Last Updated: April 22nd, 2013

Looks like every carrier in Canada (give or take a couple) decided to announce GS4 pre-orders at the same time. The good news, though, is that if you're on Telus, Bell, Virgin, or Videotron, you're one step closer to landing yourself a shiny new phone. The device is available for pre-order on all four of the aforementioned carriers, with a shipping date of April 27th for the former three.

Customers on Telus and Bell will be able to grab this handset for $200 with a three-year agreement (yikes!); Videotron customers will see the same price, though there's no word on agreement terms in the PR. Virgin omitted pricing information altogether.

So there you go – if this is the phone you've been waiting on, hit the appropriate link below for more info and where to pre-order.

Telus, Bell, Virgin, Videotron

Cameron Summerson
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  • https://twitter.com/#!/thedeusexmakina [J. B. cyruz]

    3 years seems like eternity in the smart phone business.

    • Kaero

      As a Canadian I agree.

  • got runs?

    Is a 64GB version being released for April 27th?

  • 1bmwdrvr1

    Only a sucker would sign a three year contract! You must have been smoking oil sands if you sign a three year contract. The phone will be trash within two years. The hardware might ok but the os will be outdated and never updated, ( if Android's track record is the same.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikespo17 Mike Spo

    So there is no chance I could get the S4 under US Virgin Mobile Beyond Talk plan... Damn.