If you use Google Search on a mobile device, but prefer the web interface, then your experience just got a bit better today. For starters, if you search for Rotten Tomatoes, you'll see expandable sub sections with links to areas like movies that are in theaters. According to Google, "many sites" will have similar functionality.

mobilesearch3 mobilesearch1 mobilesearch2

Additionally, for some searches, you'll see a blue "Quick view" badge that you can tap to get easy access to a Wikipedia page on the subject. This is different from the knowledge graph cards in that the button appears next to individual Wiki links no matter where they appear in the results. The search company hopes to expand this feature to other sites and languages in the future.

Source: Google Inside Search Blog

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • DuncanPerkins

    Is this available through the google search app too? Or just the web interface?

  • John Nichols

    I saw the quick view cards pop up a couple months ago, but then they disappeared. Wish I'd taken some screenshots.

    • Tim Gueusquin

      I know that feeling they are changing the news.google.com site on the mobile to the Card UI. Wish I took a screenshot before hitting refresh. looked 100x better