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For those who've been running the latest CM10.1 builds on their Galaxy Note II, a little change is rolling out in the CyanogenMod world today. Up to this point, the t0lte build has been the go-to for all versions of the LTE Note II. As of today, however, that changes – CyanogenMod has separated the AT&T and T-Mobile versions into their own builds to better handle the slight "hardware and device variations."

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Thus, if you've been regularly flashing t0lte nightlies, you'll need to switch it up a bit and grab the appropriate version for your device if you're on AT&T or T-Mo. Fortunately, the builds are pretty dang easy to identify – the AT&T versions is listed at t0lteatt, while the T-Mobile variant can be found under t0ltetmo. Easy enough. You can also find 'em at the links below.

AT&T Note II

T-Mobile Note II

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  • http://profiles.google.com/andrewc513 Andrew Chandler

    I wonder if they'll eventually do the same with Sprint and C Spire's Galaxy S III. Right now they're both on d2spr.

  • http://dale.io/ Dale Karp

    Hmm... so does this mean I should stop using the 't0lte' ROM and use either the ATT or T-Mobile mod? I'm using a WIND Mobile Note II so I'm not sure which ROM is the one I should continue to use. Any advice?

    • Aaron

      Wind devices are usually aligned with the T-Mobile ROMs.

      • http://dale.io/ Dale Karp


  • TheUI

    I would be on this ROM in a second if it had sPen support.

    • LfinsR

      FYI...you can still use the sPen on CM and ASOP ROMS, you just can't use the Samsung apps. Just search the Play store for sPen apps. Works just fine.

  • http://eastagile.com kenberger

    I'm using an AT&T model, but with a TMO sim (because only tmo sells PAYG sim's). Which version should i install? And do I need to wipe data/cache?

    Now that Tmo LTE is being rolled out, when I visit a location that has the LTE, the internet connection goes dead. Would either build correct for this?

  • Fatriff

    does this break the gps still?