File managers are a dime a dozen on Android. You can go the Play Store right now, search for "file manager", and immediately be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options you're presented with. Still, that doesn't stop newcomers from doing something different that makes them worthy of a mention. In this case, it's GeekSoft's File Expert HD, a newly redesigned take on the company's File Expert app.

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This version of of the app is, as its name suggests, optimized for tablets (as well as Android 4.0+). It offers a unique take on Holo, as the interface itself isn't Holo in appearance, but the it functions much of the way that we've come to expect a Holo-fied app to – like swipe-able tabs, for example. It also offers multiple Wi-Fi transfer methods, as well as cloud storage and app management systems.

Overall, this is a pretty impressive initial release with several key functions. If you've been looking for a new file manager (or just like to try new things), hit the widget to check it out.