If you've been feeling sad because of the lack of posts about source code lately, today should be making up for it. This morning, Samsung released the first bath of kernel source for the Galaxy S4, and just a bit ago HTC offered up the code for five different variants of the One.


Looks like Samsung wasn't quite finished after the S4 code this morning, however, as the company just pushed the T-Mobile Galaxy S III LTE's code to its download server. This may indicate that the phone is due up for release soon, we've heard nary a word since the last rumored date of late March/early April – a time which has clearly come and gone.

Either way, if you'd like to dig into the code and see what's going on on under the hood, hit the link below.

Samsung Open Source Release Center

Cameron Summerson
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  • qwegwqegwg

    Guys like Samsung and HTC need to be commended for releasing source code. Companies like Motorola stubbornly refuse to do so and it artificially limits the capabilities of what their devices can do after they stop updating it.

  • Matthew Merrick

    I just hope they release this before the S4, or its going to be a complete waste.

    • Derail Doax

      The GS4 is coming out in like a month. This is a total waste. My GS3 gets up to 30 Mbps on HSPA+ so honestly they didn't need to release the T999L.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Maybe it'll be cheaper, like free on one of those new contracts.

        • s44

          That's my guess.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fxtalivanes Angel Queloco Melendez

    What do i do with this source code, it will enable LTE on my S3?if so, how do i do it, some one please help :(

    • LLStarks

      No, your T999 doesn't have LTE, you'd need the T999L

      • JerK

        I recently received a warranty replacement on my T999. The new device is still T999, but under settings > more settings > mobile networks > network mode: i now have "LTE/GSM/WCDMA" (previous phone was just GSM/WCDMA).

        • LLStarks

          There's no LTE radio. Period. That's just a menu entry for something that will never work.

          • JerK


          • TMOsig178

            Sorry sir but you are half right. All US versions of the S3 have the LTE radio built in. All T-Mobile S3's had the LTE option before the last update like the picture shows. An update is coming to all S3's to run on LTE service when it hits their area.

          • TMOsig178

            How do I know? Im in Vegas with an original pebble blue S3 running LTE.

          • joremero

            that'd be awesome. can you provide more proof that you are actually running LTE on your original blue S3? thanks

          • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

            You are thinking the Note II. Pretty sure the S III T999 won't support LTE - that's why T999L exists.

            Unless T999L is the same as the T999 hardware-wise, and T-Mobile just needed the FCC's certification to even update T999s.

          • LLStarks

            T-Mobile's T999 variant only has a MSM8260A, not the the standard MSM8960. There's no LTE radio, only DC-HSPA. How many times must I say this?

            T-Mobile is releasing the T999L which specifically advertises LTE support: http://www.cellphonesignal.com/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-lte-aka-samsung-t999l-passed-fcc-coming-to-t-mobile-soon/

          • LLStarks
  • Greg Tordjman

    Im in vegas with an s3 with no lte but that might be because im on a monthly plan would love to see your lte

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jude-Palermo/100002164977772 Jude Palermo

      Trust me it prolly is no different they usually have it up full blast when you first get the service then slowly cycle down the speed after a while and then it is really no different seriously how fast can anything really be it is all the same my s3 going on line to my old iphone 3gs my wife uses are no different but maybe a few seconds how fast is fast my ipad is just as fast as my s3 the new ipad that is who knows it is all bullshit and a conspiracy to get us to spend spend spend and we will too

  • hp tripathi

    Also Samsung today released a firmware update to the international version of note 2(in india donno about other parts)....

  • CyberTech

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  • Pokerking 12577

    Any and all GS3s from Tmobile are NOT LTE capable. End of story. We all got screwed. We can either by the late model or the GS4......I'm going with the latter.