Last Updated: April 26th, 2013

Samsung has slowly been updating the majority of its ICS-running Galaxy devices to Jelly Bean (4.1.2) over the last several weeks, and U.S Cellular's Galaxy Axiom is the next in line. Announced just this morning, the update should be available directly from U.S. Cellular via OTA, as well as through Samsung's Kies Software.


This bump in Android version should be a nice one for Axiom owners, as it brings the much discussed Google Now, along with expandable notifications, and several noticeable performance enhancements over Ice Cream Sandwich. If you're the tinkerin' type, Samsung has also released the kernel source code for your tweaking needs.

U.S. Cellular; Direct Download (via Samsung-Updates)

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://twitter.com/Metshatrocker Metshatrocker

    This is why samsung gets repeat customers.....their device support is top notch. They have updated majority of their mid range and low end phones from 2012

  • http://www.NotesOfGenius.com Malinda Alahakoon

    How many Galaxys are there?

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/ Artem Russakovskii

      A ridiculous amount.

      • Darrelle Alexander

        Too many. It's like they wanna control the universe or something.

  • Arnel Zapata Jr

    LOL and guess what? The AT&T Galaxy S3 is still on 4.1.1. Brilliant, just brilliant!