We don't get to talk much about 3D printing here at Android Police because it's not a technology that's terribly mobile-focused (nor is it even that commonplace yet), but suffice to say, it's amazing. While this may not be about making prosthetic body parts, vehicles, or bikinis, MakerBot and OUYA are partnering to allow users to print their own enclosures for the hackable console. This may be the coolest way to customize a game system yet.


ouya3d1 ouya3d2 ouya3d3

Console customization isn't anything new to hardcore gamers. There have been kits, accessories, and tools to make your hardware your own for ages. This might just be the first time a 3D printer is used to recreate the entire enclosure, though. As followers of the Ouya saga may recall, it's not just an open software platform the company is promising, but the ability to hack and tweak the meatspace-bits as well. So you'll be able to take the guts out of your Ouya and put it in a new case.

The model is available for free online right now, so if you have a 3D printer (preferably one from MakerBot) you can fire it up and crank this out immediately. Also, invite me over because I am extremely fascinated by these and want to play with one so hard.

Source: Thingiverse

Eric Ravenscraft
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  • http://www.maverickcreative.ca/ Joshua Richards

    Tres cool.

  • Kaero

    Makerbot models starting as low as $1999.

    • fixxmyhead

      more like 2800$

      • GraveUypo

        still worth it. simply the best toy ever.

        • fixxmyhead

          Are u fucking serious?

          • GraveUypo

            yes. way better than paying $1300 for a stupid chromebook for instance.

          • Eric Jones

            I'm always amazed that people don't realize that not everyone wants the same things. I have a Chromebook Pixel, love it, but have no interest in spending more than a few hundred on a 3d printer. If you have no use for a Pixel, but are willing to spend the money for a 3d printer, that's great! It in no way impacts my happiness with my chromebook. You being interested in 3D printing actually helps me out down the line. The more people buy them, the better economy of scale, more competition between vendors, the cheaper they become,

          • Chris Caldwell

            who cares lol. Clearly your VERY proud of your little browser-in-a-box, but folks are here cause they like 3D printers. Perhaps you and your Chromebook could go comment on a Chromebook article? Or maybe I should go to Chromebook articles and talk about how much I like 3D printers, and they cant tell me not to.

          • Eric Jones

            Your reading comprehension is crap. Someone else brought up chromebooks, and I responded, in a very reasonable way.

          • GraveUypo

            it looks my disliking of the pixel does impact your happiness with it a little bit, since you took the time to post this rant specifically because of it. but like you said, to each his own. glad you're happy with it.

      • Kaero

        The original one here is $1999 http://store.makerbot.com/replicator.html
        You're probably looking at the Replicator 2X, which is $2800.

        That's why I said "starting as low as". Marketing trick to get people to think your product is reasonably priced.
        Also, that's not factoring in the colored filament, which is around $50 for 1kg of one color.

  • Pony

    Strange that all their flesh colored filament is out of stock. No tan, no light brown, no dark brown. Wonder what sort of toys people are making with all this???

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000003999549 Mike Harris

      I think we all know the last thing people use technology for is anything sex-related. /s

  • Real La fontaine boucher

    Ouya is like a c ki do in the trou but you never got the block and then tell molocm you should stop but keep getting a lot of thing from various meat ball sak ready to get you to the wak and still take the pill because it is so chill. You know when someone get the back of your track you realise that it may just be a big TROLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLITOOOOO!!!!!

    • Chris Caldwell


  • http://www.facebook.com/rob.watkins.7 Rob Watkins

    I'll have to make one. Maybe a nice blue would be nice.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000003999549 Mike Harris

      Maybe. But a bad blue would be bad. :P