I've been handling a fair bit of the gaming coverage here on Android Police for the last nine months, to say nothing of our regular game roundups. And while I'm still ecstatic that there's such a plethora of variety on the platform, there's definitely a few game elements that are far, far beyond their sell-by date. I'd hate to discourage developers from making games, but consider this: if your mobile game features any of the following bullet points, and (perhaps more importantly) a lack of innovation, you're doing something wrong.

Endless Runners

Temple Run started a trend here, and it's easy to see why. The endless runner game is easy to learn, works in both 2D and quasi-3D flavors, and most notably, works great on a touchscreen. But it's a sad truth that if you've played Temple Run already, you've played a sizable chunk of the games released in the last year. If your game features a protagonist running or driving infinitely, or in stages that don't offer much in the way of variety, you might need to aim a little higher.

temple run brave temple-run-2-mine-entrance temple run oz

There are some excellent examples of the endless runner out there. While the original Temple Run is a little bland, Imangi Studios did some fantastic work on the sequel. Jetpack Joyride is a kooky and enjoyable 2D version of the genre. Pitfall manages to be both new and old at the same time, in a good way. And Ubisoft's Rayman Jungle Run is hands-down of the prettiest sprite-based games we've ever seen. Beyond that, there isn't much for this genre to offer, despite the fact that it seems to have become the default game type for mobile.

2013-04-11 00.30.41 nexusae0_diehard3

Take a look at Square Enix's Mini Ninjas  for an example of a misapplied endless runner, not to mention a criminal use of the IP, considering that high-end Android hardware could easily run the original game. Die Hard got a run-and-gun version that was nothing less than sloppy. And Gameloft's upcoming Iron Man 3 tie-in uses the same tired formula. Really, Gameloft? Does a super-powered chromed-out flying death machine scream "running, jumping and collection coins" to you?

Infinity Blade Clones

We're not in a position to judge Infinity Blade on its own merits, since it still hasn't crossed over into the Play Store (and probably never will). But nearly every game that I've seen ape the static, gesture-based formula has been more than a little disappointing. This simplified version of the beat-em-up exists for two reasons: one, someone wants to show off the graphical prowess of their hardware. And two, developers don't want to deal with the minefield of action game controls on touchscreens.

nexusae0_11 nexusae0_2012-11-22-14.52.26 unnamed (5)

It's hard to fault devs on the latter point - some of the biggest names in the business can't get a grip (ba-dum tish) on the knotty problem of touchscreen controls. But more often than not, the Infinity Blade style is used for a quick and disappointing cash-in with a complete lack of originality, usually with a well-known IP attached. See the lackluster Avengers Initiative, Rockpocalypse, and Stargate Command for examples. Glu Mobile's Blood & Glory, unabashed copy that it is, is an exception to the rule.

8-bit Visual Style

Hey, I get it. I've got fond memories of the NES and Sega Genesis too. And there are plenty of games out there that use the 8-bit look to great effect, Kairosoft's ever-expanding library and Noodlecake's League of Evil and Velocispider, and pretty much all of Orange Pixel's games being great examples. But those games bring more to the table: unique, addicting gameplay and fantastic controls, respectively. When your game features quasi-8-bit visuals and nothing else distinctive, it's not a heart-warming throwback to a bygone era. It's a fad.

2013-04-11 00.42.04 nexusae0_212 nexusae0_unnamed-213

While I'll admit that the 8-bit style is useful as a relatively easy and non-intensive way to give your game flair, Android has come far enough that this needn't be used as a crutch any longer. 8-bit has almost become an inversion of the Infinity Blade syndrome: instead of focusing solely on the graphics, the easy (and in some cases, just plain bad) visuals become a selling point. Also note that this isn't a bash on sprite-based gaming in general - see Rayman Jungle Run, Machinarium and Magicka for 2D games that look great and aren't hobbled by a 20-year-old visual style. The Cordy games are a great example of titles that play like the best games from yesteryear, while looking fresh at the same time.

Currency-based IAP

I won't go on a meandering rant about in-app purchases here. I've already done that. But here's a hard and fast rule for evaluating new, free games: if it features in-app currency (gold coins, rupees, what have you) and IAP that lets you buy this currency with real money, odds are pretty good that it'll push you towards that purchase at every opportunity.

nexusae0_2013-02-08-12.46.35 nexusae0_wm_Screenshot_2012-09-22-07-08-15

One of the worst offenders I've ever seen is Fort Courage, which features purchases not only for currency to get special weapons, but the ammunition for said weapons. It goes without saying that basically all games from Gamevil and Glu (and a depressing amount of Gameloft titles as well) use this formula, and EA's Real Racing 3 swaps currency for time. Developers, if you've ever found yourself tempted to up the difficulty and/or extend the rarity of in-game currency to steer players towards spending more, you're doing them a disservice, and should really consider a fundamental change in game mechanics.


That isn't to say that IAP is always bad. A lot of smaller devs are using in-app purchases to release one time or advancement-limited game, instead of both a free demo and a paid app. (Again, SilverTree Media uses this application of IAP well.) Games from Rovio tend to include the entire experience for free or cheap, with IAPs to "cheat" or remove ads. Even games which require currency to progress, like Jetpack Joyride or the excellent Pocket Fleet, can be good - so long as a little restraint is used.


I'm so sick of zombies that I can barely express it without violating our family-friendly content policy. I've written the last 18 gaming roundups, and every single one of them has had at least one zombie game, sometimes more. So have most of the ones before that, in an unbroken streak that spans nearly a year and a half. And lest you think we're manufacturing our own problem here, those are just the ones we thought were good or notable.

nexusae0_2012-10-31-11.52.33 nexusae0_2013-01-08-15.54.33

Zombies have become the de-facto standard for mobile games. Got a title that's uninteresting, derivative, and ugly? Throw in some undead for a quick, trendy boost. Want to bring a game with lagging sales back from the grave? Add some zombies (a tactic that Activision has used even on full-sized console games). Even Samsung picked up on the unstoppable trend in their Zombie Unicorn Apocalypse advertising, bringing in Tim Burton as a perfect analogy of how tired and unoriginal this trope has become.

There are some great mobile games that feature zombies. Plants vs. Zombies is the pinnacle example. Age of Zombies is still fun years later. Dead Trigger is mindless, stupid, and undeniably entertaining. There's even some innovation happening in this overcrowded space - see the surprisingly excellent Zombie Minsweeper, or Into The Dead, which amazingly manages to refresh endless runners with a new perspective.

nexusae0_29 unnamed (1) unnamed (2)

But there are so, so many bad games that incorporate zombies. We're talking thousands, maybe tens of thousands, of boring, derivative, and generally awful apps. Here's one of many that unabashedly apes Fruit Ninja. Here's a depressingly bland whack-a-mole clone. Want Temple Run with zombies? Fine. How about Angry Zombie Birds? This guy isn't even trying, and he's straight-up stealing assets from better games. Gameloft is up to their old tricks with Zombiewood, a shameless, IAP-riddled rip off of Age of Zombies.  Even Shaquille O'Neil felt the need to kill some mutant zombies in ShaqDown, and no, intentional irony doesn't make it any less annoying.

For the love of God, game developers, stop shoving zombies into every nook and cranny. We all love The Walking Dead, and Left 4 Dead is still awesome. But if you've got no new ideas, nothing of substance to add to your game, don't try to hide this lack by adding zombies. In gaming, as in life, hiding your problems in a pile of rotting corpses rarely improves the situation.


Again, I don't wish to discourage game developers from making games. But the elements listed above have become crutches for creativity, gameplay, art, and story. If you find yourself talking about a new game, saying that it's "like [popular mobile game], but with running 8-bit zombies that you need to continually pay for", it's not a game that anyone needs to play. There's an alarming lack of originality on display in Android gaming at the moment - perhaps even more than on consoles, with their endless gory shooters and glossy racing games.

2013-04-11 15.45.53

Cordy 2, a game that's original and fun in every way.

I understand that there are plenty of devs who are on the Play Store to make a quick buck and nothing more. Here at Android Police, we've got a vested interest in steering our readers away from them. Please keep this in mind the next time you ask us for a review.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • http://twitter.com/zackeryfretty Zackery Fretty

    Completely agree on the Zombie games, so, so many.

  • http://www.facebook.com/OssamaTarek Ossama Tarek


  • Shane Milton

    If devs want to stick to a fad, then give us some good co-op tower defense games!

  • Craig Dean

    The "4 Pics 1 Word" type games that have flooded the Play Store recently need to go the way of the dodo too.

    • Jeremiah Rice

      That didn't even cross my mind. I consider those more like pacifiers for dumb people than actual games.

      • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.hill.940641 Joshua Hill

        Who would have thought stimulating your brain was dumb. By the logic in your comment are you sure these aren't your favourite games. Yes there are much better games that lead to more substantial cognitive development than the 4 words 1 pic variants but such gross hyperbole by the author is dissapointing.

        • Sean Bunquin


        • Joseph Cascio

          A game that makes you think is being referred to as "pacifiers for dumb people". Wow...just wow. Granted 90% of the puzzles in 4 pics 1 word are ridiculously easy, it still promotes pattern finding, spelling, and vocabulary practice.

          • Jeremiah Rice

            The fact that 90% of the puzzles are so easy should clue you in: the games are designed to be ridiculously simple. Then they bill themselves as "brain teasers." That's the reason they've become so popular - people download them for the sense of accomplishment they get after solving a stupidly easy puzzle, not to actually challenge themselves. In terms of game theory, it's all carrot and no stick. There's no benefit to these apps that you couldn't get in a good crossword, and the latter would probably give you a better mental workout.

          • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

            Nice work, you managed to explain your position very concisely. I happen to agree.

          • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.hill.940641 Joshua Hill

            He hasn't explained anything. Jeremiah has presented a personal opinion with no facts that deliberately insults some of the android police readership.

          • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

            He's still right though.

          • http://www.facebook.com/joshua.hill.940641 Joshua Hill

            'people download them for the sense of accomplishment they get after solving ...'

            What's your point. This is the case for 90% of all the games on Android, be they brain teasers or not. At least the brain teasers also offer cognitive development.

            Originally we were talking about 4 words 1 pics variants but if we talk about brain teasers in general which we seem to now be doing your figure of 90% would be grossly inaccurate.

            If your going to insult some of your readership I suggest you provide some real facts and figures not a magic figure of 90% that was originally introduced for a specific type of brain teaser but you've appropriated for all brain teasers.

  • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

    I'd have to agree on all points. I will say, I guess it's technically an endless runner variant, but Ski Safari had me hooked for a long time.

    One thing that seems oddly hard to find: actual casual puzzle games. Sometimes I just want to relax, and don't necessarily want to have to beat the clock, or whatever gimmicks devs put in to make games more "exciting". I'd also love to see more point-and-click (or is that just look-and-touch?) adventure games.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      For simply wasting time in a relaxing way, I really like Osmos HD. The music is soothing and there is absolutely no rush to do anything. Then again, it is pretty old at this point.

      • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

        That's a good one! I love that style of gameplay, and there have been a few similar ones. It can still get a little hairy sometimes too.

        To expand on the "relaxing" games, I should say there are two things that often get on my nerves with a lot of games: either they force time- or reaction-based gimmicks (which are ok sometimes), or it seems like a lot of games just aren't made for true mobile, pick-up-and-play sessions, and are difficult to stop in the middle of and come back later.

  • adi19956

    I'm okay with Real Racing 3's use of in app purchasing because it's one of the best made free games out there. And it's free, it costs no money

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ David Ruddock

      I have to agree on RR3, it is extraordinarily well-done for a mobile game. The model is what it is. I've not spent a dime on it. Then again, I didn't play it much after the first 2 weeks.

      • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

        That's one big reason why I don't mind IAPs usually -- I often don't keep playing a game for more than a few days, or even just a few sessions (which I guess says something in itself)

      • PCSievers

        Definitely agree that RR3's time to repair function is a poor example for IAPs. Using time as a limit usually annoys me but I really like their integration and you rack up tokens pretty quickly.

        I do think its time for delivery when you buy a car and the restrictive pricing of cars is a pretty big negative, but for a free game you can get a tonne of hours entertainment out of it without needing to spend a penny.

  • Jordan Richesin

    My man, my man, my man. Give it up for Jerry telling it how it really is. Can we have one really solid dungeon explorer without IAPs and a premium ish price tag (4.99) for those of us who give a damn about solid android games.

    • http://www.facebook.com/theantarsan Marcin Zawadzki

      Pixel Dungeon. Granted, it's not perfect and still in beta, but it's really amazing.

    • kiljoymccoy

      Deprofundis is a great diablo like dungeon crawler.

  • http://twitter.com/trickedoutdavid David Margolin

    everything you mentioned bugs me except zombies... i mean look at 'black ops zombies'... look at 'into the dead'... those are great games... but then again... im a walking dead fan

  • etche

    I think that endless runners are the best type of casual games. You always want to play "just one more time" to try to beat your last score. Although they might get boring in a while..

    Other type of games that got me really tired are Tower Defense type.

  • HellG

    Jeremiah welcome to the list of great AP writers, can this site get even more awesome writers? Great article buddy :)

  • HomerSp

    What I would like to see are less casual games and more games that actually have a story.

    • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

      I like casual games too (this is a mobile, go-anywhere platform) ,but would love to see more story-focused games.

      If anybody is familiar with Hotel Dusk from the DS, that would be a great style to see on Android.

      • http://twitter.com/ryocoon Kurtis Whittington

        There are actually a number of RPGs that have a real story that are on the Play market. Some even feature voice-acting and animated or CG cutscenes. You can choose from Zelda-esque action RPGs or even FF Tactics strategy RPGs. Some will be free with IAPs or some will be a few bucks but will be short. Some are huge sprawling things that take ages to finish (like "Spectral Souls") but have a price-tag that few are willing to pony up ($15, sometimes on sale though). Then there are the Square-Enix remakes like all of the FF games (FF3~5, FF Dimensions, etc) that also have a large price, but actually have a story.

      • aryla

        that's why I prefer Emulator games on phone.
        you can get serious story-based AAA-quality game,
        while in the same time you can 'save anytime-anywhere', make it less demanding game, suited for "mobile, go-anywhere platform".

    • marcusmaximus04

      Working on one but it takes tiiiiime

    • edude03

      I'd pay good money (like $10 and up) for a good console quality game that I could play cross platform. For example Play on my PS3 and continue playing on my Vita on the go, or play on my OUYA then play on my phone.

  • BrianLipp

    You missed one: Coming out 6 months to a year (or never) after release on iOS. Releases need to start being simultaneous or a month difference at the most

    • https://steamcommunity.com/id/m-p-3 m-p{3}

      Like Scribblenault. How in heck it took so long to finally see it on Android (and only on the Amazon App Store, ewww..)

    • JG

      I kind of would expect it to be the opposite actually having apps released to Android first. Android has what, like 40% of the smart phone market, while iOS is 25%... If your goal is to sell as many copies as possible, getting it to the larger market share would make sense, to me at least... Though I do understand with the limited hardware diversity iOS is easier to code for, but still...

      • http://twitter.com/elmo61 Stephen Williamson

        I think you are probably still more likely to be making money (via purchases) on iOS even if android has the bigger share. I'm pretty sure its because if you have iOS devices. then its a top of the range device(atleast when you got it it was) and so you are more likely to be the person happy to spend money on it.

        While alot of sales of android will be mid to low range devices and these are people who got their phone free on a £15 a month deal and not likely to pay for games.

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

    Regarding Tower Defense games, I still find the really well-made ones the most fun games on Android, period. Glad you didn't include TD as part of the 5 fads.

    Anyway, just thought I'd throw it out there that my favorite game right now is Anomaly Korea. So much fun. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.elevenbitstudios.AnomalyKorea

    • James Jun

      Anamoly 2 is coming out too, and it it BEAST. Check the trailer.

      • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

        Oh, you bet I'm excited. Definitely watching out for it. 11 bit studios is one of the most talented devs on the Play Store.

    • magenta

      Anomaly Korea still one of my favorite.

    • Himmat Singh

      I think TD games were all the rage about a year or two ago. Now, the market isn't being flooded with such games with as much vigor. I love AK, but it isn't TD though.

    • http://www.modminecraft.com/ Nick Coad

      On this topic, everyone should try Fieldrunners, it's excellent and my favourite Tower Defense game at the moment.

  • GazaIan

    I can't totally agree. While pretty much every type of game here sucks, there are some really good ones. For example Sonic Dash is another endless runner that actually doesn't suck. Infinity Blade clones do need to die. 8-Bit style games is a touchy area, most of them suck, but there are some exceptionally great ones that I'll still play. However I feel like this is the reason the overall quality of Android games is so bad. Developers see that they can put out crap like this, and they do it. Freemiums go to hell. Zombies.... This should only die on mobile. I played ZombiU on my Wii U and that game was scary, ass clenching, fun stuff. Wonderful game. But it's the only Zombie game I've enjoyed in months, maybe years.

  • http://widescreen.org OAR_John

    Hell, this isn't just restricted to Android! This fits for just about ALL platforms!

  • Mehmet Fatih YILDIRIM

    The mother of father of rip off maker is of course Gameloft. It sucks in any way, you love halo and want a halo mobile? here take the N.O.V.A, you love COD and want some mobile cod? here, take Modern Combat, you love Dota? here take heroes of order and chaos.. this goes on like that, I dont say gameloft makes bad games, but it really sucks in originality, most of the game features come from another pc-console game. Also in game app purchases and knight online kinda graphics (heroes of order and chaos especailly) makes the game less fun.

    • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

      Gameloft gets ripped on a lot (and probably rightly so), but outside of Madfinger, they put out some of the best Android FPS/action games. I'm still not sure console-style games belong on a mobile device, but they make a pretty good case for them.

    • primalxconvoy

      I disagree. If the big boys in the gaming industry invested in mobile more, gameloft wouldn't have found a gap in the market to exploit.

  • BetterWithRoot

    I play Parallel Kingdom. It is an MMORPG. It does have IAPs. I subscribe to it monthly (and pay a small fee). I have also played for four years now. During the first 3 I didn't pay a thing. I feel this is a way to give back for the enjoyment the Devs have given me. They are always improving the game too. It is the only game I have used IAP for. If done well, IAPs aren't a bad thing.

  • Jason Rittenhouse

    What I want to see is an endless runner where you're running from zombies. Then, if a zombie catches up to you, the game goes into an "Infinity Blade" mode to give you a chance to fight off the zombie and then resume running. And if you lose any of the combat sessions, you turn into a zombie and have endlessly run to chase down other victims to then go into combat mode to try and turn them into zombies. Oh, and the entire game has an 8-bit visual style and there are IAP's to let you enhance your character more - faster running, better obstacle-avoiding, weapons for the infinity blade mode, etc.

    You know, this actually sounds like a cool game. I'd buy it.

    • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

      lol, part-way through, i was thinking that sounded kinda cool too :)

    • kairokart

      +1 for you sir.
      sometimes it only takes simple idea to make a great game. :)

      • Jason Rittenhouse

        In this case, it took a bunch of supposedly "bad" ideas to make a great game, haha.

    • Patrick Thompson
      • Jason Rittenhouse

        Cool, I'll check that out. Thanks!

  • PINJ

    Noone Shall Happen

  • power_pizza

    I want to see some the cool indie games like Year Walk and Kentucky Route Zero on Android!

    The Room and #sworcery have already made the leap, here's hoping we see more of their ilk.

    • HomerSp

      Kentucky Route Zero would be perfect on a tablet.

  • Falconator

    Kairosoft needs to stop making the same game different theme game and definitely no more zombies!!!

    I barely play games on my GS3 anymore because of the same trash vomiting onto the Play Store...

  • DoubleP90

    Nice article :) someone finally said it, i hope there will be some more originality from now on

  • http://www.facebook.com/kreatoorn Umut Tan

    Wow thanks for this great article. It was fun to read.

  • jzxcv1122

    Can't agree more even if I try :D Good post, devs should read this.

  • primalxconvoy

    My own list:

    - touch/accelerometer controls for everything. Sometimes, fans like strategy, puzzle and rpgs (to name a few) are great with touch controls. I'd love to see "advance wars" with touch controls one day. However, fps, many racing games, platforms, etc do not play well with existing phone control tech, which brings me to...

    - No hardware controls. It's 2013, people. It's time to embrace the concept that one device can support two markets; the casual phone gamer (who is happy with angry birds) and the more dedicated gamer (who wants the game companies and phone manufacturers to sit down with Google and make a standard control system and then start making xperia play styled devices). We don't want to carry seperate controllers in our bags. That's what a psv is for and we don't want one of those, either.

    - No free demo? How do devs expect us to take the risk against a poorly upkept marketplace, fragmentation and other barriers to entry, when they can't try the game for free first? congratulations, you've just lost a potential sale to captain sideload.

    - region restriction. The captain strikes again! Remember kids; the Internet isn't a fixed geographical location and the public isn't interested in "licensing" excuses.

    • Ryan Andes

      I absolutely agree. However, I'll side load to test, then buy if it isn't junk. I'd LOVE to see Nintendo stuff come out on android / iOS. I'll even pay for blatant rip offs. One day developers will realize if they don't provide what the customers want, they're just gonna steal it. I can't believe ROMs are still an issue after all these years. You'd think Sony and Nintendo would see the market there.

      • primalxconvoy

        I too would sideload then pay, but I bet a sizeable amount that sideload don't. That's the dev's fault for not giving a demo.

  • y0d499_1337

    "five android gaming fads that need to die" I can only think of one - Gaming on a mobile phone. THAT needs to die. I've seriously only played ONE game that was worth a f*ck on a mobile phone/android tablet and that was SB:S&S

    • PCSievers

      Says the man who clearly never burned dozens of hours on TripleTown and Cut the Rope.

      Mobile phone gaming and casual games go hand in hand like [insert metaphor about hand in hand here].

    • alsycn

      seems you never play emulator on mobile.
      I happily play gba games on my phone, while riding train on daily commute..

    • primalxconvoy

      Incorrect. Gaming on mobile phones can be great, providing that the control scheme is appropriate for the game being played.

  • PCSievers

    I am glad to see IAP didnt get a total whitewash "this is bad, always" write up. Too many people hate on IAPs when in fact they are one of the best ways to balance letting players try the game and also pay the devs' bills.

    • primalxconvoy


  • Angel Penabad

    I don't think IAP time based, like Real Racing 3 ones are bad. It only affects you if you are a hardcore gamer with your tablet/phone.

    I don't know what you think, but I don't think that tablets/phones are ready for that. It's not like if you are going to play 4h in a row like with WoW or Gran Turismo/Final Fantasy X (put here your favourite pc or console game). Gaming in mobile devices is still something casual, so that IAP purchases aren't so bad, specially if the product is so good as Real Racing 3.

    I don't like EA (f*** they don't make Mass Effect infiltrator compatible with Nexus 4) but hands down for that game.

    • chris

      If you're rooted download market helper, you can download Mass effect then

      • Angel Penabad

        The problem is install it, it says my device is not compatible.

    • primalxconvoy

      Except the ds and gamboy were not aimed at hardcore gamers, yet they managed to host great games, perfect for mobile devices.

  • Sean

    It's "fads" exist on the Apple App store as well.

  • Sean

    These "fads" exist on the Apple App store as well.

  • http://www.facebook.com/vivecuervo7 Isaac Dedini

    I mentioned this in another thread, but I think the mass of zombie games can be more closely related to how little AI is needed for them. As I also stated before, having dabbled in some hobby-level game programming, there is a big jump from the daunting task of coding an enemy who runs, jumps, shoots, ducks etc. compared to a zombie who, well moves and attacks. And dies. So I think this needs to be taken into consideration - the ease with which zombies can be implemented might explain the amount of zombie games on the market.

  • montahchos

    Yes At least! Someone noticing
    Its all very true
    You need to dig playstore deeper to find a good - original- game

  • Painless

    Nice post. I would add 3rd person shooters. These are barely playable on consoles lacking mouse + keyboard controls. On android they're simply impossible to play or garner any enjoyment out of.

    • xperia b

      ahhh.. people forgot that they can tap target on screen to shoot.

      most FPS/3rdPS game on mobile still using traditional mouse/keyb/gamepad control, that's why it's hard.

      now if only dev realize that tapping target on screen is more accurate than mouse aiming...

      • Karthik Kumar

        Tapping target on screen to shoot takes away the very essence of FPS skill(namely dumbing it down). Games like Shadowgun does have a medium difficulty learning curve, but works well after you get used to it.

  • Ryan Andes

    I saw someone else post that advance wars would be awesome. Totally agree. A ton of Nintendo games were practically BUILT for these devices, they just refuse to admit it.

    I want to see more x-com and MTG type games. The garbage mobage puts out is NOT a slew of TCGs.

    • primalxconvoy

      Every time I play advance wars on an emulator via Android, I keep trying to touch the units on the screen and not the virtual controls, sigh. ..

  • Samsung Fanboy

    dude, shut the hell up about Zombies !!! I love Zombies and the more the better. besides, there are a few Zombie movies out, lots of Zombie games and a hit TV show about Zombies--which means the US Govt is getting us mentally prepared for what's soon to happen.

  • Shawn Suther

    Jeremiah, this is the most relieving, reaffirming thing I've read all week, here or anywhere.
    I especially love the conclusion to your conclusion.
    Thank you. Endlessly running, endlessly expensive zombies, indeed.

  • http://petercast.net Peterson Silva

    Oh, I like that you mentioned the abuse that the figure of zombies have become.

  • Himmat Singh

    You pretty much took those 5 fads out of my mouth! Can't disagree with it at all. I particularly dislike the fad with 8-bit retro graphics. I couldn't be bothered with endless runners so it doesn't affect me. Zombie games done right are pretty decent, otherwise they are there just to cash in on the human affection of the zombie apocalypse. At one point last year, IB clones seemed to be all the rage but I think this has died down of late. Finally, IAPs...what do I have to say? They are here to stay but I refuse to support games that incorporate IAPs.

  • http://geniousatplay.blogspot.com/ Bikram Agarwal

    How in the world is Rayman jungle run endless runner game? It's got finite distance levels.

  • http://them3blog.wordpress.com/ Abel

    Kill the zombies with fire!!!!!!! :@

  • GraveUypo

    i didn't know cordy 2 existed. that alone was worth the read

  • Sergii Pylypenko

    AP bashing zombie games? I thought I'd never live to see that.
    The only runner game worth playing is Nyan Cat Lost in Space.

  • Jaymes

    Thank you.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tautvydas.kaziukonis Tautvydas Kaziukonis

    ''Done With This Post? You Might Also Like These:'' aaaand every single suggestion has zombies in it...

  • http://www.geekchoice.com/ Richard Short

    Currency based games ruin the fun for me. I would pay an upfront price for the game. There are so many games going the way of IAP. I hate to start playing some games and then to get the best gear you have to spend money. http://www.geekchoice.com/new-york

  • Peter Warrior

    I disagree on zombiggegrdnbdvjhsdggrgrañcn iasonfsdv, .

  • mobabur94

    I used to use IAP-Cracker on iOS when I had an iPod. I can't picture myself every spending money on games via IAP because buying your way through a game ruins the game

  • http://twitter.com/vmlinuz Richard

    One thing you've got wrong here - Rayman Jungle Run isn't an infinite runner, at all, and shouldn't be classed with them. It's a (beautiful) platform puzzler, with designed, fixed, finite levels, not infinite generated repetitive ones - also, with the best music of any game on Android, bar none!

  • Drayon

    Two other games that could fit into the endless category and did something amazing with it are beach buggy and hexagon.

  • John Dunmire

    +1000 on the 8 bit visual style!!

  • Eker

    nothing wrong with 8 bit.....

  • PatelK

    Fun Run is the only running game I can stand... and that's sad.

    Android has some great games... they're just hidden.

  • jakedark8

    OK, hilarious. I agree on the zombie genre being played out. But after the article your site recommended 6 other articles I should read. ALL of them zombie games that your site has reviewed, liked, and recommended we download. Hmmmm what is going on here.....might these be "sponsored" game reviews. I hope not.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      Appreciate the conspiracy theory, but the recommended section is purely automatic and fires based on keywords.

      Anything sponsored you ever see on AP is clearly marked as such. We don't do paid reviews, at all.

  • Mah name is personal

    I noticed nobody spoke about Saints Row, its a goofy game at times and they have a little zombies in the third. One and two also have zombies but not rly as much. The only zombies there are in there r the ones you can call up for homies. The third was more goofy than gangster and thats not bad, they have 8-bit style in some mission to make it funny and good. So jeremiah is right but its ok to have a little bit in there! Also joshua hill im wondering if ur the type of person who plays those games and you try to defend urself but u know ur wrong, or atleast think ur right and havent noticed what you r saying. Ur blog is very true and hopefully useful to game creators. Keep up the good work =)