Though you may not know it from looking at the version number, Todoist - the self-proclaimed "ultimate todo list," - got a sizeable upgrade today to 1.0.4. The update brings with it a bevy of new features, a handful of enhancements, and the promise of a new feature called Karma that's already implemented on seven out of the nine platforms Todoist supports.

Among the new features that did make the cut for Android, however, are widgets, a persistent "quick-add notification," new settings, the ability to complete a task by swiping left, a redesigned task list, and initial support for tablets. On the "improvements" side of things, Todoist's latest update brings better accessibility, overall performance, and general UI/UX tweaks, among other things.

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While Karma isn't available for the Android app just yet, it sounds quite promising – the new feature looks to add a unique dimension to task management, integrating gamification into your day-to-day workflow. Karma will "provide striking and advanced visual insight (analytics) into each user's productivity" by essentially charting your task karma – if you complete tasks often and on time, you'll rack up plenty of positive karma. Have a few overdue or ignored tasks? That'll earn you negative karma. Users (players?) will be able to ascend in karma ranks from "beginner" to "enlightened," with karma getting ever harder to earn along the way.

Unfortunately, Todoist tells us, the development team will "need another month/month and a half" to get the feature up and running for Android users.

That aside, this update is pretty nice. If you've yet to check out Todoist, now's a great time. Hit the widget below.

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  • Joe

    The 'new' features came with a previous version, 1.04 is probably a bug fix.

    • pep


  • Laurence

    This looks pretty awesome, but way too hardcore for my needs. I'm fine with the simplicity of Tasks.

    Still, it's nice to see that adherence to the Android design guidelines has rapidly become the norm rather than the exception.