Over a year ago, NVIDIA gave us a tease of some sweet-looking games coming to the Tegra 3 platform. Now that all eyes are on the Tegra 4, one of those games, Eden to GREEEEN Green has arrived on Android with a much more sensible name. This title is set in a world where a plant-based civilization has to defend Eden from an army of robots who want to steal all the Euphoria. As machines do.

The developer joined up with Zynga for publishing (which may give us some insight into how its in-app purchase scheme will work). This is only a soft launch to start off with, releasing exclusively in Canada for an undisclosed period of time. While it was featured in Tegra Zone and NVIDIA demos, the description does not indicate any particular requirements for the platform, so users with devices on other SoCs should still be able to install it.

eden1 eden2 eden3

Eden to Green is available for free on the Play Store right now, but comes with the requisite in-app purchases. Residents outside of Canada will have to wait for the soft launch to finish before the game rolls out to more players worldwide.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • Alberto Hamade

    Anyone got a link to the apk?

    • Levi Nelson

      Are you serious?

      • http://twitter.com/fabi280 Fabian

        I think he is. Due to country restrictions it isn't available everywhere. You can't buy it for example in Germany

      • Alberto Hamade

        It's a free app. Yes I'm serious. Did the same thing with scramble with friends, got to play it on Android before other Americans since it soft launched in Canada first.

  • daniellep.84

    Cant find it in the play store

  • daniellep.84

    Not for the note 2

  • asdfasdf

    incompatible with canadian sgs3 (qualcomm)

  • Mike Reid

    Canada is a test market now ? :)

    I'm in Canada so I see it on the Play website.

    Out of 20 Android test devices, it only shows compatible with my Nexus 7.

    It's free, so I guess it's not too much of a sin to download and re-upload somewhere.

  • Darthpilsner

    I have two different tablets with tegra3 and i'm in Canada but the play store says its incompatible with both of them.