Talk about fantastic support – after over a year and and a half in the Play Store, Angry Mob Games is still updating Muffin Knight. This go around the team added support for both the MOGA and MOGA Pro controllers to the free and paid variants.

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The changelog goes on to note "various minor bug fixes" and even shows some love for the player of the game:

What's in this version:

MOGA & MOGA Pro Controller Support
Various minor bug fixes.
Thanks again for your support! We love you!

We love you too, Angry Mob.


Cameron Summerson
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  • anzensepp1987

    Is the OpenFeint-crap still included? There was enough time to remove it and it was still included in the updates some days ago.

  • Boycott Muffin Knight

    They also locked up content in the PAID version and force you to pay to get it back. And while they may "update frequently" there is still the "new levels comming soon" icon that has been there since it came out. Angry mob games has gone out of thier way to alienate thier custoners and fans.