If you've tried as many apps and games as we have, you've probably come across one or two that were great... with the exception of annoying, vaguely spammy notification alerts. Starting with Jelly Bean 4.1, there's a simple and somewhat obscure solution: check the App Info menu to disable notifications. But that can get tedious, especially if you're setting up a new device. Developer Giorgi Dalakishvii has created a more elegant solution, which puts notification settings for all your apps in one handy place.

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Notifications Off is a simple app, but it does a lot with a little. First of all, you'll need rooted hardware running Android 4.1 or later. Once you grant root permissions, you're presented with a simple list of your installed apps. Remove the checkbox from one or more, press the Save button, and those alerts will never again disturb the tranquil fields of your notification tray.

Dive into the options menu to disable notifications from system apps, or to automatically disable notifications from new apps downloaded from the Play Store. Simple searching and sharing round out the package.