ZeptoLab has released the latest episode in its highly popular Cut The Rope franchise this morning, with Cut The Rope: Time Travel. No, metaphysics are not involved, sadly. The new game doesn't bring too much in the way of overhauled mechanics (though ZeptoLab promises a few new elements), but is more of a content pack. The one major change to gameplay is that levels now feature two creatures to feed, which in turn increases the complexity of the game.

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Our chartreuse hero Om Nom will snip and munch his way through six new themed locations - including the middle ages (... which is now a place), the renaissance, a pirate ship, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and the stone age. You can pick up the game on the Play Store now, in free and HD editions, the latter costing $0.99.

David Ruddock
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  • spacekobra

    I don't even need to do any pre-screening to know this game will be awesome.

  • Trenton Seagoe

    I am in love with ZeptoLab! I have bought all the Cut the Rope games! I can't wait to beat/play this one!

  • Chris Sanner

    Zeptolab lost me when they started adding IAPs and ads into a game *I paid money for in order to avoid those things*

  • http://twitter.com/bat0nas Tomas Misevičius

    How many levels the HD version has? Or is it the same as nonHD?

    • xnifex

      should be the same, just formatted for tablets.

      • G Mohal

        both games are for phones /tablets only difference being HD version has better graphics

    • Stefan

      270 stars, 3 per level, so 90 levels. 6 worlds, 15 levels each.

  • AppsGoer

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