The fourth incarnation of Gameloft's action-RPG Dungeon Hunter franchise is going to be coming out in the near future, but the developer is already priming the pump with a teaser trailer. Unlike some other pre-release trailers, this one actually includes gameplay footage. Take a gander.

It looks like the same kind of hack-and-slash gameplay from past editions of Dungeon Hunter at work here. There will still be an arena where you can do battle against other humans, but the main quest will surely be the meat of the experience. The last game in the series was free-to-play with in-app purchases, and I suspect Gameloft will continue with this model in Dungeon Hunter 4.

The most striking thing about the teaser trailer is how awesome the graphics look. Gameloft would obviously want to show the best footage possible, but even accounting for bias, Dungeon Hunter 4 is probably going to be a great-looking title.

Ryan Whitwam
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  • http://profiles.google.com/mformarcee Marcell LĂ©vai

    I loved the first two episodes and hated the third one... I'm okay with in-app purchases if it's more like the first two were.

  • Ben

    Was that diablo @ the end?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1544842225 Zanza Zanzara

      since all their games are ripoffs of great games, yes that surely is a diablo ripoff this time.

  • Matti

    You lost me at Gameloft

    • troph

      Agreed. Gameloft NEVER allows you to play offline. WTF?! What's the point of "mobile" games if I can't play it on the go (traveling abroad, flying, roaming, etc...)
      I won't support Gameloft until they change their policies (sucks that I've already bought a few games when I didn't know that this was the case...)

      • PINJ

        what a moron. gamelofts one of the few remaing major companies that DOES let you play offline. you suck.

        • troph

          PINJ, You are back, my little friend. I was getting bored, my threads being Troll-Free for so long.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Markert/100001113752823 Richard Markert

    Gameloft has great design chops and a fantastic art team, and the gameplay is definitely there, but their decision to target specific DEVICES versus API levels and gfx standards makes them stupid.

  • FadyMahfouz

    Gameloft ? Nah, pass.

  • Jamieaa941

    As long as Gameloft keeps up with in-game purchases, I'm staying far away. Greedy SOB's.

    • PINJ

      not greedy at all. you wanna see greedy play a glu/zynga game

  • Meganubis

    Ive got some freinds who used to work at gameloft, all their gameplay footage is recorded from a pc build with everything at max, so I wouldnt expect these level graphic...

    • PINJ

      right right riiiiiiiight.... cause a pc build at MAX has the amazing high end power of a 10 year old home console. you suck too.