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In the mood to kill some vampires? Or robots? Or comically-large old ladies in bath robes? Fangz has you covered. This sidescrolling shoot-em-up has some Zombieville USA vibes going on, but even a quick look makes it apparent that this game is much, much more ambitious. The amount of weapons, types of enemies, and levels make this seem like an easy 'buy' at $0.99, and watching the trailer, this looks like a shotgun-full of fun.

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The goal of Fangz is quite simple: blast the ever-loving crap out of anything that moves. Which, hey, sometimes is just fine as a premise for a game.

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Just take a look at the trailer below, and you'll see the unbridled carnage unfold before your eyes - it certainly convinced me to shell out a buck. Fangz is available in standard and 'HD' versions (both cost the same), though both show as compatible with all of my devices, so I don't see a real reason to opt for the normal edition. Head to the Play Store to get your Vampire-slaying fix on now.

David Ruddock
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  • Steez

    Awesome game, can tell much love went into it. Amazing artwork and gameplay, only downside is difficulty, but character/weapons are all upgrade-able with a little grind. Plus NO IAPs. Great job dev.