are 4 feeds you can subscribe to:
- Milestone feed: official milestone releases by AOKP
- Nightly feed: official (automatic) nightly releases by AOKP
- Test feed: unofficial test releases by AOKP developers
- Fun feed: messages from the Unicorn barn Home (Beta)

Android Police coverage: [New App] Launcher Is Like Building A Home Screen On Google's 'I'm Feeling Lucky' Button

There are a ton of launchers out there, so we have to give props to anyone who tries something new. Tap the microphone icon in, enter a search query, and you'll get a list of your apps, plus available Play Store apps, based on your search. The background even changes based on what you search for. It's not for everyone, and won't win any fans from the customization crowd, but the free app is worth a try at least once. Watch the video below for a devilishly handsome presenter guy and a more dynamic demonstration.


Imagine your phone could be dynamic, constantly adapting to your interests, your location, your life. Home is a launcher that turns your phone into a Dynamic Phone. you think it and you get it; your phone adapts to you. The Dynamic Launcher by, is the new way for people to interact with their mobile devices, and the ULTIMATE personalization tool for any Android smartphone. Your new home.

Icon Themer ★ root

So, your manufacture has decided that it needs to piss all over Android with a custom interface. If you're a root user, Icon Themer will let you take control of your icons without the aid of a custom ROM. This isn't just for the launcher, either - the theme packs in Icon Themer are applied system-wide, like a good deodexed theme. You'll need Android 4.0 or later and the Xposed framework app for it to work.


Icon Themer allows you to use Nova/Apex/ADW/Go etc. icon packs on your device. You can now use *any* launcher you prefer and still have the power to customize how your application icons look like. Icon Themer is also more consistent because the icon theme is applied throughout your device and not just confined your launcher. See the screenshots to believe.


Android Police coverage: [New App] RoundR Rounds The Corners Of Your Device's Screen, Because Why Not?

Yes, mister WebOS guy, we know that it was years ahead of its time from both an interface and aesthetic standpoint. We also know that Android's UX design leader was a former contributor to Palm's last hurrah. But that Pre Plus is on its last legs, and you can't resist the siren song of CyanogenMod on your HP TouchPad any more. So why not have your nostalgia and eat it too, with this tiny app that rounds the corners on your shiny new Android device. You can even select the rounding radius, or round only diagonal corners. Now go beg LG for a new Pixi.


RoundR is an open source application that rounds the corners of your screen. RoundR features full settings which allow for adjusting the radius of the corners, as well as specifying which corners to enable or disable. RoundR is open source. RoundR uses Mark Wei's brilliant StandOut library to display the four corners on top of all other applicatins. The source code for Mark's library (tweaked) & RoundR can be found on GitHub:


Runtastic Mountain Bike

Android Police coverage: Runtastic Releases A Pair Of Cycling Apps For Road And Mountain Bikers

Runtastic has gained quite the reputation as a fitness app, so the service is expanding. The first stop is mountain bikes, and the new app will track your route, calories, altitude, et cetera, and gives you access to offline maps for those extended runs. If you mount your phone to your bike, Runtastic Mountain Bike can provide a heads-up display, and it can connect to standard hardware sensors for heart rate and other data. The free app is limited in some features, and the paid app is five bucks.


Take your ride to a new level with this 4.5+ rated app from Runtastic. Runtastic Mountain Bike is the ultimate, mountain bike app, which transforms your smartphone into the best off track biking computer on the market – with over 50 mtb features, compatible velo hardware, and a complementary fitness site. Whether your route is a local dirt bike path, a wicked downhill course, or a gorgeous mountain trail, the Runtastic Mountain Bike app is your ideal biking companion.

Runtastic Road Bike

And here's pretty much the same app, with more street-focused features. Again, the paid version is five greenbacks.


Take your cycling to a new level with Runtastic. Road Bike is the ultimate, road biking performance app, which transforms your smartphone into the best bike computer on the market – with over 50 cycle features, compatible velo hardware, and a complementary fitness site. This top-rated app (4.5+) has been specifically designed with road biking in mind, incorporating every feature a leisure rider or professional racer desires.


Another entry in the "floating mini-app" game, which to my knowledge was started by Samsung's TouchWiz-powered tablets, is available. Overlays distinguishes itself by allowing you to set profiles for different active apps, and also enabling embedded widgets and shortcuts. The standard floating apps include a calculator, sticky note, and music player. the $2 pro version adds unlimited application profiles and Tasker integration.


Overlays allows you to float your home screen widgets ANYWHERE.

• Show your favorite music widget on top of your navigation application.
• Float a calculator while writing documents.
• Make sure you still have battery when playing a game.
• Take notes while reading an eBook.
• And many more options...
* Overlays application does NOT contain the widgets. It only breaks the home screen limit and shows them where ever you want.


Hotspot Control

Android Police coverage: [New App] Chainfire's Hotspot Control Harnesses The Latent Power Of Your Device's Tethering Menu

Noted Android developer Chainfire has released a new settings app that lets you take your phone's wireless hotspot feature by the throat and beat it into submission. Advanced options include a quick toggle and using the share function without a SIM card (for local WiFi sharing). For some users it may also enable tethering without your carrier's permission, but this is not the purpose of the app, and the description says so emphatically.


Hotspot Control is a tiny app that enables or disables Portable Hotspot functionality of Android. Usually you could just do this in Android settings, but on some devices this option is hidden, or only works if you have a SIM inserted. Hotspot Control does away with those requirements, assuming that the hotspot functionality itself is actually still present and operational on the device. Rooting is *usually* not required.

Notifications Off

Android Police coverage: [New App] Notifications Off Gives You A Handy Way To Selectively Banish Apps From Your Notification Bar

Hey, you. Yes, you, with the Android 4.1 or higher device. Did you know that you can disable an app's notifications in the Settings menu? No? Well now you don't have to dive in there to get quick access to the feature. Notifications Off puts easy control of every app's notification permission in one place. It's pretty basic, but performs a vital and convenient function with ease. The best part might just be the "auto-disable" feature for newly-downloaded apps.


Notifications Off is a useful utility for controlling application notifications in a centralized way. Instead of toggling notifications for applications individually from the settings screen you can update the settings for all applications from one place.Turn off notifications from a single place. Automatically disable notifications for new applications as soon as they are installed. Keep in mind that root access is required for the application.

eXperience Pro

Android Police coverage: [New App] eXperience Pro Brings A Handful Of Useful Tweaks To Rooted Devices Without The Need For A Custom Kernel

This app is a series of handy tweaks for rooted users. In addition to some basic CPU frequency settings, you can add volume toggle music controls, override maximum output volume, and set the screen to wake when you touch it (only after a standard timeout). It's just too bad that the device support is rather limited - while all the current Nexus devices and most Galaxy, One and Xperia phones make the cut, it's still a pretty anemic list.


APERTURE LABORATORIES proudly presents eXperience Pro. The eXperience Pro application implements an innovative cross-device and cross-kernel tweak framework which offers a convenient modular approach for Android customizations and tweaks. With this powerful and exciting new tool users will be able to apply various tweaks on-the-fly and independent of the running kernel. This application will put users in the position to run their favorite tweaks on whichever kernel they prefer without having to convince the corresponding kernel devs to include it.


Sliding in from the side of the screen is a popular way to have quick access to often-used apps and settings - see SwipePad and the like. OneQuick takes a slightly different approach, embedding shortcuts and toggles in a single sidebar. You can get to your content in either big, finger-friendly icons or a more descriptive list, and the floating access area is adjustable.


OneQuick is a quick settings app on Android smartphones/tablets.
1. Support both Android smartphones/tablets.
2. Side bar and floating window quick settings
3. User-friendly experience
4. Support screen auto rotate
5. Dream menu like Path
6. Support list and grid UI
7. Support customize Settings


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