• FuckYou

    Google+ is a ghost town, dipshit.

    • Samuel Hart


      • mesmorino

        Troll has a point. I'm more curious about why the people who love Google+ feel the need to keep stressing how awesome it is, and that it's not a ghost town.

        It's a ghost town for me, and no amount of apologetic hand wringing is going to convince me otherwise. You might not think it's a ghost town, and for you it might be the best thing since sliced bread but your experience is not my own and is unique to YOU.

        • Samuel Hart

          You know, facebook's a real ghost town for me.... I joined up, didn't friend anybody and THE NERVE of facebook! Not one friggin' update!

          • Andy_in_Indy

            Really, because Facebook keeps pushing updates from people and products I don't know or don't care about on me.

          • mesmorino

            I like how you make a baseless assumption without evidence. Let's dissect it.

            I have several circles, and several people in those circles. The issue is not that I have not reached out, or that I have no contacts or updates from any sources, the issue is that none of the people I care about post anything because they have been convinced (largely by google and the internet media) that g+ is for intellectuals, networking, meeting strangers and enthusing about the interests you share with these strangers, as opposed to connecting with the people you *already* know in different ways.

            If you want to have a discussion, come back with a proper argument instead of a baseless (and impressively nonsensical) argument. I mean, do you really think I wouldn't at least make some token effort before saying it's a wasteland?

          • Samuel Hart

            Of course I believe exactly that, because you're a troll, and that's what trolls do.

            You have several people OMG! That's nice? Facebook is a place where you want watch ever menial thought passing through every advertisers' head, and the morons who you'd never actually be caught dead with, but follow on facebook because it's what one "does". G+ is a ghost town? Then facebook is a sewage pipe; thousands of posts, all of which is faecal matter going at high speeds!

          • mesmorino

            Lol i'm a troll? You must be new here.

            Facebook, for me, is none of those things you mentioned. Granted, I've invested a lot of time in getting it the way I want, but you know what? Every single one of my facebook friends is an actual friend of mine. You seem to be assuming I'm one of those facebook stereotypes, and i'm not entirely sure why: Why would I add someone I wouldn't talk to in real life? That's a dumbass thing to do, and it's part of the reason I'm reticent about g+. I'm not in the habit of adding strangers or acquaintances to my friends list except that the friends I do have don't post anything- Hence, ghost town

            If you believe facebook is a sewage pipe, you might want to give it a thorough cleaning because for me, it's not at all. Thousands of posts that are fecal matter? pfft, what nonsense. I don't even see ads, and I'm very proactive about blocking the people who invite me to their games of ballonville or other such things.

            Also, what's with the sarcasm and insults? What are you, five? If you can't be civil I'm out man. I mean all we're doing (or all i'm doing anyway) is trying to have a discussion.

          • Samuel Hart

            So what you're saying is that facebook is good because there's lots of posting, even though you spend lots of time making sure the people you friend are closely monitored, pruning those who are crappy and adding those you have a close relationship with. And yet you don't put that effort into G+, so it's a ghost town?

            On the other hand I don't touch facebook at all (or rather haven't since I set it up some 3 years ago) and so it's full of crap. G+ I put effort into ranking people I interact with so I see more of them, and less of everyone else (recently I had to do a MASSIVE prune because my feed was moving faster than I could read and I gave up).

            Facebook = good because you put effort in, G+ = bad because you don't? Implying causality where there is only correlation; maybe, but it's a fairly safe bet. G+ is a ghost town FOR YOU, because of your groups. Not a ghost town for everybody. Facebook is a steaming faecal pipe FOR ME because it's full of retards, and presumably it's not that for everyone as well.

            Now returning to your original argument; how is calling someone out as a troll for going "ghost down *dipshit*" (emphasis mine), wrong? :3

          • mesmorino

            No no no... I'm not saying Facebook is good at all, or that it's bad either. You brought up faceboook, not me but since we're here now, what I'm saying is that having put in the same amount of effort into G+, the results have been abysmal. Forget getting bad results, i've had ZERO results. The reasons for this may be worth investigating, but like I said and like I've been saying, in MY experience, it's a ghost town. I'm not saying G+ is good, or bad, just that for me, it's mostly empty. FOR ME.

            We're saying the same thing. I'm not saying and haven't ever said that it's a ghost town for everybody, I obviously can't speak for everybody. But for me, having put in the same amount of effort into getting involved and getting people I'm interested in involved, nothing's happened. Sure you could say well that's down to my groups, but I'd disagree and say it was G+ itself because I know these people, I call them and talk to them on the phone, and more than that they're pretty active elsewhere on the internet (not all of them are on facebook). It's not them, so it must be... G+

            As for the troll... Well he's being an ass but that doesn't mean you should be an ass back to him. Just downvote and move on, no? It's what I do, but each to his own. Plus like I said, he does kinda have a point I'm hardly the only person in the world who thinks G+ is a ghost town

        • Andy

          Facebook's a ghost town for me and my account only used to sign in to sites that require it.

          • mesmorino

            Which leads me to ask, why do you even have a facebook account? I avoid using sites that *only* allow signing in via a facebook account as much as I can

        • Andy_in_Indy

          It is most certainly not a ghost town. However, if I say that Google+ is "Not a Ghost Town", it does not necessarily mean that I love it.

          • mesmorino

            fair enough then

        • QwietStorm

          It's either a ghost Town or it isn't. Fact is many many people use it. Just because you don't enjoy it, doesn't make it a ghost Town.

          • mesmorino

            You misunderstand. I don't enjoy it *because* for me, it IS a ghost town. Not enjoying it is not what makes it a ghost town, the lack of interest from almost anyone in my entire circle of friends is what makes it a ghost town.

          • QwietStorm

            Which is exactly why I said it is or it isn't, because you're improperly using the term. I can't say the sport of hockey is a ghost town for *me* because that doesn't even make sense.

          • mesmorino

            Not entirely improperly... The notion of a social network is comparable to a town, where you interact with people. If you don't know anyone there, or the people you do know are reclusive (like with me)... It can start to feel like a ghost town.

          • QwietStorm

            And to complete the analogy, your personal group of friends are nowhere to be seen, while the rest of the town is out interacting with one another. So it's your circle that's the ghost town, not G+, whether it's for *you* or not.

          • mesmorino

            Agreed lol

      • hyperbolic

        Trolololo but made me laugh ;)

    • br_hermon

      Thanks for playing... NOT!

    • FookMii

      0/10 troll

  • Danny Holyoake

    "Basically the entire US internet"

    Fixed that for you. Not one of these logos mean something to me, in the UK.

    • http://www.androidpolice.com/author/eric-ravenscraft/ Eric Ravenscraft

      ...Not even the BBC?

      • Simeonico

        He only talked about the logos. xD

      • woj_tek

        I don't see BBS in your picture...

      • adi19956

        Maybe BBC Woridwide, but I would find it hard to believe that our domestic BBC would even consider putting a Google logo on its site unless advertising its own G+ page. They also already have a sign-in system and are unlikely to outsource this.

        • jaduncan

          ...if you look, you'll see that the BBC already offer Google logins.

    • http://www.contextoseo.com Alex Rodrigues

      The same in Brasil

    • Jamie Harrell

      Really? So Harry Potter, a british written book series, means nothing to a Brit? Strange world we live in, strange indeed.

      • Julio M


      • CJ Holder

        You get his point. It's 80%+ US internet. I don't and haven't used any of the listen sites, in the UK.

      • http://profiles.google.com/marcusleejh Marcus Lee

        Well, he's obviously a muggle. Obviously.

      • Brit

        Harry Potter means nothing to anyone who isnt 5 yrs old.

    • HellG

      Exactly my thoughts

    • http://twitter.com/RaspberryDuff Matt

      Janrain also covers the BBC, Channel 4, etc. while Gigya covers The Telegraph, Fifa, Sky, and other British companies. This is only a screenshot of the top of the Gigya website; it's not meant to represent all the companies involved.

    • http://twitter.com/lusky3 lusky3

      No Universal in the UK? No MSN? I find this hard to believe.

    • Jake

      Really? CBS, Universal, CNN, FOX, A&E, Discovery, Comedy Central, History Channel, PBS & TCM all broadcast in the UK..

      • mesmorino

        You won't get any of those channels without a satellite tv subscription.

        • CJ Holder

          ... which a vast amount of UK people don't because we have freeview.

      • adi19956

        They're not the big ones though.

    • Andy_in_Indy

      Not even Harry Potter?

    • http://www.facebook.com/rmourar Ricardo Moura Rocha

      Before you say that take a look at the links in the post ( http://www.gigya.com/clients/ , http://janrain.com/customer-success/ ) it does look like most of the companies are american, but there are companies from all around the world... They just cut the pics to make it post friendly and show the most popular companies in their judgement...

  • basteagow

    It pisses me off when I sign in to a site via Facebook and all the site does is take my Facebook e-mail address and create a local account on the site. What's the point? The worst is when it also chooses a username for me, without asking, that I can never change again.

  • woj_tek

    "At this stage, love it or leave it, Google+ is Google. They're inseparable and, while you have the freedom to share as much or as little information as you like, the world moves unceasingly towards unified social profiles."

    oh really? I've just deleted my G+ account and happily use gmail/google calendar/(and still reader) without this G+ rubbish... there goes your 'inseparable' nonsense.

    And no - I don't trust Google. For signing in with websites I prefer old and tried e-mail (with own domain) and created account which is not tied to the rest of my 'social profile' (hate the concept) or twitter, which allows me to use generic nickname without forcing me (like big G+) to provide my full particulars (with the notion that this is better for me, google says)...

  • didibus

    I like google+, but I don't like google+ sign in. Google sign in was really good, I don't want to give out info from my G+ to all the sites I logon to. I also hate how G+ wants my full name, why can't I be identified by my username, and provide my Full Name if I wish to do so, or at least let me 100% of the time, control who can see my full name and email.

  • moz_sde

    Very excited to see this button pop up everywhere. Maybe I'll finally be able to get rid of the fake Facebook account I have just for Facebook Connect.

  • zackbg

    "They're inseparable and, while you have the freedom to share as much or as little information as you like" - not quite true. Can't hide my google name, therefor can't hide my real name. Also - using google sign in, can't hide my email address from sites using it. So I'm not using it.

  • JG

    Too bad Apple isn't on the list... Would love to be able to sign into their site using my G+ account.... Not that I spend much time there, but...

  • Rest of the World

    With the exception of msn, I havent never been to any of those sites.

    • Rest of the World


  • leo Finn

    I find it funny how most of you can't accept it for what it is. Your the same people that are afraid of change. It's not like Google is forcing you to use their g+ log in. It's just another option. Don't hate it cause you don't like it.

  • icyrock1

    Why? Most of the internet already lets you sign in with your gmail account.

  • youwish

    1) Make a completely bogus google account
    2) use that one for everything
    3) problem solved