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Do you like context-sensitive action bars? Slide-out navigation menus? Cards? Well, LinkedIn's Android app just got a pretty significant UI refresh today, and it has all of those things. The app was undeniably in need of a facelift, and this new update looks pretty fantastic to my eyes.

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Looks aside, version 3.0 of LinkedIn for Android adds a slew of new update stream features that were sorely lacking in previous versions - you can now invite, follow, like, share, and comment on update stream content directly from the feed. The new design should also make navigating the app a whole lot easier (I remember how buried the settings menu was in earlier versions). While I can't say this is actually going to get me to use the app, it does make having it installed on my phone at all slightly more appealing. And for LinkedIn addicts (are there such people?), this is definitely a breath of fresh air. Holo-y air.

If you want to learn more about the update, head over to LinkedIn's blog. To get the update, hit up the Play Store link below.

David Ruddock
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  • ChristianAhlin

    But the permissions... Was there any the didn't request... I reall dislike account and contacts permissions

    • blunden

      The account and contacts permissions are so that they can sync LinkedIn information with your contacts, similar to other social networks. I agree that it is good to be careful but in this case it seems to be for legitimate reasons.