Google Voice is a great service for replacing your carrier's voicemail and texting options. If you need something that's a bit more robust, however, SendHub has launched on Android and allows business-class users to set up a phone number (or set of numbers) and get texting and calling for free or cheap, depending on what class of service you need.

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Free users can get 60 voice minutes, 500 messages, and 3 groups of 50 contacts for their first line. That probably won't be enough to convince the average user to ditch their current phone number, but for a new business line (or a throwaway), it can be great. If you need more lines, messages, or minutes, prices range from $10-150/month, with unlimited texting coming in at the $25/month tier. Check out more info on the pricing structure here.

The app is live on the Play Store now.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • navjot

    I almost just dismissed this app because of the UI. Those iOS style tabs on top are jarring.

  • EMullins

    50 dollars a month for 1500 minutes and unlimited texting is in no way "cheap".