An active thread at XDA has multiple posters (here, here, and here) claiming that Sprint is cutting off shipments of the Optimus G, and that the device has reached 'end of life' status, meaning it will be discontinued soon. One poster included a photo of an inventory spreadsheet indicating as much:


Two other posters claimed to have received similar information, one of whom suggested quite correctly that the Optimus G's recent participation in the "buy one get one free" promo means Sprint is probably trying to clear out remaining stock. The Sprint Optimus G continues to show as in-stock at most major online phone retailers (Sprint, Amazon, LetsTalk, Wirefly), though it's often local resellers that are first affected by an EOL situation, because their shipments are much smaller and more frequent.

The lingering doubts of many other posters in said XDA thread, though, are understandable. The Optimus G has been available barely six months on Sprint, which is an exceptionally short stint for a flagship handset. The next shortest-lived high-end Sprint device I can find is the Motorola Photon 4G, which managed to stick around for 8 months before heading to the chopping block as Sprint's last top-tier WiMAX device.

So, why would be the Optimus G - still quite an up-to-date phone - be getting axed so shortly after release? There are probably several factors at play here, not the least of which is that it's quite likely Sprint's other three heavy-hitting Android phones (Galaxy Note II, S III, EVO LTE) are more popular with customers. LG simply doesn't enter onto the radar as a high-end smartphone option in the US at this point, and with the Galaxy S4 coming next month, the G will get absolutely steamrolled in terms of attention and spec sheet wars.

Which is exactly why it seems plausible that the real reason for this early termination is that LG is scrambling to get its Optimus G Pro into the US, and that Sprint may have already partnered to carry the device. The G Pro has been well-received by most critics, and the growing market for super-sized smartphones - one Samsung unabashedly owns - could be just the sort of early-adopter profile LG needs to get fans in the US after the tragedy that was the Intuition.

The G Pro packs a 5.5" 1080p display with a Snapdragon 600 processor, hardware that puts in on a pretty level playing field with both the HTC One and the Galaxy S4. LG has also been showing off the G Pro here at the Game Developers Conference, though merely as a Qualcomm partner.

Still, none of this Optimus G EOL business is confirmed at this point - but you can rest assured we'll be seeking out more info in the coming days. When asked about the Optimus G's end of life status, Sprint declined to comment on rumors or speculation.

XDA, Thanks, Jeremy and Lokifish!

David Ruddock
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  • Angel Penabad

    Althought we are talking about sprint (cdma right? I'm from Europe so I'm not sure), I think the Optimus G had been killed even before going on sale because of the Nexus 4. Almost same device but half priced.

    Anyway I wish good luck to LG with the Note 2...sorry OG pro, because I think they're doing it right now, pretty well built and beautiful devices imho.

  • Jim Nosrati

    Waiting for the announcement this will be available for $499 on Virgin Mobile. If Sprint had poor sales of this phone, has a built up stock, and wants to dump said stock... throw it on prepaid. I can guarantee I'm not alone when I say I would slap down a good chunk of change for a phone like that to pay $35 a month. (I don't have any GSM coverage)

  • Michael Benesch

    I have it on At&t and besides them holding onto the jellybean update Its an amazing phone. Lg released the jb updates a while ago yet at&t still is yet to release it. May leave at&t after this and getting screwed over with the atrix 4g.

    • WhoaManWtF

      In the same boat, everyone even sprint has updated this phone to JB already.. Google should handle updates not ATT.. Or at least the manufacturers

  • http://www.facebook.com/patrik.leonard.9 Patrik Leonard

    Have a buddy who dropped and broke his OG about a month ago. Had Sprint TEP program but they wouldn't replace it under the plan saying that it had been discontinued and they didn't have stock to replace it. Gave him an SIII instead. He was at first disappointed, really liked the OG, but has come to like the SIII pretty equally. I personally would've been pi$$ed off, but ya, think this thing going the way of the Dodo has been in the works for awhile now.

  • Mike Reid

    Tiny activity in XDA forums show that Optimus G was a flop.

    Nexus 4 "variant" another roaring Nexus success, and MUCH cheaper to boot.

  • Kahroo

    Maybe VM can get this phone, since they have so many that they want to get rid of.

    • AndreKP2124

      Oh man, you are making me dream... :,) But my VM Samsung Galaxy S2 4G keeps being awesome even if it is out of fashion

  • http://twitter.com/ro1224 Robert Oliveira

    Wait? So Spring uses Microsoft Excel for their phone inventory system? WOW! What a high tech operation. :-)

  • mooglemlass

    Whoa, already? A flagship phone in less than 6 months? I think its a new record

    • http://profiles.google.com/rhippert02 Russell Hippert

      Sprint did the same thing to the Photon. So more of a trend, a really lousy trend.

  • Chris

    As a sprint salesperson it's hard to sell this phone. The number 1 reason is because LG's track record with phones have been horrible. The LG Optimus and Viper (both sprint) were garbage. People go by brand name, not quality. In my opinion the LG Optimus G is better than the S3 (sooo fast). I haven't heard of us axing the Optimus G yet. The Motorola Photon Q is likely to get killed first followed by the HTC Evo LTE. I think part of the problem is we have been having some issues with LG supplying phones. We have a program where we can buy phones every year, at discounted prices. LG has yet to restock it and we've had some late shipments as well. So if LG is still having issues with supply, we could be not selling them anymore.

    • http://twitter.com/8BitLegendz Ehsan Elahi

      I just got this phone and really don't want to switch out for something else =(

      Hoping this is just some big mistake, I love this phone bout I also want support for it as well.

  • ericdabbs

    If LG wants to do the community a favor to win market share, it should do better in releasing software updates faster like Samsung does. If Sprint carries the LG Optimus G Pro, LG needs to make sure it comes preinstalled with Android 4.2.2 and not 4.1.2 like HTC did with the HTC One.

    HTC and LG fall victim to slow Android software updates and I am not surprised why they aren't popular. Motorola has been the absolute worst manufacturer to come out with Android updates. My Photon 4G never got the ICS upgrade that it was promised before Google took over Motorola and even the Photon Q 4G LTE still has not received the Jelly Bean update like it was promised. I would stay away from all Motorola devices for the next few years until Google can get them back on track if ever.

    • ryan

      Sammy rushed 4.2.2 for the galaxy nexus and botched it. battery issue and all kinds of stuff. the updates are nice but not a huge deal. I would rather then do it right and take their time then rush and have issues. but to me sounds like you will complain either way.