If Samsung makes a UI overlay for Android, LG will make a UI overlay for Android. If Samsung starts making bigger phones, LG will start making bigger phones. And if Samsung announces its new flagship device at a big New York City event, you can bet LG is going to announce its new flagship device at a big New York City event. Yes, the time has come for LG to (almost certainly) reveal the Optimus G Pro for US carriers.


The LG Optimus G Pro is very similar to the Note II in many respects. It has a 5.5-inch 1080p screen, big honking 3140mAh battery, and a quad-core Snapdragon ARM chip. The Optimus G Pro currently selling in Korea has a 1.7GHz Snapdragon 600.

The invite itself doesn't doesn't tell us much of anything about the event. Although the microphone makes me worry we'll be seeing a repeat of Samsung's showbiz extravaganza on a smaller scale.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • Matthew Merrick

    am i the only one hoping it'll be the 5.5" OGP, and not the 5.0" one?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      It will probably be the 5.5" version - the 5" one for NTT DoCoMo looks to be a custom model for the Japanese market.

  • ProductFRED

    No L-Pen = Fail. The S-Pen is one of the biggest reasons alone for buying the Note 2. It's not a normal stylus; it does so much more.

    Anyways, I just don't trust LG with any of their devices. ALL of their phones are "flagships"...well for 5 [metaphorical] minutes, at least. Then there's a new one and they pretend the last one never existed. G2X? 4XHD?

    • Darrien Glasser

      Optimus G EOL'd after 6 months? I agree.

      • Bakaouji

        It really depends on whether this is 5" or 5.5". That changes the target market significantly.

    • Jordan Harrell

      At 5" I see this more of an S4 than a Note

      • Aymen Fadhel

        Only the japanese variant is 5", the rest are 5.5".

    • porter86

      13 reasons vs 4 for the Note 2. I know which one I'd choose..


      • ProductFRED

        So marginally-better cameras, 1080p resolution that slows down the device and draws more power (and note that the batteries are about the same size). And yes, the Note 2 does wireless charging via a $15 patch you can buy on eBay. The necessary pins are accessible under the battery door.

        You forgot that the Optimus G Pro will be dropped from LG's update list in a few months.

  • icyrock1

    Wonder if they'll surprise us all and not mention the Pro. And instead mention a new phone.