Last Updated: April 26th, 2013

Back in early February when Sony started pushing Jelly Bean to the Xperia T and V, it promised the same update for the TX by "the end of March." Here we are, with four days left in the month, and Sony has made good on that promise. You hear that, all other manufacturers?


At this time it's not completely clear what enhancements this brings outside of stock Jelly Bean's improvements, but it's likely similar to that of the Xperia T, V, and TL. Here's a look at that changelog:

  • Updated, more intuitive versions of Sony Media apps: WALKMAN, Album and Movies
    Lets you view and access all your photos, videos and tunes in one place.
  • Increased options for personalization
    A revamped home screen experience for handling widgets, apps and shortcuts… With up to 7 desktop panes, widgets that auto-resize and actionable notifications, you have complete flexibility to create the interface you want / need with a few simple touches!
  • Improved app organization and search
    Application tray sorting is that bit breezier – just press and hold on any app – move, add it to your desktop or create a folder within the tray by dropping it on top of another! We’ve also added a new search function within the application tray that makes it easy to locate your local apps.
  • Improved camera functionality
    More intuitive viewfinder with the addition of auto scene setting, and the option to switch between front and back camera with a single touch.
  • Google Now
    Combining the power of Google search and user profiling, Google Now helps you accomplish daily tasks more efficiently. Click here to know even more.

The update appears to be rolling out via Sony's "PC Companion" software, so users are encouraged to grab that to pull and flash the updated firmware file.

Update: Sony just confirmed on its official blog that the update is rolling out.

via XDA; Thanks, Jerome!

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  • Danny Holyoake

    They 'promised' a 4.1 update to the Xperia P by the end of March. I'm losing hope that they're going to pull through.

    • Aaron Kable

      Still got a few days. :P

  • briankariu

    i hope they get to the xperia ion. they did promise us. And it would be amazing seeing it go from Gingerbread to ICS to Jellybean

    • Spectre51

      If you have the AT&T branded model you won't be seeing JB. AT&T is not going to release it. Have to flash the international version (LT28i)

  • praju

    If they broke promise im not going to buy Sony mobile from now.

  • Levin Lim

    I've upgraded to the Z so I don't really care, but I'm really perplexed why Sony didn't let the Xperia S get the update first, especially since it's their first flagship. Are they organising their update schedule based on actual phone sales, perhaps?

  • http://twitter.com/Atyp3 David Steven

    No project butter?

  • tylerbrainerd

    I bought the sony xperia tablet s in september, under the impression that it would be updated before the end of the year. still no go. come on sony.