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Amazon has been busy working on software updates for its line of Kindle Fire devices, and the latest versions of the software for each device are now available to download.

For each device, the update provides enhancements for viewing textbooks, with the 2nd generation Fire and the Fire HD 7" getting "X-Ray for Textbooks". This feature allows users to access the most important terms and concepts, with glossary definitions and links to relevant pages within books.

The update also provides enhancements for print replica textbooks across each device. Thumbnails of each page are now available at the bottom of the screen, and you can make notes and highlights in your books, as well as jump from one chapter to another.

Other improvements include "Time To Read", which calculates how much longer you have left until completing a book based on your reading speed, and each device can now read books with audio and video clips, too.

The update will be downloaded to devices automatically, but if you want to force the update to happen more quickly, you can initiate it from your Kindle and get it straight away.

Sources: Amazon (2nd Gen), (HD 7"), (HD 8.9")

John Thompson
John's been addicted to technology ever since he tinkered with his first custom built PC when he was 10 years old. He's also the proud owner of seven Amazon Kindles, but only because he destroyed the first six.

  • madmike318

    What android version is running on the HD now?

    • Simon Belmont

      Probably still ICS. I doubt they'll update the core Android OS underneath the Amazon UI layer.

      They really have no reason to. Just my guess.

  • DirkBelig

    So the early adopters who bought the OG Fire when it was introduced continue to get the shaft? Lovely. Amazon's obstinate refusal to release an Instant Video app for Android remains a sore subject as well. Effing iOS devices get it, but for Android users who are paying for Prime it's, "Buy a Fire." No, you DIAF.

  • yusufg

    The interesting part of the changelog seems to be that the Kindle Fire (2nd gen) and HD (7" and 8.9") now support Simplified Chinese. Is Amazon considering selling the Kindle Fire in China ? Are they looking at pre-installing their Amazon Appstore app on the many devices sold within China which are not licensed for the Google Play Store app

  • DavidB

    I hate silent updates. No notice at all on my 8.9 that there was an update available or that one had been installed.