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Featured App

PassWallet - Password Manager

Today's roundup is brought to you by PassWallet (formerly Password Wallet) by HandyApps. Passwords are hard, thanks to the thousands of logins required for modern digital living. Sure, you could have the same passcode for every service, if you enjoy throwing your life into chaos when you lose your phone or get your identity stolen. HandyApps' PassWallet puts all your passwords behind a single PIN, with 256-bit encryption, floating windows for easy copying, cloud sync, a stealth mode, and entries for just about any information you could want. With this app, there's no reason to be anything less than safe. The app below is a 30-day trial - the full version is a one-time purchase of $4.99.


PassWallet is a password manager app that safely and securely stores your most sensitive data conveniently in your mobile phone or tablet. We believe PassWallet to be the most stealthy, most secure and most convenient password manager ever developed for the Android smartphones and tablets! PassWallet password manager keeps sensitive data safe by hiding it in a secret hidden vault. In addition to password management, PassWallet is also capable of being hidden. No one will know you have installed the app. The app does not appear in your app drawer. All data stored in PassWallet is encrypted with tough 256bit AES encryption - the same encryption level used by the military.

✓ Stealth access mode that hides app launcher icon
✓ Most popular templates including web logins, credit cards and ID documents.
✓ Unique floating window function for easy data transfer to other apps
✓ Sync between multiple devices via Dropbox or Google Drive.
✓ Secure password generator built-in
✓ Import and export data to .CSV files
✓ PassWallet will not appear in your recent apps list
✓ Quick launch websites with password auto-copied to clipboard

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Google Keep

Android Police coverage: Google Keep, Google's Note-Taking App, Is Live! Again [Update: Android App Too]

Android Police was the first to bring you news of Keep, Google's hat thrown in the same ring as Evernote and the like. Keep is pretty basic in that sense, but it's very well integrated into Android, with homescreen and lockscreen widgets, voice and photo integration, and (naturally) a kickin' Holo interface. It's free and compatible with everything, and syncs with Google Drive for access on any platform.


Quickly capture what’s on your mind and recall it easily wherever you are. Create a checklist, enter a voice note or snap a photo and annotate it. Everything you add is instantly available on all your devices – desktop and mobile.

With Google Keep you can:
• Keep track of your thoughts via notes, lists and photos
• Have voice notes transcribed automatically
• Use homescreen widgets to capture thoughts quickly
• Color-code your notes to help find them later
• Swipe to archive things you no longer need
• Turn a note into a checklist by adding checkboxes

Next Launcher 3D Trial Version

Android Police coverage: GO's 'Next Launcher' Finally Gets A Trial Version So You Can Experience What Sixteen Dollars Worth Of Launcher Looks Like Without Spending A Dime

The brainchild of the team behind the GO Launcher and widgets, Next Launcher has long been a favorite among those who can justify its ultra-expensive price tag. If you've been dying to try it out but fear the 15-minute return window, now there's a trial version that lasts a full 36 hours. Tron-inspired, ultra-customizable goodness is just one download away.


#1 ranked top grossing app at a $15.99 price tag. Now you have a chance to experience it for FREE. Check how it extends your imagination and capability of phones. Designed by GO Dev Team, ‘Next Launcher 3D’ shows how a 3-D and dynamic launcher could be possibly like -- Extend imagination, extend capabilities. Wish you enjoy this app and embrace the next generation of user interface and interaction to your phone.

SnipSnap Coupon App

Android Police coverage: SnipSnap Comes To Android, Converts Your Coupons Into Easy-To-Store Digital Versions

The purpose of SnipSnap is simple: it saves coupons as digital images on your phone, which most retailers will accept as the real deal. But its execution is brilliant, thanks to auto-formatting, alerts for expiration dates, and a great presentation. The app can even alert you when you enter a store for which you've already saved coupons. That is world-conquering genius, right there.


Never forget a coupon at home again. Toss out the scissors and let your Android camera do the clipping. Simply snap a picture of any printed offer, and SnipSnap magically converts all the text, images and barcodes into a mobile-optimized offer, which you can redeem off your screen. Gather up all the coupons you have lying around. Whether they're from the Sunday paper, the mail, or just ones you found buried in your purse or couch, SnipSnap will mobilize them in a matter of minutes. When you get to a store, pull up the coupon barcode, promo code, or photograph and present to the cashier to redeem.

Sidewalk Buddy

Android Police coverage: New Floating App: Sidewalk Buddy Helps You Not Be A Jerk While You Walk And Text By Using Your Phone's Camera

Guess what: using your smartphone on a crosswalk is a bad idea, for obvious reasons. While Sidewalk Buddy might not be able to alert you to the more dangerous activities of urban life, it can probably protect your shoes from random dog turds. It uses a floating window with a live video feed from your device's rear camera. The app is currently ad-supported.


Sidewalk Buddy is the first app that will allow you to safely use most apps with a clean and resizable pop-up which shows a live video feed from your rear facing camera as you walk. Texting and walking safety issues are gone. Navigate busy streets with ease, get more work done and be able to multi-task with safety in mind. Unlike transparent screen based apps, this app provides a clean separation between the video and the app you are using without getting too busy.

500px Beta

Android Police coverage: 500px Beta Hits The Play Store, Lets You Test The Latest Features Before They're Ready For Prime Time

500px is Flickr for the new generation, and its current Android app is pretty swell. But like the Chrome dev team, 500px is always adding things to their app, so they've created a beta channel for those who want to live on the bleeding edge. The description doesn't explain what's been added, but in the What's New section, it identifies the Flow social tagging and Find Friends feature. Keep an eye on What's New for the latest additions.


Get your hands on the latest and the greatest new features of 500px Android app. This specially hand-crafted beta build allows you to experience fresh code that is brewing at 500px Labs in gorgeous Toronto. Help us refine the app by downloading and testing this delicious beta release. 500px invites you to be the part of the most inspiring photo social network. Get inspired by amazing landscapes around the world, cutest animals, striking portraits and more.

Neatly for Twitter trial

Android Police coverage: Neatly Releases A 'Final Beta' To The Play Store, Provides A Smarter Twitter Feed

We could talk all day about how terrible Twitter's new API policy is. And some of us have. But that doesn't mean we can't appreciate a quality app (you know, the way Twitter doesn't). Neatly takes a unique approach to Twitter in that it foregoes a timeline in favor of a feed that prioritizes posts from users you deem important, a lot like the way that Facebook works. It's pretty slick-looking too, with a "heat" meter and scrolling widgets.


Neatly is a smart twitter client for smartphones. Neatly is developed upon tremendously efficient engine to perfectly customize timelines based on your social preferences and interests to make important comes first. Neatly is comprehensively supplied with a list of features that makes you feeling convenient toward the application where you can reach your aspiration level. The more you used Neatly, the more Neatly's engine learns your social preferences and act much mature.

Fynch for Twitter

One good Twitter app deserves 100,000 more. Fynch offers an analytical look at both your own Twitter feed and those that you follow, identifying high usage times and highlighting which users tweet more and less. The interface is gorgeous on both phones and tablets, and expandable notifications are available for Jelly Bean. Unfortunately, you'll need the official Twitter app (you know, the crap one) to actually post new tweets.


Fynch enhances your Twitter experience by automatically analyzing your timeline for interesting patterns of activity. It is intended to be a tool that decomposes your timeline into smaller sets of tweets that are easier to consume. Fynch is great for identifying extremely high rates of activity, trending topic mentions, and the tweets of less active users in your following list.

- Automatically analyzes your timeline for interesting patterns of activity.
- Carbon fiber holo theme.
- Google Now style cards.
- Expandable inbox style notifications (Jelly Bean+).
- Uses notification priorities (Jelly Bean+).



System Monitor

We've seen quite a few monitors for system resources, many of which have been featured on previous roundups. But none have been quite so pretty and functional at the same time. System Monitor (how was that name not taken?) is an impressive upgrade to the comparable stock tools, with fun extras like a floating monitor readout, both homescreen and lockscreen (Android 4.2) widgets, and expandable notifications.


The most beautiful and versatile System Monitor for Android. This application provides real time system load statistics in the form of text and graph. This app is a full 5 in 1. You will be able to monitor CPU,RAM,I/O,Network and TOP APPS from

  • Main app
  • Notification bar
  • Floating app
  • Widgets, including DashClock extensions


Android Police coverage: Full!screen Enables Full Screen Apps Without Losing Navigation And Notifications (Root Only)

Most users love the on-screen navigation buttons in Android 4.0+, but for those who don't, getting rid of them can be a real pain. This root-only app will hide your nav buttons, and replace them with translucent, tiny corner buttons that pack in features like an app switcher and notification center, so you don't miss out on functionality. The only downside: there's no way to hide the navigation buttons without also hiding the notification bar. Some users may also be unable to answer calls in fullscreen mode.


Full screen for tablets. Hide the systembar and use your tablet in fullscreen-mode without losing systembars main functions: navigation options and notifications . This app is a light-weight replacement/companion for the default systembar on tablets.  It can disable the bottom systembar on most tablets running Android 3 or Android 4. Now you can use the full screen for your own apps without wasting space for the bottom bar.


Android Police coverage: DashLight Is A DashClock Extension That Quickly Turns Your Phone's Flash Into A Torch

Our love for DashClock is well-known. DashLight is a simple plugin for the lockscreen widget which adds a quick toggle for your device's LED light. You know, the one you use as a flashlight about 10 times more often than you do as a camera flash.


DashLight is a simple, lightweight DashClock extension that acts as a toggle for your device's camera flash/led, allowing you to use it as a torch/flashlight. It provides the convenience of allowing you to access the torch/flashlight directly from your home screen or lock screen, without any additional steps. Due to the way DashClock works, I am currently unable to toggle the flash directly from the lock screen – i.e. Without unlocking the device.

S Pen Toolbox

One of the cooler functions of the last series of Palm PDAs was a magnetic stylus holder, which (if I remember correctly) could turn off the screen when the stylus was inserted. The app replicates this behavior for the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 10.1 (but not the original Note) with the additional option of launching a quick panel of user-selectable apps when you remove the S-Pen.


This application automatically turns screen off when S Pen stylus is attached to your device.

  • Show customizable actions list when detaching S Pen.
  • Screen Off when attaching S Pen stylus
  • Return to Home screen when attaching S Pen stylus
  • Create Screen Off shortcut on Home screen.
  • root NOT required
  • Free version has short delay before screen off. Pro version has no delay.

Google Fiber

Android Police coverage: Google Fiber App Hits The Play Store, Lets Kansas City Residents Use More Than The N7 To Control Their TV

Dear Kansas City: I hate you. LTE coverage from all four major US networks and dirt-cheap, Google-powered fiber optic Internet and cable access to boot? We should all be so lucky. If you use Google's cable service and own an Android device besides the Nexus 7 that comes with the higher tiers, here's your TV schedule app, which also lets you buy and view on-demand content. You jerks.


Control your entire Google Fiber TV experience with the touch of your fingers. Find and discover TV shows and movies that are airing live, recorded on your DVR, and available on-demand. What's more, browse, buy and watch your favorite on-demand content on your Android device - including your phone. Requires a subscription to the Google Fiber TV service (currently only available in select areas in Kansas City).




Android Police coverage: [New App] Autodesk Brings Instructables To Android With Over 100,000 Projects On Board

Instructables is an online blog/community that specializes in neat hacker-type projects and artsy crafty things. Their new app is a seamless tie-in to the website, which enables all of the functions on the web in a sweet Holo package. The tablet view for browsing is particularly impressive, and you can upload your own build guides from the app - handy for photo shoots on your device.


From useful and entertaining how-tos and hacks, to delicious recipes and outrageous inventions, Instructables is the place to explore, document, and share your creations. With over 100k tutorials in technology, workshop, living, and more, we have the largest collection of do-it-yourself projects created by others just like you.


NowThis News

NowThis News is one of those trendy Internet channels that wants to kill the television. While its video-laden news website is gaining steam, you gotta have an Android app if you want to conquer the world. Here it is, with all the greenscreens and hoodied anchors you could ever want, making each and every story on the sight (including the ever-present videos) available in a tidy package.


NowThis News is the newest and best mobile video news app for you. We deliver breaking news, entertainment, politics, technology, and videos of our most defining moments. Download the NowThis News app for the fullest offering of original videos built for mobile and social viewers. We love user questions and suggestions. So please send them to [email protected]. We make improvements based in part on user feedback. We’ll continue improving the NowThis News experience to bring you the best video news for mobile and social. We’re serious about wanting your suggestions.

Sky Movies

Hold up, non-UK readers, this app isn't completely useless to you. In addition to a full schedule of the Sky network and a movie store for streaming titles (United Kingdom Sky Go customers only), the Sky Movies app includes IMDB-style data for hundreds of current and classic films. Of course, you could just use the official IMDB app for that. You know what, forget I said anything.


A must have for all movies fans. Immerse yourself in the world of movies and discover the latest movies available on Sky Movies and Sky Store. Keep a record of movies you want to watch with your own personal shortlist and remote record those that are on the Sky Movies channels. You can even watch over 600 Movies On Demand on supported devices (device must be registered with Sky Go). Delve deeper into movies that are on at the cinema and find out exactly where and when the latest releases are showing with the in-app cinema finder.


Al Jazeera English for Tablets

Android Police coverage: Al Jazeera English App For Android Tablets Now Available

And now, for one of the old guard media standards. For those who don't know, Al Jazeera is one of the biggest news providers in the Middle East, with a growing contingent of English language coverage and readers. This app is specifically designed for tablets, with videos embedded for relevant stories. Users can even send in photos, videos and local coverage to Al Jazeera's editorial team. 24-hour access to the primary channel's stream is included for free.


Al Jazeera for Android brings you all the latest news and live broadcast of Al Jazeera English, free of charge. The 24-hour news and current affairs channel is the first international English-language news channel to broadcast across the globe from the Middle East. Al Jazeera's global footprint continues to grow and now broadcasts to more than 220 million households on six continents in more than 100 countries.

GameFront: Video Walkthroughs

GameFront is one of the Internet's largest repositories of in-game footage (outside of YouTube, anyway). It's great for anyone who wants a quick walk-through of a level, or to see the 10 nuttiest things you can do in Saints Row The Third. The app includes the standard library features, sortable and searchable by title, platform, genre, and other filters.


This Android app is a FREE, massive library of video walkthroughs for tons of AAA games, right in the palm of your hand—expertly produced by Game Front.com, a top video game news and information site. Game Front's “Video Walkthroughs, Game Guides & Cheats” app is the first and only FREE video walkthrough library available in the app store. It's a perfect, one-of-a-kind couch companion for any gamer. Updated daily, the app is packed with helpful videos showing: cheats, achievements, trophies, unlockables and full game walkthroughs for dozens of top AAA games.

UP by Jawbone

Android Police coverage: Jawbone UP App Available For Android - Lets You Track Your Daily Exercise, Sleep Patterns, And Calorie Consumption

UP is Jawbone's entry into the Fitbit area of personal fitness trackers, and by all accounts, it's pretty awesome. Unlike a certain apparel company (which will remain Nike), they're happy to support Android, and the companion app will let you access all the data you'd normally sync to your computer. The fact that the software includes the handy meal tracker is reason enough to use it.


UP is a system, wristband + app, that tracks how you sleep, move and eat 24/7 so you can know yourself better, make smarter choices and feel your best.

☀ Track your sleep & physical activity
☀ Log your food & drink & track nutritional info
☀ Get insights to help you set & achieve your goals
☀ Set Smart Sleep Alarms to wake up refreshed
☀ Set Idle Alerts to remind you to move


Do you use your tablet constantly, but need to be alerted to texts from your phone? This simple app is for you. It'll zip notifications from one device to the other, keeping you in the loop no matter what you're using. For Jelly Bean and up, it supports expandable notifications. Unfortunately, its list of supported apps is limited to dialers, text messages, and Google Talk at the moment.


NotiSync is a very simple application that allows you to forward notifications from one device to another. Never miss another text message or phone call while you're on your tablet. Whether your phone is in your pocket or in another room, NotiSync will make sure you're notified. Try it out.

- Built in support for SMS, incoming/missed phone calls, and GTalk
- Rich notifications on Android 4.1+
- Forward most other notifications by creating a custom profile
- Connect to multiple devices

Delphi Connected Car

Delphi and Verizon have released a gadget for gearheads everywhere (or ordinary people who want to make their car cooler) that works with a vehicle diagnostics port. This app brings the functionality to your phone, allowing you to track location, usage, mileage, speed history, and various car states. For compatible vehicles, you can even start the engine or alarm remotely. The geo-fence feature is a great way to get alerts if your kids travel outside a certain area.


Delphi’s Connected Car app pairs the power of Delphi’s groundbreaking car-to-cloud/cloud-to-car connectivity service with a Vehicle Diagnostics module available from Verizon to offer you a convenient way of finding, accessing and controlling your family’s vehicles anywhere and anytime with your smartphone or browser. By leveraging the power of Delphi’s plug-and-play system, you can now add features to your car that have traditionally been available only on new connected vehicles and with professionally installed aftermarket systems. Best of all, it will work on most vehicles sold in the US from 1996 onwards.

Expense Manager

Whodathunk an expense tracker could be a thing of beauty. The surprisingly stark but colorful interface of Expense Tracker hides a pretty basic checkbook, but the ease of adding new entries and the great readout system should earn it a few fans. Data can be exported to a CSV file for retrieval, and a handy widget will give you a quick look at your spending and limits. There's even a DashClock plugin! You'll need to shell out an IAP for detailed statistics and expense distribution - well worth the cash, I'm sure.


Manage your expenses directly on your smartphone. Easily keep track of your finances. This app allows you to record your expenses easily. Optionally you can assign a category to your expense in order to get detailed statistics and helpful insights.

  • Holo style
  • Ad-Free
  • Record new expenses
  • Assign categories
  • Manage monthly overheads
  • Manage categories
  • Set a monthly limit
  • Homescreen widget for even faster usage
  • DashClock Integration


Looking for something a little more feature-filled than Google Keep? Rethink hangs its hat on contextual notifications for tasks, tied to locations, contacts, networks, or good old-fashioned time. It's drop-dead gorgeous as well, though it's hard to say just how the spit and polish really improve the core functionality. Here's the free version if you'd like to see for yourself.


Rethink is a revolutionary way of keeping track of your tasks. Unlike traditional task and to-do lists, Rethink introduces a new perspective of doing things by allowing you to create context-specific tasks. You are no longer bound by time alone when specifying the details of a task. Rethink gives you the ability to set various triggers that get activated just in the right moment and only in the right context so you can be more productive. You can be reminded of a task when you arrive at a particular location, contact or get contacted by someone (phone calls and text messages included), connect to a specific Wi-Fi network or when the right time comes.

Buzz Launcher Beta

Homescreen customization is the national pastime of the Android nation, and Buzz Launcher embraces that. While its featureset is fairly basic, it includes a database of hundreds of user-customized homescreens that can be quickly applied to your phone - grids, locations, custom icons, and all. It's a great way to get a slick homescreen without putting in the hours of work that it took to create it. Think you're an Android Frank Lloyd Wright? Upload your own launcher settings for others.


It’s Beyond the Launcher. Meet Homepack Buzz service with Buzz Launcher, you don’t need for complicated settings. “Buzz Launcher is a new concept launcher which enables you to apply others’ Homescreens to your own smartphone. Download Homescreens best suited for your taste and preferences via Homepack Buzz Service. Homescreens will be applied instantly. Don’t you want to share your awesome Homescreen with others? Share it now. Friends all around the world will be excited to check out your Homescreen. “


Traxsource is a well-known online music store tailored for DJs (and presumably, all the jerks who operated a deck that one time at Jerry's house, bought a pair of Beats, and call themselves DJs). The store itself is a little bare-bones, nut they've got music that no one else does, and if you've kept your account active, you no longer need to sync from your desktop before going out for a gig.


DJ's, Access Digital Underground Music from Traxsource on your Android® device with the Traxsource Android App. Traxsource is the ultimate underground music store. Created for Djs, clubbers and music lovers who desire to dig deeper and discover what lies beyond the mainstream. Browse, listen, and add music to your cart from anywhere, making purchases easier from Traxsource online, available from your computer. Or transfer your cart items to your wishlist with ease, to have at a later time. All you need is a Traxsource account.

Intelligent Ringer

This is a "why didn't I think of that" idea if ever I've seen it. Intelligence Ringer polls your surroundings before ringing, making sure that you can hear it at all times. Or alternatively, making sure you don't annoy everyone at the dinner table. It even uses the proximity sensor to adjust for pocket distortion, and allows for customization of all volume levels.


Intelligent Ringer sets ringer volume based on the ambient noise level in which your smartphone is actually working. It is also able to detect whether the device is in a pocket or not, based on the proximity sensor readings. Unlike similar apps Intelligent Ringer adjusts its internal settings to the particular device, which has a significant effect on measurement and setting process accuracy. It respects silent and vibrate mode - when any of these is active, volume won't be changed by the Intelligent Ringer.

iRig Recorder

Need an awesome alternative to the bare-bones sound recorder included on most Android devices? This is it. In addition to recording from the mic or a line-in source, iRig can apply filters (with the IAP upgrade), boost volume, and export to a number of audio formats. The user interface isn't pretty (and it's clearly untouched from the app's iOS counterpart), but it gets the job done.


iRig Recorder is a powerful and flexible audio recording app for your Android device, which is convenient and easy to use. You can have a professional recording tool at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere, along with intuitive and practical editing functions and various export options to fit your audio needs — wherever your mobile life takes you. iRig Recorder is a free app that comes with full recording features, one effect (unlocked after registration), and complete file-transfer and export functions.

Ping Drop: Prevent Lost Phones

Ping Drop takes a more immediate spin on theft deterrent. Instead of sending locations or pictures after the fact, this app emits an alarm and flash if you drop it, instantly letting everyone in the area know. It's great if that includes you, but perhaps not if you get pickpocketed, or forget your device somewhere. Those who are genuinely afraid of losing their device might want to add a tracker app as well.


How much would it cost to replace your smart phone if you lost it? Chances are, hundreds of dollars. Millions of smart phones are lost each year, many of them because people aren't aware of the moment their phone has accidentally fallen out of their possession. Ping Drop helps solve that problem. It immediately triggers your phone's ringtone and camera flash (if it has one) when your phone falls to the ground. This dual alert mechanism ensures you hear it if you're not looking, or see it if you're in a noisy environment.

Children Tracker

This one's pretty self-explanatory: it's a way to obsessively track your kid, or more specifically, his or her Android device. Whether or not you think this is necessary is up to you, but you'll need root permission to do so. Once you've got it installed and set up, Children tracker can keep track of GPS position, calls and texts, surfing habits, app use, et cetera from the service's website. Perhaps most useful is the "geo fencing" feature, which will trigger an alarm if your child exits a pre-defined area.


Children Tracker is the best solution to track your children activities including calls, texts, locations, browsing histories, connected hotspots, etc.

  • Location: automatically track the location and movement of your children 24/7
  • Call logs & SMS: record all call logs and text messages that your children sent along with recipient information.
  • Web surfing: all visited web pages are transferred to cloud and report to you.
  • Other activities: track which apps they installs and uses, device on/off, connected hotspots,etc.
  • Data visualization: different data view helps you the best user experience while explore tracked data, including dashboard, timeline and location styles
  • Secure & realtime: your data is securely stored on our secure cloud (Google App Engine). View their activity in real time and see fully recorded activities in the past
  • Smart remote tracking: app smartly tracks selected data and dynamically change configuration to adapt environment and device configuration.


Map of the Internet by Peer 1

Here's an awesome visualization of both networks and data usage around the world. Of course, this will roughly correspond to widely-available maps of nighttime landscapes from space, but it also shows the staggering disparity between first-world nations and third world in terms of Internet availability.. and how fast it's shrinking. Tracing data to your own location and detailed node info are useful additions.


Map of the Internet is a 3D visualization of all the networks worldwide that are interconnected to form the Internet. The map shows ISPs, Internet exchange points, universities, and other organizations that route traffic online.

• Zoom and pan to enlarge or rotate the map in 3D
• Tap on nodes to learn more about them
• Browse historical data and events that shaped the Internet
• Perform a traceroute to a node from your network
• Search for companies or domains you're interested in
• Change views to see geographic or hierarchical maps

The Walking Dead Dead Yourself

Android Police coverage: Turn Yourself Into A Flesh-Hungry Walker With AMC's New 'The Walking Dead Dead Yourself' App For Android [Update: More Countries]

The Walking Dead is the best zombie show on television (okay, that's a small pool, but it's still pretty great). If you've ever wondered what it would be like to be one of the titular walkers on AMC's horror-drama opus, this app can give you the answer. And make a mighty fine Twitter avatar to boot. New gory content unlocks each week.


Join millions of users from around the world and turn yourself into a photo-realistic Walker zombie from The Walking Dead with the official free app from AMC, now available on Android. Take a photo of yourself or a friend, and then edit your photo using the incredibly realistic zombie eyes, mouths, and props. Share your new portrait on Facebook, Twitter, and the public Walker photo gallery.

Handy Photo

Android Police coverage: Handy Photo From Developer Of TouchRetouch Makes Photo Editing Too Good To Be True, Reality Is Now Adjustable On A Phone [Updated]

I'm not a fan of the Instagram-style filters in general, but this editor app does the right thing in two ways. One, it has more of them, and executes them better, with a more intuitive UI. And two, it doesn't crop or resize your photos. It's also got some fairly advanced digital generation with the "uncrop" tool, which can properly align a photo without cropping it. It's got amazingly high resolution settings to boot, up to 36 megapixels.


Welcome to creative photo editing. Handy Photo was designed for those with a strong passion for photo editing. The app is a perfect choice when it comes to correcting and enhancing photos from all possible angles. Edit your photo with the Handy Photo's complete set of truly powerful tools and obtain the results that will definitely impress you and all those viewing your works of art.

Burn Note

While the app has nothing at all to do with Burn Notice, it does seem like something Michael Weston would keep installed on his phone (granted he didn't have an embarrassing flip phone and actually upgraded to something a little more modern) to help get him out of a bind. It's a quick and easy way to send a message to someone and avoid it even being read again – as soon as the message is opened, it self destructs a short time later.


Burn Note is a mobile messaging app where all messages self-destruct after reading. Messages are displayed using the patent pending Spotlight system which is copy-resistant, prevents screenshots, and blocks people nearby from viewing your conversation.

When the recipient opens a message on Burn Note a countdown timer is started which destroys the message automatically after completion. Burn Note securely deletes all message data from the servers and the app on both the sender's and receiver's phone or computer. Once a Burn Note has been deleted it cannot be viewed again.

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Live Wallpapers

My Log Home iLWP FREE

Free Version of My Log Home 3D iLWP. In this version doesn't work menus and view is locked only on "Work" corner. All interaction functions are still available. Bellow are listed features of the full version:

• Realistic and next-gen graphic.
• Automatic weather
• 360° seamless and horizontal view around whole scene
• Interactive items
• Gyroscope and accelerometer
• Several color modes such as black&white, sepia and more.
• Lens flares
• Vignette
• Aberration
• Hiding objects

Forest HD

Android Police coverage: DualBoot Games' Latest Live Wallpaper Brings The Forest To Your Homescreen

Discover a peaceful forest teeming with wildlife and surrounded by natural beauty every time you use your device. Sunlight filters through the trees as a gentle breeze rustles the leaves. Pause for reflection at the path while birds flutter past and deer graze contentedly in the rich foliage and quiet solitude of the undisturbed woods. Choose the Natural theme, and your forest becomes pristine as you discover a cascading waterfall. Or, rest at your private cabin before setting out on a hike through the woods at the pathway signs - it's all up to you.

Monster Buddy Live Wallpaper

Need a companion? A monstrous companion maybe? You can now have an interact-able companion living on your mobile phone.

  • Fully customizable, from skin color, background image to accessories. Be creative .
  • Your every (touch) moves will be closely 'watched' by it.
  • You will never feel lonely anymore.

Plasticine jungle

Android Police coverage: Flash Back To '80s Claymation Cartoons With A Pair Of Plasticine Live Wallpapers

Limited Free version of Live wallpaper. Corner of wildlife made of plasticine will be an original and bright decoration for your phone or tablet.

  • Supports the automatic change time of day: morning, afternoon, evening.
  • Several types of animals;
  • Smoke emits from a volcano;
  • Flying parrots;
  • Floating clouds;
  • A flying monkeys on the rope;
  • Animated jungle;


Plasticine ocean

Android Police coverage: Flash Back To '80s Claymation Cartoons With A Pair Of Plasticine Live Wallpapers

Free version of "Plasticine ocean Live wallpaper". Buy and get beautiful Live wallpaper. Now you can install this artwork on your Android Phone or Tablet. Enjoy this island, marine life and nature beauty. Aquarium ocean in plasticine style.

  • Several types of fish;
  • Island in the middle of the ocean;
  • Flying birds;
  • Elephant on the island;
  • Underwater ship and castle;

LOL App Of The Week

Epic Rap Battles

The Epic Rap Battles of History series of YouTube videos answers the most important questions of your childhood, like, "Who would win in a fight between Clint Eastwood and Bruce Lee?" ...in rap form. The app gets you access to all the current videos, plus behind-the-scenes peeks at the creators and guest stars. Also, the description (right down there!) is typically hilarious.


Hello, my name is Sir Isaac Newton, and this the official Epic Rap Battles of History video player. If I knew what an app was, I would tell you that it works on 'Droids'. But I don't, so I will simply tell you it is an easy and free way to watch all the ERB videos in one place, and it works by magic.

WTF App Of The Week

Harlem Shake Launcher

Note: Android Police does NOT recommend installing this app - the permissions are way too broad. But we do recommend watching the video below for a quick chuckle.


Just like the title says, your app icons can now do the harlem shake.

How to use:
1-Download the app
2-Press home
3-Choose "Harlem Shake Launcher" (you should see "Harlem Shake Launcher" as one of the options -if not, you should go to the options and clear defaults in the default launcher app you have)
4-Press menu
5-Choose LOL (it is clear)

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