It seems that the CyanogenMod team is on a roll with Sony devices. Just yesterday the first nightly turned up for the Xperia ZL, and today the Xperia Z and Xperia V are joining the ranks. We know the two phones can survive water and boiling soup, but thanks to CyanogenMod, they will now survive the test of time with the latest versions of Android.



Definition: A "nightly" is a bleeding edge release that is built on a daily basis, usually at night after a full day's worth of new code has been committed.

It could oftentimes be unstable and not properly tested, lacking any changelogs, but eventually evolving into alphas, betas, release candidates, and finally stable releases.

If you're ready for the stock Android experience on your Xperia V or Xperia Z, head over to get.cm to pick up the appropriate firmware for your device and get to flashing. Don't forget to install GApps.

Xperia Z

Xperia V


The Xperia T 10.1 is also live:

Xperia T 10.1

Update 2:

And the Xperia TX:

Xperia TX

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  • http://twitter.com/_ThaNerd_ _ThaNerd_

    What about the HP Touchpad! :)

  • http://twitter.com/VincenzoV92 Vincenzo Vesprini

    Camera works on Xperia Z? With te FXP (cyanogen based) was not even present.

    • Ambroos

      It should. FXP found a fix a few days ago and it should be present in the nightlies. It's a little buggy as far as I know but I think it works.

  • ee

    That was quuick

  • Faiz Abideen

    Awesome! I was wondering why the ZL got it first. Supposedly, the Z is the main device. But no matter. CM for all :)

  • http://androidforums.com/members/spartoi.html Spartoi

    Xperia T 10.1?