Last Updated: April 26th, 2013

If those of you on Big Blue have been jealous of The Now Network's Jelly Bean offerings to the LG Optimus G, today's your lucky day. AT&T just announced the official Android 4.1 (4.1.2 to be exact) update for its variant of the LG flagship, complete with Google Now, expandable notifications, and all the other goodies that one expects to come with the full OS update.

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The OTA also enables the ISIS Mobile Wallet, which allows users in Austin and Salt Lake City to test the waters with the new mobile payment system. To give it a shot, however, users need to head to the nearest AT&T location to get a "special SIM" that is required to use the app.

The 366 MB update is rolling out now, and can be pulled down by heading into Settings > About phone > Software update > Update now while on a Wi-Fi connection. Have fun!

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  • Kristopher Linville

    I updated yesterday afternoon and did get a slight performance improvement (according to Quadrant full benchmark). However, I also noticed a change in how the external SD card is mounted/referenced in the file system. The "/sdcard/external_sd" folder that had been in use is no longer correct, instead, you will have to use "/storage/external_sd" to browse the files on your card. That change also affected some storage usage reporting apps.

    • http://www.facebook.com/SangCan Sáng Cận

      This useful for me , thank so much ! i thought my sd card is broken .

  • http://AndroidTaskForce.com Timmy

    My unit says no update. :/

  • mauric

    Wow, that first interface looks like a mess. Is there really nobody in that whole company who ever heard of the word "design"?

  • Jacgues

    They have changed how the texting works and I do NOT like it - with phone normal position you can 'write' with your finger the message but good luck getting write letters words on with cell on side the voice works but you can not see what was last said! Also although it LOOKS great the screen is USING a heck of a LOT of BATTERY - I can see it going down % by % in minutes and when go to usage items in battery it is 10 times more use for screen and that is with it a 40% with a screen filter - sooooo as usual issues

  • Benmartin1974

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