Last Updated: April 26th, 2013

Verizon has just announced the Jelly Bean update for the Motorola DROID Bionic, bringing Android 4.1.2 to a handset many thought would never make it past Gingerbread. Motorola has been on an update spree the last few months, and the decision to bump the Bionic to Android 4.1 was made official by Motorola back in October 2012. The version number for the Jelly Bean update is 98.72.22, and it will begin rolling out in phases on April 15th.


The update brings Google Now, rich notifications, the stock Android keyboard, some Project Butter enhancements, and the standard bug fixes and improvements.


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David Ruddock
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  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    Although Verizon is messing up in pretty much every other area save for signal quality, you can't deny they've been releasing a lot of major updates (not just minor bug fixes) for their devices since 2013 started.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      *You can't deny Motorola and Samsung are going on a total update binge. Verizon just approves the updates, god knows how long this one's been wading through the testing process.

      • Scott

        I'd like to know exactly how long Verizon's "testing" takes from the time they get the update to the time it's approved. So I guess next on the list coming is the Droid 4?

        EDIT: I just looked it up, apparently that began in March. That's the last phone that's supposed to be upgraded to Jellybean.

    • Scott

      Give credit to where credits due...that being Motorola.

  • Scott

    Motorola has been on a roll. Let's hope they keep this up.

  • http://twitter.com/manicsocratic Adan H.

    Love that this update is happening but I won't be updating my Bionic until the fastboot files for JB get leaked.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cstherine.hoess Catherine Ann Craig

    Nooooooo! Build number 22 sucks:( gonna be the worst update ever! We need 23!

  • Ron

    bad signal loss

    • Sam

      agreed... both my wife's phone and mine will no longer keep a signal (data or phone)... completely frustrating!

    • Mike

      Ridiculous. Cannot make essential business calls. We don't have a landline. Haven't had one for 10 years. How can we earn a living without being able to make/ receive phone calls or texts?? No signal whatsoever.

  • Todd

    Will Foxfi/PDAnet still work with this update?

    • http://www.facebook.com/fred.hagedorn Fred Hagedorn

      YES. Foxfi/PDAnet works great with the new Jellybean update. That was one of the first items I checked out after my update yesterday.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iamnealg Neal Rick Guttenberg

    Are you guys all stoned this is the worst update to a phone I've ever seen it actually kills the Bionic oh my god just cause there's an update you think, hooray. Have you tried it it slows the phone down so much it's unusable

  • SSCamaro

    Sucky update, search button no longer functions except for voice/browser search which I will never use, give me my hot button back DA'sses

  • Hope McCloud

    Lost: Settings Sound Silence Phone (mute)
    Lost: camcorder icon
    Misplaced: Battery Saver
    screen display is "polished" (not my word but it fits) but I suspect that is causing the battery drain. My battery won't last a day since installing the udpate.
    Why do they take away features instead of just adding new features?

  • Dan Ash

    UI improvements are nice. I know just Window dressing. Can not find how to disable feedback when typing. Also, want to minimize notifications, they got verbose. Sure that is somewhere.

  • chaplain

    This update is messing up all kinds of things. The most frustrating is my ringer volume. Everything the screen goes to sleep the volume drops to around 20% without notice. I'm missing many calls...nearly all my calls are extremely important. Anyone know a fix for this issue?

    • chaplain

      *everytime the screen...
      **the volume doesn't go back on its own.

  • jcalbi

    Fixed a long standing problem with Bluetooth for me. BT with my car would cause the screen to go blank after I disconnected it. Phone was on but useless. This does not happen anymore, thankfully. As to signal issues, I have had that issue twice since the update. Pulled the battery and was back to normal.

  • george


  • fmh

    Cannot receive text messages on Bluetooth in my truck after update downloaded...this could encourage drivers to text while driving.

  • randyl42

    Finally! A site saying the same things I experienced. Got update to Droid 4 in April of 2013. Took hours longer than advised. Several apps disappeared. Several did not function as before. Battery life was shortened with each charge until within a month the phone would no longer charge or turn on rendering it useless. Contacted Verizon and was referred to Motorola. Contacted Motorola and after advising them of my problem they authorized a free repair even though the phone was out of warranty (they even said this) (this told me that they knew the problem was their fault) Sent the phone in and received it back within days with a note basically telling me the problem with the phone was my fault. Bull____ .They DID NOT fix it. They also failed to even send the back of it back with the phone. In order to keep my unlimited data plan I ended up paying full price for a new phone, to the tune of over $800. I used to love Verizon and trust Motorola products. Not so much of either anymore. I would love to hear from others with the same experience.