Facebook has been on a real push to take over users' phones as of late, with Facebook Home, Chat Heads, and updates to its official and Messenger apps. Today, it goes a step further, offering full, free voice calls to US users. This is the same feature that rolled out to Canadian users late last month.

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The service requires Facebook Messenger to be installed (naturally) – to initiate a call, simply head into your contact list, open a message, and hit the "I" in the top-right corner. You should see an option for "Free Call" in the list; if it's white, the users can receive a call. If it's gray, then your friend can't receive calls. Simple enough.

This new feature doesn't require an app update and should be rolling out to users now.

via The Verge

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://twitter.com/RaspberryDuff Matt

    Well, Facebook seems to be taking a real liking to the amount of control they can have in the Android OS. So far they haven't done anything too intrusive, but for some reason I still don't trust them quite as much as Google...

    • xspirits

      And you're right imho, because google and Facebook don't have the same monetization goals. Thus we could be pretty hasted to say this still I can't forgive myself thinking that facebook is going to use our voice data for direct advertising targeting. I mean, google too but the main aim is quite different.

    • nejai

      call me a paranoid but the battery and data consumption of facebook app is lately somehow strange... I´ve deinstalled couple of weeks ago.. now i´m looking for a good client replacement

  • http://www.facebook.com/daniel.breszkovics Dániel Breszkovics

    Even though it's Facebook and all, I think it's pretty good. Casual users that don't really care about apps and stuff most probably won't download any existing app for free calling, but they sure know about Facebook. I hope it will be available worldwide soon.

  • Fernando

    In Brazil, this functionality has existed since March.

  • Wdark0

    I can't even log in, in the app since the last two updates! Anyone else with this problem?

  • http://twitter.com/D_McKenzieJ Daniel McKenzie J.

    You've been able to do this in the UK for several weeks now.

  • hp tripathi

    Only U.S :( ..

  • http://twitter.com/xyrer Xyrer the grey

    What's with the "USA Only" thing? it's the internet! skype works anywhere if it's not blocked by isp or something, why only selected countries? what stops them from offering worlwide service? servers? it's freaking facebook!!