SwipePad is a favorite among power users, since its always-on gestures make a handful of apps available at any time via a side-swipe. That said, the setup process is surprisingly clunky, since you have to swipe, long press, and open a pop-up any time you want to add or move a shortcut. Yesterday's update changes this, adding an edit function in the primary settings. Users can now drag and drop app shortcuts as well as assign them inside the app, making the process much faster.

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In addition, the MoreSpace plugin app has been updated to allow for larger Pads, with grids of up to 42 apps or shortcuts (7x6). This should come in handy for tablets and the new breed of 1080p smartphones coming to the market. The other plugins, WidgetPad and DynamicPad, don't appear to need refreshes at this time. The new ability to quickly rearrange shortcuts, combined with the backup and restore feature added recently, have made SwipePad even more useful than it already was.

The core SwipePad app is free (and a must-try even for basic users), while MoreSpace and the other plugin apps are a dollar each.

Jeremiah Rice
Jeremiah is a US-based blogger who bought a Nexus One the day it came out and never looked back. In his spare time he watches Star Trek, cooks eggs, and completely fails to write novels.
  • Thatguyfromvienna

    The only thing that was yet lacking in my (by far) favorite app launcher.

  • eleazar

    I love this app, but I hate that it activates while I'm on the phone. (I have the 'hotzone' on the left side of the screen, so if I put the phone on the right side of my face, my cheek activates it). So I have to always use my phone on the left side of my face. (1st world problem, I know)

    Is there any way to disable it while the phone is active?

    • http://twitter.com/sterpazook sterpazook

      I made tiny hotzone at the clock area - have never activated it accidently

  • chillin

    This app is great and the update is good.
    BUT.. it used to have square tiles, which I and many users preferred.
    The comments were full of people requesting them to at least be put back as an option when he changed shit up some months ago.
    He never did and didn't reply to emails.
    Anyway, I got over it... but FUQ THAT DEV!
    I'd swipe-palm his face if I were to bump into him.
    Ok maybe I'm not over it... I miss the squares! Fuq circles!!!!
    The stupid circles are too little anyway! Fuq you DEV!!!!

    • Joshua Morgan

      Did you actually financially support the developer or are you using the free app talking a bunch of smack behind a computer screen

    • Wam31

      Weird choice of nickname, considering...

    • Paco

      This dev NEVER reply to any suggestion or do what users want, he simply ignores all the people and the features.

      +1 to squares

      • http://twitter.com/sterpazook sterpazook

        actually he did http://swipepad.uservoice.com/ at least two features I voted for long ago were implemented recently

    • wang2bo2

      Hi, I'm the developer, your swipe-palm received. I'm trying to support custom themes since last year, so 3rd party developers can make square/hexagon whatever shaped portals they like. It's just I need more hours per day...

      And my thanks go to Android Police and Jeremiah for the nice post.

      • chillin

        Ok well that's great and all...
        BUT! You already were using squares and suddenly flipped to circles.
        It would have been so easy for you to just put that code back in and allow the user to chose from squares or circles.
        My dissatisfaction is mainly towards the method of which you went about it.
        Didn't reply to simple emails and didn't give a shit about what people in the Play store comments were requesting.
        It is not too late... you can bring back the squares... rise up and the people shall embrace you once again.
        And YES to Joshau below, I did purchase the additional multispace plugin & dynamic pads plugin.

  • paco

    I want to be able to edit the size of the hotspots, its basic and the dev never update this feature. I wrote him about 4 times with this suggestion and he doesn't even reply making his app useless in a lot of devices.

    • wang2bo2

      Hotspots configuration will have its rebirth.