If you're a subscriber of SiriusXM and you love to customize what you hear, you should probably grab the latest update of the app, which now features MySXM. What's MySXM, you ask? It just so happens that we have collected a nice little Q&A from various places around Sirius' site that explains just that.

What is MySXM?

MySXM gives you the power to personalize your favorite music and comedy channels. By adjusting their unique settings, you'll hear more of what you want and less of what you don't. You decide how much you want to play with the settings - fine tune them or make dramatic adjustments to enjoy over 100 variations of your favorite channels. MySXM gives you a new listening experience to better suit your mood.

Which channels can I personalize with MySXM?

Many SiriusXM music and comedy channels can be personalized with MySXM. Just look for the My icon at the top of the screen after tuning to a music or comedy channel. If the My icon is not shown, the channel cannot be personalized.

How do I personalize a channel with MySXM?

Tune to the channel you want to personalize and select the My icon at the top of the screen. This will bring up a set of sliders that you can move to the left or right. Set the sliders to suit your mood, and then select Apply to save the changes to your customized channel.
Note: You can personalize the channel again at any time by selecting the Customize option in the Action Menu on the SiriusXM app (coming soon). On the Web Player, it is located underneath the My icon at the top of the screen.

How do I listen to a channel that I have personalized with MySXM?

If you have previously personalized a channel, simply select the My icon for that channel anywhere it appears (i.e. the top of the screen, in the Channel list, in the Favorites list, or on the Favorite Frames screen on tablets).

Can I delete a personalized channel from MySXM?

Yes. You can delete your saved options and remove them from your Channel list by selecting the Delete option. The Delete option is located in the Action Menu on the SiriusXM app (coming soon). On the Web Player, the Delete option is located at the bottom of the personalize screen for that channel.

How does MySXM select the songs that I hear?

MySXM starts with your favorite SiriusXM music channels. All channels are programmed by SiriusXM music experts, who assign musical attributes to each song. This helps you to easily personalize a music channel by selecting which music qualities you want to hear more and less of. All channels are constantly updated with new releases, additional tracks and live performances from our catalogs to keep the music fresh.

Is there an additional cost to use MySXM?

No. MySXM is included with your SiriusXM Internet Radio subscription at no additional cost.

See, wasn't that helpful? The update's live in the Store now. Go get it!

Cameron Summerson
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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1202836 Hovannes Abramyan

    I love SXM. I tried Pandora, Spotify, etc. and none of them have the selection or quality as SXM. This update really improved the app.

    • kervation

      I definitely agree.

  • Clifford Rebelo

    How is the audio quality? A while back i downloaded the app and used the free trial but wasn't impressed with the quality so stuck with spotify. It was bearable with earbuds but horrible for using it in my car.

  • Mathias

    Cameron- Looks like the app still hasn't been updated with the new SXM feature. It appears still only to be available on desktops in a Beta version.

  • Wayne

    many thanks!