Professional musicians, you are free to sit this one out. DJ space is probably not going to fill your needs. Unless you need to play god, turning the planets themselves into musical instruments as you conduct a cosmic electronic orchestra with naught but your fingertips. If that's something you've needed, then yes DJ space will serve your purposes quite nicely.

FL Studio this is not, however as the saying goes, "If you want to mix sweet tracks from scratch, you must first invent the universe." The app functions very similarly to Garage Band in that you select from pre-recorded loops of music and assemble them into tracks. Where the two apps differ is that Garage Band allows you to record your own instruments while DJ space lets you fly through the solar system on the wings of the divine as stars wheel overhead and every day feels as long as a life age on the earth. Or something.

djspace1 djspace2 djspace3

DJ space is free on the Play Store. Again, this will probably not be terribly helpful to anyone who is looking to do any serious music creation. Still, if you're like me and were drooling over the $20 FL Studio, but don't want to spend the money because you know you'll forget about it in a week, then try out this app and get ready to fly through spaaaaaace.