Back during the Humble Bundle for Android #5 (not to be confused with the current Android-focused Humble Mobile Bundle), NightSky HD made its first appearance on the platform. Now, the Steam-native game is available on its own in the Play Store for $5.

nightsky1 nightsky2 nightsky3

The title brings its distinct visual style to the genre of physics puzzlers. In this game you control a dark orb as you attempt to navigate a silhouette world of platforms and pits. In what's becoming an increasing trend, NightSky offers a calming experience with soothing ambient music over the tense, over-stimulation of shooters and destruction-driven physics puzzlers.

Gameplay trailer for Steam version.

The title is available on the Play Store for $5, which is a bit cheaper than the $10 version on Steam. There don't appear to be any in-app purchases during a brief play-through, either. Grab the game via the widget below and enjoy your adventure.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://twitter.com/misterE33 Mr E

    it's a neat game. glad i got the humble bundle!

  • dezmond

    loved it on pc, not sure about the phone/tablet port. (yeah and a bit short game, took 3.4h to beat for me)

  • syjefroi

    It's mostly calming. A few levels fill me with rage, and I haven't even played it on the hard mode. Still, definitely worth playing, and I'm glad I picked it up in the Humble Bundle.

  • Steez

    The music reminds me of OG Diablo