When the official 4.2 update started rolling out to the ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity, one of the things I was most looking forward to was switching to the updated launcher. Unfortunately, ASUS decided to omit this option, which happens to be readily available on the TF300 with 4.2. Feeling disappointed and sad, I turned the TF700 off and set it to the side.

Screenshot_2013-04-10-17-25-57 Screenshot_2013-04-10-17-26-17 Screenshot_2013-04-10-17-27-21

Thanks to a comment left on our TF700 Jelly Bean ROM download post from earlier today, my spirits were once again lifted. Turns out there's actually a very simple way to enable the new launcher, ASUS just decided to leave the option out of the standard settings menu. Here's how to access it.  

  1. Download and install a third party launcher like Nova, ADW, Apex, etc.
  2. Launch said launcher.
  3. Long-press on the homescreen and select Shortcuts > Activities.
  4. From there, scroll down to Settings, hit the drop down, and select "Switch Launcher."
  5. Run the newly-created shortcut to open a hidden option in the settings menu that allows you to switch from the old-style launcher to the new, and vice versa.
  6. Reboot.
  7. Enjoy!

Screenshot_2013-04-10-17-27-33 Screenshot_2013-04-10-17-27-56Screenshot_2013-04-10-17-30-55

The off-center home button is driving me mad.

And that's it. It's unclear why ASUS decided to leave this option tucked away, but at least it's only a few taps away to uncover what was once hidden.

XDA 1, 2  via Eye4Detail (comment)

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.anivision.org/ Christopher Bailey (Xcom923)

    how is the performance of this. I'm using Paranoid Android right now I heard stock4.1 was slow

    • Cherokee4Life

      4.1 WAS/IS slow. I'm running Paranoid as well. Not sure if I want to bother flashing again. Not a wide selection of ROMS for the Infinity

  • Mikesphoneandtab

    I love my Infinity!

  • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Cameron Summerson

    I overreacted because I turned my TF700 off? Sometimes hyperboles happen, bro. Plus, I rarely use the TF700 these days.

    • Dillon Lawrence

      It's probably just a bug. Hence, why it didn't display.

    • SetiroN

      I'm just saying, if I was relying on companies providing me the launcher that I want themselves, I wouldn't use any device at all.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1327489092 Radu Sepu

    What about TF201 update 4.2 ? do You know some?

  • Annie Winters

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000003999549 Mike Harris

    Rather than downloading a different launcher, couldn't you just use Home Switcher to change your launcher?


    • Eye4Detail

      Unfortunately not. However, you can use Secure Settings to create the activity shortcut (as is suggested by Gudder on the XDA thread) if you don't want a third-party launcher.

  • Michael Portuesi

    The new 4.2 launcher is a mixed bag. I have a TF300, and I've switched over to the new launcher.

    The good: the system buttons are now in the center of the button bar where it's much less likely I'll hit them (or the notifications popup) by accident.

    The bad: the new locations for the notifications and settings (drop-down windowshade) make them inconvenient if you're using the keyboard dock. It's near-impossible for me to make the proper gesture on the trackpad to reach them, so 99% of the time I have to touch the screen (which feels weird when the tablet is docked).

    • Eye4Detail

      More plusses: full-screen video, one-finger expansion of rich notifications and no more accidentally launching an app if a notification comes in as you're tapping the bar (used to happen to me at least once a day).

  • Charlie Callow

    This also isn't changing a launcher at all, it is changing the entire system UI layout from the old tablet style (3.0-4.1) to the new one (4.2). The launcher is still an Asus launcher it's just changing it to use the same layout as the new stock one. You can tell the launcher is not stock because it still has the Asus style page indicators. Asus have ported forward the old layout to avoid confusion for users and provided the new one as an option but rather inappropriately labelled it as a change of "launcher".

    Additionally, launchers do not govern the rest of the UI layout so if you want you can grab an APK for the stock launcher from XDA and install it. That will give you the actual stock launcher (which has the launcher layout as seen in this mode) without changing the rest of the UI (touch buttons, notification tray etc).

    • Eye4Detail

      I went the opposite way. I switched to the 4.2 controls and installed a third-party launcher to get the older home screen layout back.

  • hldc1

    Nova is extremely laggy when using the new button/status bar configuration. That being said, the new button/status bar configuration only makes sense if you're using a phone or 7" tablet. It is entirely impractical for 10" tablets.

    Kudos to Asus for keeping the 4.1 button/status bar configuration. I was worried that they were going to ruin this tablet with the 4.2 $hitshow of an idea (i.e., centered buttons, and screwed up notification bar at the top of the screen).

    • Eye4Detail

      I have to assume you're the type who uses their tablet like a game controller (always keeping both hands planted on the side of the tablet). Some of us hold our tablets in one hand and use the other to tap and swipe. The Honeycomb layout is better for two-fisters while the Jellybean layout is more ideal for one-handers. Neither is definitively "better" than the other, just suited for different people. This is why I feel Asus got it right with the tf300 by giving users a choice.

  • Eye4Detail

    It's so cool seeing my little workaround up there (I'm Droid-Eye on XDA). Thanks for helping to spread this around AP.

    P.S. If you don't have or don't want a third-party launcher, Gudder's method using Secure Settings works just as well. I've posted a couple of pictorials --for those who prefer to see the steps ahead of time-- on the thread.

  • Michele Dal Corso

    Thank you! Thank you a lot for this how to!