Last Updated: April 19th, 2013

The Galaxy S4 is upon us. AT&T and US Cellular launched their respective pre-order pages just yesterday, and now Sprint and T-Mobile have announced official release date and pricing info.

The Now network will begin offering The Next Big Thing on April 27th for the expected price of $250 with a two-year agreement. However, if you're willing to ditch your current provider and port your number to Sprint, you'll get another hundred-spot off, bringing the price down to $150. Not bad. You'll be able to pre-order the device directly from Sprint beginning tomorrow.

Speaking of paying $150 for Samsung's newest flagship, that's how much you'll have to throw down for a down payment if you want the device on T-Mobile. Since the carrier is now doing things its own way, you'll have to pay for the device monthly moving forward, but the good news is that you can pay it off as quickly as you want to and be free to change devices when the mood strikes thereafter. You'll also be able to get hands on the device three days earlier than Sprintsters, as it'll land on Team Magenta's shelves in April 24th. Hoorah.

Update: Looks like C Spire just joined the GS4 party as well, though in a much vaguer way – it simply announced that the device is coming "this summer." No pricing or availability info yet, but can sign up to be notified as more details arrive over at C Spire's site.

Press Releases: Sprint, T-Mobile

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  • Adam Thomas

    Wow. Why is Sprint's so bloody expensive?

    • squiddy20

      I assume that's due to the fact that they still utilize a subsidy, while the $150 on T-Mobile is only a down payment, and you have to finish paying off the rest of the phone.

      • KGray

        What does this actually mean for Tmobile again?

        • Moyo Mitchell

          $150 down + $20/month for 2yrs

          • Adam Thomas

            Wow that's kinda stupid now that you laid it out. Typical T-Mobile I guess. Oh well I get $75 for trading my SGSII so I guess that's a good deal then now that I think about it!

          • N2fw

            How is that stupid? if SRP is $630, then you're paying $630 whether up front or over 24mo

          • http://twitter.com/behemothdan BehemothDan

            It's not stupid, it's different. By dropping phone subsidies Tmobile has gotten rid of the whole contract thing allowing people to do whatever, whenever they want. And that comes with some given and take. So rather than force you into a contract in order to be sure they make enough money from you, you pay for the phone but are free to do whatever you want after you buy it. I much prefer the idea of paying for the phone knowing I can do whatever I want with it or with my phone service after I get it.

          • HotInEER

            Majority of people will be in a contract still, instead of being on a contract for their plan, it will be for their phone because most people can't afford or chose to not pay $600 plus out of pocket for a phone. Still a contract, they just call it something different.

          • QwietStorm

            What's stupid about it? You don't sign your life away to a contact, the phone is essentially cheaper right away, and you can get a new phone whenever you want. What's stupid is the way the US carrier system has had us all over a barrel for years and years.

          • Dan

            Not stupid. When you count the subsidy fees over a 2-year contract on Verizon, you're paying less on T-Mobile over the course of those 2 years, plus you aren't tethered to a contract.

          • HotInEER

            If you go with the HTC One they will give you a $100 Visa GC once you buy their phone and send your old one to them.

          • squiddy20

            If I recall correctly, $20 is only the minimum. You could pay $100/month (or whatever you want) until it's paid off if you wanted to. The bottom line is that you pay the entire price of the phone eventually, it's just entirely up to the individual as to how quickly (or slowly) that happens.

          • ProductFRED

            Actually no. There are devices that are like 15 a month. Depends on the phone.

      • HotInEER

        They more than make up for it with the cost of their plans. It's greedy, and glad I didn't want the S4 after all. HTC One is where it's at.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Purchasing on Tmobile will be far better than Sprint.

    • Moyo Mitchell

      You're still paying $20/month

      • QwietStorm

        Yes, with no contact and with a cheaper monthly bill.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=535068153 Thomas Decker

          And remember folks, you only pay your state sales tax on the monthly T-Mobile plan, all those federal taxes are already built in, so $50 for me is actually $52.80, NOT $68 or $72 etc. etc.

  • kcslimmers

    Sprint is discounting the phone from its normal $250 price through a $100 instant credit for those switching to the network... which puts it at $150 as well

    Edit: Sprint PR Page stating this http://www.sprint.com/landings/samsung_galaxy_s4/index.html?ECID=vanity:galaxys4

    • HotInEER

      Yeah, they have always done that, it's just usually the phone is $200 and they take $50 off and you pay $150 for switching to Sprint. Either way, you still pay the $150. I hope this bites them in the arse for charging people $250 for a phone.

  • Matthew Fleisher

    "$149.99 down-plus monthly device payments" according to T-Mobile's website. What does that mean? Sprint is not so bloody expensive until you find out what that means.

    • squiddy20

      Under T-Mobile's new "un-carrier" approach, there is no subsidy on phones. This means paying the full cost of the phone (usually > $500). The $150 down payment is only the first part in paying for the entire phone, leaving $350 left to pay as quickly or as slowly as you desire (assuming the S4 retails at $500, which is probably low-balling it).

      • Justin Grathwohl

        The important part to remember is that once you pay the device off, your monthly bill goes down, unlike the other carriers.

  • blam

    I'm going for the unbranded international release.

  • darksidekiller

    And if you use this link you can get an additional $25 https://refer.sprint.com/1DJdGNz

    • darksidekiller

      Then you can get the S4 for $125

  • oesjmr

    I wonder if Sprint's pricing will drive more people toward the HTC One since it will be $50 cheaper...

  • Brandon Bradley

    Wonder how much the 32gb version is going to cost?

  • Matthew Fry


  • Dan

    If you're porting a number to T-Mobile, the S4 is actually $99 + $480 rather than $150 + $480. They're giving a $50 MasterCard gift card to anybody who ports in a number before May 31.

  • brutalpanther

    It would be nice if the now network would get some lte in this area NOW.since all the new smart phones are lte.It kinda sucks to have a awesome phone with dial up speeds.