If you've tried as many apps and games as we have, you've probably come across one or two that were great... with the exception of annoying, vaguely spammy notification alerts. Starting with Jelly Bean 4.1, there's a simple and somewhat obscure solution: check the App Info menu to disable notifications. But that can get tedious, especially if you're setting up a new device. Developer Giorgi Dalakishvii has created a more elegant solution, which puts notification settings for all your apps in one handy place.

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Notifications Off is a simple app, but it does a lot with a little. First of all, you'll need rooted hardware running Android 4.1 or later. Once you grant root permissions, you're presented with a simple list of your installed apps. Remove the checkbox from one or more, press the Save button, and those alerts will never again disturb the tranquil fields of your notification tray.

Dive into the options menu to disable notifications from system apps, or to automatically disable notifications from new apps downloaded from the Play Store. Simple searching and sharing round out the package.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Chuck Connors

    Does anything like this exist for ICS?

  • mrsbelpit

    Actually in Jellybean you can longpress any notification and it will take you right to the setting where you can disable it. Just FYI.

    • Giorgi Dalakishvili


      I am developer of the app. You are right that you can disable it from the settings. The idea of the app is to manage notifications from a single place. Also the app can automatically disable notifications for new apps as soon as they are installed.

      I am working on a next version which will add support for multiple profiles so that you can quickly switch between multiple configurations.

      • Haedocynic

        That sounds pretty cool! I don't know whether this is possible at all, but I would really like a way to block *certain kinds* of notifications for a program, for example "block only notifications containing the word update". At any rate, great program!

        • Giorgi Dalakishvili

          I'll have a look at that. By the way, can you leave a review at the play store if you liked the app? Thanks

      • Guest

        Why is not compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note N7000?

        • Giorgi Dalakishvili

          Do you have Jelly Bean installed?

  • Drayon

    It's a great app. I use it to silence the battery saving notification on my htc one x.

    • Giorgi Dalakishvili

      It's nice that you like it. By the way, can you leave a review at the play store if you liked the app? Thanks

  • Ivan Myring

    I thought you could do this in settings>apps>(app name)

    • David Hart

      I was about to say the same thing.
      It also looks like this isn't compatible with GB or ICS.. so it's kinda useless really.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      The intro addresses this very thing.

      • Giorgi Dalakishvili

        A new version has been released. The main new feature is profiles which allows to quickly switch between different configurations. You can also switch between profiles using a launcher shortcut or create a Tasker task.

  • Giorgi Dalakishvili


    I am the developer of the app. You can ask questions about the app here and I will try to answer all of them.

  • Phillip White

    This sounds like a really cool and elegant app. Pity its root only though. My daughter has a cheap tablet which she loves - but she has downloaded a barrowload of 'free' games which constantly fill up the notification tray. This would be ideal for her!

  • Samsung Fanboy

    I banish them manually, uninstall.

  • Forcemaker

    It is sad to need an app like this. The notification system that Android introduced was really great.

    But many apps that I use "require" a notification icon, else the Android resource manager might kick the app out of memory. That way the services offered by the app are not available. E.g. Tasker recommends to use the notification icon, also Avast and many others.

    So the notification bar became a "please do not end my task" place.

    I personally have NO problems with notifications that are spam or alike. I do not envy anybody having this trouble.

    That is why this feature of 4.1+ (Jelly Bean) doesn't fill my needs. What I, personally, needed, would be the selective fade-in/fade-out of messages. As far as I can tell (from Tasker options) it is possible to "read" a notification text via some sort of "visual impairment" API. Also there are "Knock²+" and others capable of reading and "reproducing" notifications.

    Therefor my suggestion was to create a "second" notification drawer to display only preselected notifications. (I know there are some attempts on the market, but I didn't try them, yet.)

    By the way, what's the fuzz about "quick settings" in 4.1+ and so on? Wouldn't it be lovely to have a "widget area" where I can plant all the widgets that do toggle/etc instead of having "a single institution" decide which toggles I may plant? I'd love to put any widget that I can think of in the "quick settings/toggles" part of the notification drawer..... aaaawwww.

    • naysayer

      You're using the wrong apps. Why are you installing adware like Avast? I have zero apps that use notifications in this way. Tasker would be the only one I might consider.

  • primalxconvoy

    Dear Android police, could you please put "root only" in the title/description for app reviews/news such as this, please? It would be very helpful. Cheers.

    • naysayer

      Wrong article?!

      • Primalxconvoy

        "... First of all, you'll need rooted hardware running Android 4.1 or later..."

        - No siree.

  • Rohan Meshram

    can anybody tell me what notification does phone.apk gives? I want to disable its notification, i have a dual sim phone and it keeps nagging me to insert 2nd sim.

  • kpvsk

    some applications show up despite the notification being turned off and the change saved.
    Any solution?