It seems that no company can keep a secret for very long. With I/O fast approaching, Google and ASUS are in the spotlight again as details creep out about a pending refresh to the Nexus 7. According to Reuters, two undisclosed sources have leaked plans for a likely release date around July with pricing as low as $149. The tipsters also let slip that the revised tablet will be packing an unspecified Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and that Google hopes to ship 6-8 million units before the start of 2014.

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 2.29.57 AM

A shipping window of "around July" is pretty vague, but that might have something to do with the lessons learned during the Nexus 4 launch. Since the announcement will likely come in mid-May at I/O, eager buyers will be waiting anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks before they can get their hands on the new tablet. With the conference occurring earlier than in previous years, it's possible that manufacturing was scheduled before any dates were set, leading to the unexpected gap. Reuters' sources also indicate that we may see the original model deeply discounted and the replacement entering at $199, or the new tablet could replace the older model entirely with a price tag of $149. If true, this will go a long way in boosting sales numbers to the rumored target of 8 million units before 2014. Aggressive pricing like this would also position the 7-inch Nexus tablet $10 below Amazon's current $159 for the 2nd generation Kindle Fire.

We can't be too surprised by a switch to Qualcomm given the timing of the launch. The sources say that NVIDIA was also considered, but a Snapdragon processor was chosen based on performance, which is to be expected since the Tegra 3 was probably NVIDIA's only offering at the time. The Tegra 4 line is not expected to debut in phones (well, maybe) or tablets until the end of 2013, so it may not have even been in the running. On the other hand, Qualcomm has a full line-up of processors that seem perfectly timed for Google's budget tablet. Unfortunately, the tipsters did not specify any additional information, so we will have to keep waiting for full details.

Source: Reuters

Cody Toombs
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  • heat361

    I can't wait! I'm guessing a unveiling at I/O would be expected.

  • tbealmear

    Come on front firing speakers.... PLEASE

    • HellG

      My friend had a front firing speakers one wrong move and it shot him in the Chest, RIP chester.

      • tbealmear


    • casinrm

      I'm really hoping for more RAM and a higher res screen along with a slight increase in screen size by shrinking the bezels.
      Nexus 7 (2013)
      7.7" 1920 x 1200
      Snapdragon 600 (It costs $20 so it's $1 cheaper than the Tegra 3 was last year)
      2GB RAM
      4800 mah battery
      5 MP rear camera, mostly for scanning documents and QR codes.
      Is it possible for $150? Maybe. I can only hope.

      • http://www.NotesOfGenius.com Malinda Alahakoon

        I don't think it will have 5 MP rear camera. They are in a mission to keep the price lower.

        Till it see this comment, I was thinking that a Tablet doesn't need a rear facing camera. But yeah, it could come in handy for document and QR scanning.

    • http://www.NotesOfGenius.com Malinda Alahakoon

      Yeah, need it so bad.

  • zarlwilliam

    For $150, I couldn't say no.

  • http://twitter.com/mikedotdunham mike dunham

    I will upgrade if it is a Snapdragon 600 or greater

    • http://www.NotesOfGenius.com Malinda Alahakoon

      If it's going to come with Snapdragon it will be 600. Can't be a 800 for this price.

      • Stuart Brown

        Hope it's an 800 I'll be happy to pay the extra.

  • Akbar Khan

    I just hope they put a camera on the back this time around!

    • Steve Freeman

      Why? Are you planning on taking a lot of pictures with your tablet? And if so...why?

      • Sean Lumly

        I own a nexus 4, a nexus 7, and a nexus 10. I most certainly have used the camera on a Nexus 10 when around the house. I have used it to capture photos, videos, sharing views via video-chat, and even to scan qr/barcodes and copy documents. I am also interested in Augmented Reality/3D scanning, and would much rather do this on a larger screen. Interestingly, the Nexus 7 is the only unit that lacks a camera, and it is the device that I use EVERYWHERE -- I find the Nexus 4 too small to use for long periods, and the Nexus 10 too large to tote around constantly.

        This is only one opinion, but I don't think that I'm alone in wishing that the Nexus 7 had a camera sensor on the back. It may not be constantly used, but would be invaluable when you actually want to use it.

        • Stuart Brown

          I like the N7s size, but the N10s screen resolution is tasty, we may see a Nex UD also.

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

        This debate comes up with so many tablets. I know it doesn't matter to everybody, but I would like a camera as well. I don't care about high quality, but I want something good enough for reading QR codes. It sounds like a rare thing, but I never realized how often I read codes until I had to flip the N7 around to use the front camera to read them.

      • Anders Mårtensson

        There are lots of uses for a back-facing camera. When using a note app like Evernote or Google Keep and taking a picture of something (like a whiteboard at a lecture), when submitting portals for Ingress, when video conferencing and want to show your surroundings (your computer screen, some object like a paper or a prototype, showing off the view when on vacation, etc.) and I'm sure other people can find tons of other uses.

      • nsnsmj

        I personally think taking pictures with a tablet looks dumb, but it definitely makes more sense to have a camera on a smaller tablet.

      • Vikramaditya

        Cos he does that with his iPad too! muhahaha!!

      • Robb Nunya

        A rear-facing camera is essential for a lot of industrial use: ie, using the device as a bar code scanner. These are sized perfectly for use as inventory trackers.

      • Akbar Khan

        Well it just makes it very convenient when you are somewhere and need to capture and image and edit it on the fly - I have PS touch on my tablet and always do crazy image editing. And often times I have to capture an image on my phone, then transfer it using BT and then edit it....would make it a lot more convenient for us photographers and image editors, that's all.

  • Danny Holyoake

    We had almost IDENTICAL articles back in November/December.

    I can't believe this has made the rounds yet again, with ZERO new information, and all the blogs are eating it up.

    • silaslenz

      We had the snapdragon part, but did we "know" date and price?

  • Himmat Singh

    I take it Google were less than impressed with Tegra 3. Anyway, put a Snapdragon 600 or 800 (whichever is the lower powered one) or even the S4 Pro and at $149 it would be a really good buy.

    • HellG

      It has nothing to do with this, It's simply that the Tegra 4 chip is not ready for mass production yet, It will be available in early Q3 2013

      • http://codytoombs.wordpress.com/ Cody Toombs

        Truthfully, I think it's both that the Tegra 4 isn't ready and the Tegra 3 really didn't age well as a platform. It also seems like Qualcomm is working out very nicely with the Nexus 4. All told, if this rumor turns out to be true, it would rank as the biggest no-brainer ever.

  • Drayon

    I hope it comes with fast I/O

    • Sean Lumly

      YES! The current Nexus 7 has underwhelmingly slow IO that really hurts system performance. The Tegra 3 is a capable enough SoC, but when the IO blocks the UI (as is the case with too many apps -- tisk, tisk), the UI flat out freezes, which really hurts the UX.

      I also think that the Android API should automatically put blocking operations like image loading and decompression into separate threads to prevent blocking of the UI. This would help further smooth out the UI.

  • adi19956

    More memory if you wouldn't mind

  • http://twitter.com/exynoshd Daniel

    NOOOOOO. Give me Tegra 4... I bought a bunch of THD games...

    • Elias

      And that's why you don't tie yourself to one platform. Also, that's why nvidia gives developers benefits if they develop for their platform: they want to tie you in. Smart mo'fos'.

    • Stuart Brown

      True 72 CUDA GPU cores and Nvidia commonalities would be good, but it won't be available till late year.

    • UniBroW

      and that's why I specifically avoid THD games, when I can, even when I have a Tegra device.

  • Jon

    Come on I just bought one. WOw.

    • Steve Freeman

      Well, if it's out in July, that means it will have been out for approximately a year. So you bought an 8 month old device, and are surprised hearing about a new version?

  • JordanMcRae

    Hopefully along with the Qualcomm RF360 Front End Solution

  • Sean Lumly

    I hope Android 5 has the option to auto-hide the bottom nav bar, or better yet, a user-specified Nav Bar app. This may be a stretch, but with the navigation bar, status bar, action bar, and Chrome's tabs and URL bar (for example), the actual usable screen is pathetically tiny on my landscape Nexus 10. Things could be different.

  • http://profiles.google.com/marcusleejh Marcus Lee

    In 64GB flavour please. A tablet is a media consumption device; I'd like more space to... consume things.

    Any other bump is a bonus.

    • Stuart Brown

      I've already used up 14 GB on my 32 GB Nex 7, with 1080p movies taking double the space, I'd love 64GB. More and faster RAM will also help, Real Racer 3 also shows how good resolutions can get on games with large flash footprints. Up to 6X graphics power, better RAM, double pixels, 1GB games, double CPU power, will make for fun gaming.

  • DAEX

    Wow..I like Snapdragon processor. Personally, I think it is more stable than others.

  • stevee

    What are the chances of an SD slot? I'd really like to be able to carry around a lot of music and movies on some cards and pop them in when I want them.

    • http://www.facebook.com/Zerounodos Manoleta Bocchia de Coussillan

      None. Google is against them. Something about them solwing down the system, or something, don't remember quite well. And to force the usage of cloud services, too.

      • Robb Nunya

        Sad too... the only time I use the cloud with my Nexus 7 is to transport files to it's memory.

      • lljktechnogeek

        I know on my old HTC Evo 4G, it was impossible to access the microSD card from the computer without unmounting the card from within the phone. This got annoying to the point where I eventually just installed an FTP server on the phone. (And no, rooting didn't fix it. I rooted it and flashed Cyanogen on day one, still had to mount and unmount the card.)

        There are also a number of other issues with partitioning and app-to-SD functionality that are eliminated by simply having a large internal storage, but for me the mount/unmount was the biggest complaint.

  • Angel Penabad

    I won't buy it because I think there's no much difference between 4,7" from my Nexus 4 and 7" of tablet, and having in mind that a smartphone is much more versatile than a tablet, although seeing that price I am tempted.

    But for Nexus 10 replacement.....i'm starting to save money, that beast has to be mine. ^^

    • Stuart Brown

      Hope to see Nex UD (4k.)

  • Matt


  • JG

    I wonder how the new 7's specs will compare to the X Tablet (assuming it's still a thing, have only been hearing buzz about the phone recently).... I'm eagerly waiting for official word on the X Phone's specs, hoping it'll have most of the WOW factor that's been built up for it (of course pretty much anything would be better than the freezing & random reboots my Droid X has been suffering through)... If the X Tablet is equally as impressive as what I'm hoping the Phone will be, even though I love my first gen N7, if I get another tablet, it'll probably be the X Tablet...

    Also, hopefully Google has learned from the initial N7 launch, and already has a 3 (or maybe 4) G version, as well as at least 16 and 32GB storage options ready for initial release. It was kind of a let down to find out if I had just waited a few months instead of pre-ordering 0-day, I could have gotten twice the storage (32GB) for roughly the same price....

  • http://www.NotesOfGenius.com Malinda Alahakoon

    Mini tab with pure Android, 1080p display and Snapdragon 600 for $149. That would be unbeatable.

  • Christian Auldridge

    If at 149 i get 1 Gb ram, a quad core 1 GHZ ( at least) processor, atleast a decent front camera, slightly bigger screen by making bezzel smaller, 720p display, SD card, front faceing speakers and bam google will have no competitin in the mini tablet market NONE!!!!!!! You say 10 dollars less then 2nd generation kindle fire but actually its the original fire that is 159 right now