According to a forum post on AT&T's support site and some scattered user reports, the carrier's Galaxy S II variant is receiving a small update today. Rolling out over the air as you read these words, the software fixes an issue where devices would become unresponsive or power down while idle.


The update also includes the requisite "security enhancements." If you haven't updated your phone to 4.0 yet, well for starters, why not? Secondly, you'll need to do so first before you can apply the update. This is rolling out over the air, so hit your Settings app to find it or just wait for the notification to show up.

Source: AT&T

Thanks, Sakshar.

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • N8

    Three months to fix the "sleep of death" problem? Wow.

    Many thanks to the SuperNexus 2.0 team for keeping my wife's AT&T Galaxy SII functional after AT&T introduced this bug. Her phone was shutting down 2-3 times a week and she missed a number of calls because of it.

    I'm happy to see it's been fixed, but once you go Jellybean you don't go back.

  • Brenda Thompson

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Shad0wguy Chris Jutting

    Now if they'd fix my girlfriends Captivate Glide so I don't have to hear her complaining about its issues.

  • abby

    Since jelly bean update this morning my contacts dial pad and some other apps stopped working any one else having this issue?

  • Dave Bovee

    Never trust AT&T. It's like they hate their customers. They screwed up their Yahoo home page, removing all the customization and the favorites. The best way to screw up your Galaxy s2 is to let AT&T update it in any way.

  • http://twitter.com/malliktheg Mallik MMG Gudu

    This is exactly the problem I was having for a while now ,hope.its fixed finally!

  • Carmen Mendez

    I have been waiting for the jellybean program for my At&t SII 1777 AND my Looks like I will have to wait forever. VERY DISSAPOINTED WITH AT&T SUPPORT AND SERVICE.

  • sailorman

    Finally. FINALLY!! For *months* since the last "downdate" my S2 has been randomly shutting off and rebooting itself, often several times a day. Now it's back to normal functionality.