Just in case getting chat heads in your Messenger app, and downloading Facebook Home wasn't enough for you, the social network die hards can pick up the HTC First from AT&T starting today for $99 with a two-year contract. The device comes in black, red, white and "pale blue."

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As mentioned previously, the HTC First comes with Facebook Home pre-installed. This version is slightly more integrated than just downloading the app, though. For example, on the regular launcher, only Facebook notifications will appear as bubbles on the home screen, whereas all system notifications come in the same way on integrated devices like this one. The First is certainly not for the faint of Facebook, but if you're feeling fresh to the friendly, feed-driven phone, head to AT&T. Fast.

Source: AT&T

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • troph

    This thing is ugly. For an extra 100 get the HTC One. Such a better buy IMO

    • ProductFRED

      Or go to T-Mobile and get the HTC One or Galaxy S4 for the same price.

      • troph

        Or that (I'm not up to date on the prices) but to me $100 is pricey for a contract phone. Especially with the specs its pushing...

        • ProductFRED

          The entire phone is a gimmick. It's a mid-range phone running a launcher (seriously, just a launcher!) that can be installed on any other phone. Simply put, it's a phone designed for ignorant people. Ignorant in that they don't care enough to actually know what they're going

          • troph

            Agreed, but at face value, this seems almost TOO gimmicky don't you think? Like you have to be completely ignorant of tech. I'm wondering if they have anything planned, and how the support for this phone will be (Like a facebook version of [hate to put this in the same sentence-- definitely not trying to imply a comparision] Nexus where they fully back the software).

    • renatofontes

      I actually think it's awesome. The size is perfect and you can disable fb home and have pure android instead. For me this is the phone that gets the closest to perfection.