Typically, about a week after a new Humble Bundle launches, the indie game distributor adds a few more titles to the mix as a reward for those who contribute above the average price. This time around, Another World, Funky Smugglers, and Raiden Legacy are the ones topping off the pack if you've pitched in $5.53 (at time of this writing) or higher.


With the new additions, this brings the total number of titles up to nine, and at five and a half bucks, you're looking at around $0.62 per game. Not a bad deal. Six days remain on the clock in case you need to wait for your tax refund to come in or something.

Source: Humble Bundle via Humble Bundle Blog

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • silaslenz

    Also, those who have already bought it will get the new games for free, regardless of what they paid. That wasn't totally clear from the article :)

    • http://twitter.com/EightRooks Matthew Lee

      Huh, that's kind of confusing - so now they give you the new bonus three games never mind what you paid? I'm sure it was always that you had to have paid over the average whenever you made your purchase (might be why Eric wrote it up as if that was still the case).

      Eh, either way, still one of their best bundles for a while. I've got most of these but it was worth paying over the odds for The Room and Metal Slug 3 in the first place, and if nothing else it's good to have somewhere else to download these from other than Google Play, I guess? If you haven't got any of these games, for Chrissakes, get the damn bundle now, seriously. Some absolute classics in here (Contre Jour is one of the best puzzle games ever made IMO) and more than likely to have something to suit your tastes.

      • atlouiedog

        If you buy the bundle BEFORE the bonuses are added you get them no matter what you paid. If you buy the bundle AFTER the bonuses are added you need to beat the average to get them. This is how Humble Bundle has always done it. Every single one. I've bought every Humble Bundle starting with The Humble Indie Bundle 2 (this one puts me at #23) and this is how it's always been.

        You're not alone in being confused. I generally manage the threads for these bundles on a popular gaming forum and I have to clear it up every time.

        • Himmat Singh

          Yes. The humble guys should post what you just posted.

          • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

            moral of the story: buy early, and buy often

  • http://twitter.com/sakura_candy Lumi

    About the only thing from this set I'd actually buy without a bundle is The Room, and since it's not released on Google Play yet, I'm not so sure if this one's worth it. I heard it was a iPad only, so will it only work on tablets?

    • Amer Khaznadar

      It's not iPad only there's a version for iPhone/iPod Touch, and it definitely works on Android phones. I've finished the game on my Desire HD.
      And personally I enjoyed it a lot.

      • http://profiles.google.com/armstrong.matt Matt Armstrong

        I really wish that it was longer, or that you could get more puzzles.

        • Amer Khaznadar

          From their site ( http://fireproofgames.com/the-room ):

          "I've finished the game. When will there be more?

          In early summer 2013 The Room will receive a FREE expansion which will pick up where The Room left off, setting the stage for the upcoming sequel. The sequel to The Room will be released this Autumn and promises to take fans of The Room's unique game world into an altogether more spectacular place."

          I would have liked that to happen sooner, but I can't complain. Well not much anyway. The types of puzzle reminded me a lot of Shivers (1 & 2) for some reason, and that being one of my all time favourite games says a lot about how much I enjoyed playing this (and somewhat explains why I'm acting 'slightly' obsessive about it :P).

          • http://profiles.google.com/armstrong.matt Matt Armstrong

            Oh awesome. THank you!

    • Himmat Singh

      it will come to g play after the bundle concludes

      • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

        ^^ what he said. this has happened with a few of the recent humble bundle games, between google play & steam

        • Amer Khaznadar

          Not only that it happened before, it is also clearly stated on the developers' site.

  • linkchaos

    I have a question about updates. If any of these apps are updated on the play store or somewhere, will you be able to update it or will you have to buy the app again from the play store?