When it comes to getting various notifications while your device's display is off, a built-in LED is useful. However, it's far from perfect. Sure, you can customize each notification with something like Light Flow, but that doesn't let you know the message contents at a glance. And, of course, there are also devices that don't have an LED at all, like the Nexus 7 for example. If you're looking for more out of your notification experience, Knock²+ may be the answer.

Update: Apparently the app isn't compatible with the Nexus 7 right now, but the dev is working out the kinks and should update the app "soon."

Like others before it, Knock²+ essentially provides a lockscreen popup when a notification is received, so you need only glance at your device to see what the ping was about. Where it differs from many other solutions, however, is in aesthetics – this thing is beautiful. It's so clean and minimal.

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It's also quite customizable, and the dev appears to be adding more features and supported apps all the time. Even a quick look through the reviews up to this point reveals excellent developer support, as many users have reported nearly-instant bug fixes and additional support for requested apps. That type of support is always sought after, especially for paid apps – after all, when users shell out a few bucks for an app, timely support is expected.

Speaking of, Knock²+ will set you back a two dollar bill. If a more in-depth notification experience is something that could make your life easier, hit the widget to check it out.

Thanks, Jim!

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://twitter.com/pertzepzioa Aditya Krishnan

    LED is better. Will stick to LightFlow

  • http://ntang.tumblr.com/ Nicholas Tang

    If only... it was compatible with the Nexus 7.... :/

    • Jaymoon

      Really! The top(?) device without a LED, and not supported.

  • andy_o

    I used to use NoLED on my old phone which didn't have a LED. I don't think the battery drain is worth something like this. It's more like a workaround than a feature. Maybe on OLED phones?

    They say this:

    Top Energysave-Methodes - With innovative energysave-methodes the battery will be conserved!

    But what else can they do? The screen has to turn on, and scientists still haven't developed magic for consumer use.

    • patapongirl

      Exactly. A pixel lighted up is a pixel using battery.

      The concept is cool but I will stick to LED

      • andy_o

        Even worse on LCDs. A pixel lit up is the whole screen using battery.

    • quickstang

      I installed it last night, tested it out at like 2am. Had 44% battery & then got up at like 6am. Went to check the screen & nothing. No notifications. Thought it was a bug, but the phone was DEAD. Battery was totally shot. 0% & had to charge it. Unfortunately while a nice concept, i'll go back to lightflow.The screen looked cool when I first tested it though, but what I thought the same thing as you about Top Energysave-Methodes. Not hardly if I lost 44% of my battery in 4hrs.

  • Zak Taccardi

    does this product include daydream support? I could see it useful for when you drop a nexus 4 on the orb charger

    • makapav

      This should be the real purpose of this app :-)

  • quiro91

    inb4 battery drain

  • TechGuy

    Google play says it's incompatible with the Nexus 7

  • eli

    Is this an actual lockscreen replacement app or just a lockscreen popup app?

  • jiji

    I'm just wondering, if for instance you don't check your phone for a few hours, won't the prolonged display of the image/message on the same spot affect the pixels or anything? For instance, on NoLed, the popup keeps jumping around the screen.

    • Ashok Soni

      Their is a setting you can set to disable it how after specific seconds or minutes.. I tired and found it cool except prolong screen on time so battery consumption is high. removed it but concept is nice.

      Also it does need to work on it's quality, quality seems too low.

  • Microsoftjunkie


  • http://profiles.google.com/gustavo.alvares.lima Gustavo Machado Alvares de Lim

    I would like to try it before buy... but theres no trial version =[

    • Jimmy Li

      On g+, the dev said he's working on a lite version.

  • http://twitter.com/ithehappy Saurav Ghosh

    No thank you.

  • http://oscarroig.com/ Oscar Roig

    Notify Me! works for me and it's free

    • flosserelli

      Thanks for the tip. I'll check that out.

  • enoch861

    I might not have a need for the app, but the song in that "commercial" was amazing. I wish I could find the full song.

  • Matthew Fry

    Ugh. What's with the unreadable font in the settings?